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Happy 2019 sa lahat! New update lang... we are planning to revamp the site in the 1st - 2nd quarter of this year, time to change the very old look ng site. Salamat sa lahat ng support, especially sa mga loyal na bumabalik at moderator na walang sawang sumusuporta sa site.


Are you sure you’re bridging Visa is active? Usually, it only becomes active if your current visa has expired. You would need a comprehensive advice and I’m not too comfortable to provide you one over this forum with limited information you have provided. You need to properly consult an agent to discuss your circumstance or call immigration’s global trunk line.


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  • Are you sure you’re bridging Visa is active? Usually, it only becomes active if your current visa has expired. You would need a comprehensive advice and I’m not too comfortable to provide you one over this forum with limited information you have provided. You need to properly consult an agent to discuss your circumstance or call immigration’s global trunk line.
    February 15
  • jowC
    Good day po Maam Rhea.

    I am on bridging visa A waiting for result sa PR 190 , my previous visa was student. And my course is to end pa on July 2019.

    Pwede po ba idefer ang course? Or cancel ang enrolment ko po? D po b mgaaffect un sa application sa 190 ko if paalam ako sa school na cancel ko enrolment ko para d nko pay tuition and attend class.

    Please enlighten me po..

    Thank u so much.

    Have a good day.
    February 15
  • mamamilk
    hi ms. rhea, just want to ask for your reco, nakapag submit na kong application for assesment sa ACS. May additional docs sana ko like yung transcript sa Microsoft 2010 - 2012 tapos yung Stat dec ko sa 2 companies. ano pong maadvise nio, need ko ba ibigay na now or wait ang assesment nila
    February 6
  • n3n_3pqln
    Hi ms rhea, ask lang po sna if possible po ba maclaim yung additional 5 points ng partner skilled qualification sa situation ko?
    My partner and I would like to apply visa 189 or 190 independently (both qualified) we’re not married po but been together na for 10 years. Is it safe to claim the +5 points? Are we eligible for that or not?
    Gusto po sna namen makarating and makapagwork ng sabay sa Au...
    thank you.
    February 1
  • Devi@nt19
    Hi Ms @RheaMARN1171933,

    Good day po.

    Inquire ko lang po sana if may chance pag nagfile ako ng appeal or review. Na receive ko po kasi yung ACS assessment with Assoc Degree Major in Computing. More details po below.

    Degree: BSCS (CY 2007)
    Institution: Lyceum of the Philippines (LPU) Laguna
    GPA: 1.9x
    Work Experience prior deduction: 11yrs
    Work Experience after deduction: 5yrs

    Ano po kaya best course of action na pwede ko gawin dito? Appeal po or review? And may chance po kaya mabago pa result?

    Maraming salamat po.

    January 18
  • M_SG
    Hi Ms. Rhea,

    Tanong ko lang po.. as a Recruitment Consultant (223112), what are my visa options?

    Really appreciate your help.

    January 17
  • mariyaclara
    Hi Ms Rhea,
    Good day.
    May I inquire lang po if we have a chance sa family migration to Australia?

    Personal Assistant is on the skill list and I have around 10 years experience as Executive Asst/ Admin Asst here in PH. But then 4 years college undergraduate.

    I am 39 yrs old.

    My husband has experience as Cook about 4 years. He has culinary arts certificate which he took for 6months. He is turning 35 yrs old.

    I would really appreciate if you could advise.

    Or if the student visa pathway is the best option for our family :)
    We have 3 kids po.

    Thanks so much for your time.

    God bless.
    January 8
    • RheaMARN1171933
      Kindly complete our free eligibility test on our website (click yellow bar) and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.
    EOI Wrong Inputs

    Hi Ms. Rhea, ask ko lang po yung concern namin ng wife ko. Pareho po kase kaming nagsubmit ng EOI and pareho po kameng nasa IT field. Nagclaim kame ng Partner points (5pts). Pareho kaming nagpassess sa ACS at pareho kaming nagtake ng PTE. Nitong 11th ng Nov 2018, nauna pong nainvite si misis for visa 189 lodging. So si misis na yung naging primary at ako ang secondary applicant. While browsing back to her EOI, nakita nyang may mga mali po dun sa EOI.

    Bale po si misis nagwork po talaga sa pinas from July 2008 to 2015. Then sa malaysia from 2015 to present. then pinassess nmin sa ACS at nakareceive kame ng approval. Tapos may note dun na:

    The following employment after Jun 2010 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level relevant to 2361111..."

