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  • @rcbconopio You can go as late as you want as long as you enter before the date specified in your visa. As for sharing accommodation, look up You'll need to put more details on how you'll do the move. How many people movin…
  • Google Flights reports around 2k for an economy roundtrip flight to Manila with Qantas. Do note that flights can be cheap but they have gotchas like 12-hour layovers in Cairns or something, so looking at pure price isn't everything.
  • @blue3319 I forgot what those two are (one of them should be the chest X ray) but they'll just queue you up on that room. I had a blood test, urine test, chest X ray, and a doctor checkup for my 189. Don't worry and just show up on the appointed da…
    in Medical Comment by fruitys December 10
  • @Pixiepie After you apply online and get approved, they'll email you everything you need to wire money to your account (SWIFT code + BSB code + account number). In this state you can only deposit money to your account via wire transfers and you can'…
  • Pre-move: Money - Open a migrant bank account with one of the big 4 - then I did wire transfer from BPI to NAB. This is the cheapest wire option I could find without additional conversions (like PHP - USD - AUD). It's easy to transfer to a better ba…
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he intends to cut Australia's migration intake by about 30,000 people, acknowledging public concern about congested cities.
  • @quantum The official PTE score guide has everything on how the exam is designed and scored, including the number of questions and how much time you'll need to take on average. Page…
  • Regional visa approvals have fallen to their lowest levels in a decade as the Federal Government prepares to introduce a scheme requiring new arrivals to work outside the major cities for five years.…
  • @alfonso31 Brisbane is technically cheap. Wait til you see Sydney prices :P On my own estimates it should be around $2k a month for one person at first. So bring over $10k. Bring everything you can technically, mababawi naman yan once you have a jo…
  • That depends if you want a room/share house or a full house, how much savings you will be bringing in and how many family members will arrive. The cheapest option is an airbnb room/share house in the outer suburbs until you can lock in a job and ge…
  • @cocobanatski Only the L/R/S/W scores are important for EOI purposes. @WAHM What section on the reading part did you feel you were having problems with?
  • Will probably move to Sydney next year, nagpapatakbo lang ng metro ng "work experience" :P
  • Who will do the visa application? Will you get sponsored? Yes he can if he shows enough funds or a stable source of it (bank statements or stable work history) to support your entire stay. He can make a stat dec and you can add it to your applicatio…
  • @Cassey Yes! If there's one thing you can definitely leave behind in PH, it's the attitude of not speaking up. Aussies are very blunt and open about a lot of things including telling the government to piss off. Paid in cash but you didn't get a pay…
  • @mikasa It's roughly based off when you get cleared for medical/submitted police clearance.
  • A student visa is more strict in some ways than a tourist visa. You should have received a letter that states why they refused you. You'll need to address it first before you reapply with proof that your circumstances have changed. Also don't keep …
  • @jay2 Is this Aussie who will help you related to you or are they registered with MARA (meaning they have a MARN)?
  • @ali0522 When I took it last year, yes. The other difference also is that the actual exam is noisy on the speaking part since you're sitting with the other test takers.
  • @pmond That would depend if the TOR has enough unit/subjects to qualify either as an ICT minor, major or insufficient. The number of years to meet the skill requirement met date can be as low as 2 years for an ICT major (generally IT degree + IT wor…
  • I don't know an official community but there's two Catholic churches in the south, one at Acacia Ridge (Our Lady of Fatima) and Sunnybank (Our Lady of Lourdes - in front of the Altandi train station). There's a lot of Filipinos there at Saturday/Su…
  • @alexsioson My CFO-PDOS session said that If you ever clear PH immigration and you have a non-tourist/visitor visa then you'll need it. You can get in PH but you'll have problems going out if you don't have that sticker and attended the session. If…
  • @lha_0422 Is that a permanent role or contractual? Nagpapatakbo lang din ako ng metro before looking again since I don't see much growth in this role :)
  • Short answer: no regrets Long answer: some little things you will notice in AU once you're inside that's different from PH and helped solidify the choice: An AU PR visa is also technically an NZ PR visa and you can work/live in NZ as much as you w…
  • Headline: "banned" Article text: "would be banned" PerthNow is a News Corp rag, aka one of Murdoch's clickbait scaremongering tabloids slash "news" I'll believe it when it shows up on ABC or SBS. Immigration is always in the local news. IMO keep a…
  • Tambay sa Garden City
  • Australia cancelled over 57,000 visas in 2017-18 A Department of Home Affairs report reveals that visa refusals shot up significantly in 2017-18 due to a more rigorous focus on integrity.…
  • @galf10333 ACS will do it based off your transcript. No need for anything else. @anntotsky It can take up to 10 weeks now to finish the assessment. I studied and took the PTE in the meantime while waiting for the assessment.
  • @mhej Yep. This isn't like SG where you can do it on the side while visiting the country then "come back" once the employer sorts out your pass. Most above-board jobs ask for your work rights and do a background check first before you get to sign t…
  • @frou The past pages on this thread contain a lot of tips. Also the E2Language Youtube channel has 90% of what you need. One thing that helps is to stop watching any non-English TV/movies and read only English books. Talk to your coworkers only in…
  • @aomanansala Repeat sentence is one of the easiest parts of the PTE. You'll be fine :)
  • Single, no kids, Brisbane, IT Needs: Rent: $700/mo ($175/wk) - room at a student dorm in inner suburbs, 8-10 min commute to city/work by bus or train. Will move to a studio next year. Utilities: included in rent Insurance: none, Medicare is enough…
  • @jennyfv My first account after moving to AU is NAB and I have everything in there (everyday, savings, credit card) so I'm just too lazy to switch. And I like their coin/change machines :P ING is very very good if you don't ever need a branch. Thei…
  • @alfonso31 If you're inside Australia, your visa in ImmiAccount is "Finalised" and your CO didn't tell you to do a "health undertaking" then you don't need to do anything else. Companies handle the police clearance and background checks for you. Yo…
  • @mahbi If you still earn income in SG and you're an AU resident for tax purposes yes you have to declare it. You'll get a foreign tax offset and you'll enter that in the tax form so you don't get double-taxed. The general rule is if it's income the…
  • @QueenB Sydney or Melbourne definitely for IT. Tag tuyot sa Brisbane. For every 10 Seek postings in Brisbane every week there's 50+ in Sydney and Melbourne. @trender03 We support some big AU websites :) Job market is tight, marami desktop support/a…
  • @au_me Forklift licence, first aid, white card and blue card. As for tips, apply ng apply wag mapili. Tailor your cover letters to every company. Once you get your first AU job and gained some "local experience" everything else will be easier.
  • @ray1188 Yes, for every company where you want to claim points for work experience. You need to prove you got paid for that work. Payslips, tax records (BIR 23xx), bank statements.
  • @lalufinds Any should be fine as long as the place is quiet. I used my company's Plantronic headset. @annafonz No guarantees. Watch the E2Language vids on YouTube to know how to pass that question type. You WILL need your English skills when you co…
  • @kimpoy It's generally optional. I never use my middle name in AU and all the forms I filled have it as optional. My visa doesn't have my middle name. As long as you're consistent then that's fine.
  • @carlomorato The PTE Academic website has the entire exam format, get used to the exam order first (including the introduction/mic test part) I reviewed by exam order and went with the E2Language lessons on Youtube + PTE Gold Kit (for the mock test…
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by fruitys July 13

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