    Dates: 06/08 -4/15 -- 6 years 10 months
    Position: XXXX
    Employer: XXXX
    Country: Philippines

    Dates: 04/15 -3/18 -- 2 years 11 months
    Position: XXXX
    Employer: XXXX
    Country: Malaysia
    November 2018
      [email protected]
      So bale po ang nailagay nya pa din ung 2008 sa EOI, mukang naoverlook nya ung note ng ACS na nagminus 2 year sila. 2010 dapat po ata ang nailagay sa EOI. Right now po mag 10 years work experience na sya. At since 2008 ang nailgay nya, 15 points po yun. Pero kung susundin ung nilagay ni ACS after 2010, 15pts pa rin naman po yun diba? So hnde po sya nagoverclaim. Tama po ba? Do we still proceed to lodge our visa?
  • imau
    Hello po ms Rhea, tanong ko lng po. Kaso may mga kaibigan kme ng 2016 2017 po n ngrant ng visa190. Ung partners po nila hindi napo ngclaim ng partner points. Ngielts nlng po. Ang tanong ko po gnun prn b ngayon kung hnd npo ako mgclaim ng additional points? Kung hindi npo ako mgclaim kelan ako dpt mgpte at kelan ko susubmit un? S visa lodgement npo b kpg nghingi ng info ng dependents? O dpt bgo p mgEOI meron nrn ako gaya s asawa ko n main applicant? Thank u po in advance
    November 2018
  • chamarquez
    Hello Ms. Rhea, I filled up the form on your website (for my husband) a few weeks ago but no response. Can you assist. His name is Gilbert Velasco. Thanks
    September 2018
  • bankshot15
    Mam, question naman, pag section 2 school ka, may supporting docs ba na nag sasabi pag 2.00 above GWA ko pasok sya as bachelor?

    Ano rin kaya pwede ko sabihin sa Email, nagawa ko na rin yun Excel form ng TOR ko with computation ng GWA ko.

    And, naalala ko 1st 2 semester ko is sa AMA Laguna which is section 3, then may mga naka credit na subject then tinapos ko studies ko sa LPU Laguna which is a section 2 school.

    GWA ko is 1.92
    September 2018
  • jhyll
    hi ms. rhea... ano po kaya ang cons and pros just in case na di ko muna isama anak ko sa application? separated kasi ako. and i know for sure mahihirapan ako maghanap ng work if kasama ko anak ko since wala ako mapag iiwanan sa kanya. di po kaya mahirap ko na sya makuha if settled na ko just in case? baka lang po may idea kau. thanks.
    August 2018
  • triiis
    Hi Rhea,

    Pa help naman po sa case ko.

    I was planning to apply for state nomination here in Canberra once I finish my Accounting degree next year pero as of June 29, binago na nila ung rules regarding 190 visa. What would be the best option for me after?
    Should I just transfer to a different state like NT?
    July 2018
  • cheesecake
    Hi ms. Rhea,

    I am newly registered here in

    I am a pastry chef/ baker. I have been working with different commissaries in the phils, had my internship in the US, taught in colleges here in the phils. I am 40yrs old.

    2 of my brothers are in sydney and another sister is waiting for her PR grant.
    I am eyeing for a permanent resident visa 190. Tama po ba na Certificate IV patisserie ang target ko or talagang certificate III pastrycook or baker (short term) lamang ang pwede for Filipinos.

    I am still gathering my COEs(pre -assessment requirement for OSAP shich i will pass to william angliss) from different companies I have worked with. I dont know kung tama na ipinalagay ko sa Coe purpose ang "for certificate IV for patisserie with Australian qualifications for offshore skills assessment program". tama po ba?

    Tama din po ba na may trade test ako pag certificate III.

    Thank you po for your response.

    May 2018
    • RheaMARN1171933
      Hello, I don't quite understand your question about the very IV. Are you looking at studying? Your background is quite interesting on a personal level as that's how I got my PR more than 10 years ago via student visa, back when things were a lot easier. Never had to work in that field though, I worked in marketing straight after as that's my degree background...the rest was history.

      Anyway, you don't really need to have a formal qualification for assessment purposes. Your age is somehow concerning though. Make sure you do things right, time is very valuable with your circumstance.
    • cheesecake
      I see.

      I am looking at working in Australia as a permanent resident.

      Meron po kasing certificate 3 for pastry cooks and bakers and certificate 4 for chefs (cookery) - 1. nalito ako kasi cert 3 lng ang meron sa RTO finder at walang cert 4 in
      2. but sa william angliss naman po merong cert 4 pastry, sa list of
      nominated occupations

      Accdg to 190 eligibility I need to have a suitable skills assessment for my particular occupation and

      I need to be assessed by william angliss or vetasses - when I send them the required documents such , Coe, portfolios, reference letters etc.

      After this assessment which shows I have the skills and qualifications to work in my field,
      saka pa lang makakapag submit ng EOI.

      Yes, I am concerned po with my age but I am still positive I can still pull this all off. haha kahit mejo late in the game .

      Nacomplicate ko na ata. Meron pa po ba kayong kakilala who could shed light on my concerns(confusion)

      Thank you po.
    • RheaMARN1171933
      I'm not sure what you mean if meron ako kakilala. I am a migration agent and I've got clients with your background.

      That's correct, policies and procedures can get very complicated and confusing especially when you're trying to figure things out by yourself. Definitely with your age, it's still possible. What I mean about your age being concerning is that you've got no room for mistakes. You need to get this right the first time as you can't afford the get things messy.

      With regards to skills assessing authority, we always use VETASSESS for our clients. Like I said earlier, no need for you to have a formal qualification as long as you meet the minimum skilled employment required. You'll also be awarded a formal AQF should your skills assessment application is successful.

      Feel free to complete our free eligibility test on our website if you want us to look further into your case.

      All the best!
    • cheesecake
      oh I see. thank you ms. rhea.

      I will check VETASSESS as well as your website. I will get back to you soon.

      Thank you very very much. I really appreciate this.
    • cheesecake
      Hi Ms. Rhea,

      I took the eligibility test of and sent you an email as well.

      Thank you very much.
  • shashi376
    interested apply subclass 190 as a chemistry analyst
    I have 9 years experience, can I expect 15 points for my experience.
    Graduate 15points
    age :31, 30
    Ielts booked a slot on July

    what are the chance to get PR under subclass 190 for 60 point foe a chemical analyst.
    awaiting for reply
    thank u

    June 2018
    • RheaMARN1171933
      It’s all about the work evidences you’ll provide which will determine how much years the assessing authority will recognise.

      There is always a chance of success once you meet the eligibility requirement. The purpose of seeking advice from a registered agent is not to confirm your chances of success. Instead, it is to make sure you are well guided in ensuring you comply all requirements to make your case successful. It’s all about presenting your case at the end of the day.
  • australianwannabe
    Hi Miss Rhea,

    Can I share my work experience certificate with you and get your opinion whether it meets the job responsibilities of an Accountant. My agent is not that helpful.
    May 2018
  • baxterexus
    sis ask lang po tungkol sa sauddi police clearance imposible na kasi ako makakuha ng police clearance ... pwede po ba stat dec in place of poice clearance
    May 2018
  • batman
  • Tesla2616
    Hi Miss Rhea,

    I just want to ask something. Same kami ni @Wish09 I'm currently working in a Mech Eng'g government agency but I'm an ECE. Okay lang ba magpa-assess kahit ganun ang set-up? Can you help me with the processing of my papers?
    May 2018
    • RheaMARN1171933
      Hello there! If you could please complete our eligibility test on our website and we'll be in touch shortly.
  • Wish09
    Hi ms rhea.. im a cook/chef by profession, but my bachelors degree is mechanical engineer. Can you help me with the processing of my papers?
    April 2018
    • RheaMARN1171933
      Hi there, I just need to know more about your circumstance. please complete our free eligibility test on our website

      You can also private message me [email protected]

      I look forward to hearing from you!
  • Hi Dencio123, I'm based here in London. My mobile number is +447769861509. You can contact me on Viber or whatsapp. You can also visit my website and my email address is [email protected]
    April 2017
    • esb
      @RheaMARN1171933 i would just like to ask how much ang charge nyo kpag mag seek ng advice sa pagpapa assess sa vetassess quite confusing kasi ang skills ko and the aaplyan ko.. Hope to hear from you po.. Thank you in advance
    • esb
      Hi @RheaMARN1171933 i would just like to ask how much ang charge nyo kpag mag seek ng advice sa pagpapa assess sa vetassess quite confusing kasi ang skills ko and the aaplyan ko.. Hope to hear from you po.. Thank you in advance
  • archdreamchaser
    Hi. Is it true pag hindi naabot yun 2.0 GWA hindi sya considered as australian degree? :-( my failing grades kasi ako and supposed to be 5yrs ang course. 6 yrs ko sya natapos. Im a license arki. Sad nman..
    February 2018
  • esb
    Hi po bago lang po ako sa forum and nakita ko po name nyo naguguluhan po kasi ako architectural draftperson po ang plan ko ipa-assess sa vetasses pero po ang nkalagay s payslip ko project in charge and main role ko po is more on building associate or un pagiging project builder.. Ano po kaya ang pede ko gawin pra mas mataas un chance ko makapasa sa vetasses. Thank you in advnce po
    February 2018
  • heero_yuy51
    Hi @RheaMARN1171933 , I just want to clarify something. I have a girlfriend and she will follow me after 2 years in Australia (Currently studying in the PHilippines). I have answered the following in my EOI and would like an advice from you:

    3. Family members:
    a. Are there any family members the client would like to include in a future application? - No
    b. How many family members? -
    c. Would the client be accompanied by the client's partner in a future application? - Yes

    Also, will the CO request for documents proving our relationship with my visa application even if she won’t be applying for a visa now?

    Regards and thanks.
    January 2018
    • RheaMARN1171933
      Partner refers to someone you're in de facto relationship with. If she's just a gf, then you can't answer yes to that question.
  • dencio123
    helo po mam pwd makuha acct fb or mobile number just want to inquire Australia migration
    April 2017

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