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  • shilohseig
    Thanks for sharing your ielts materials.
    December 2016
    Hi po guenb, need ko lang po sana ng confirmation kung anu ilalagay sa eoi ng start of employment kung ang assesment sa ACS is after August 2008 ang related. Ang dapat po bang ilagay is Sept 1, 2008? Tama po ba pagkakaintindi ko? Thanks po planning to lodge 190 later po. Tnx
    October 2016
    • guenb
      @[email protected] declare mu pa din lahat ng employment history, pag part ng deduction e tag mu lang as 'NO' sa related employment. Separate mu starting from Sep 1 2008 e tag mu naman sia as 'YES' para dun na mag start yung computation if available for points in skilled employment. Good luck!
      [email protected]
      Hi @guenb thank you so much sa reply, kaka lodge ko lang po ng EOI sa Visa 190 sana po swertehin kahit medyo maghihintay. Pero di ko na po tinag ung not related. pwde naman daw po as per ung friend ko sumagot. Anyways, malaking tulong po ang mga reply niyo. Very helpful talaga tong pinoy au forum..
      God Bless us.... =)
      [email protected]
      @guenb confirm ko lang po if naka hold ang invitation ng 190 this year, I heard next year na daw po? May idea po ba kayo? Any way nag lodge na din ako kagabi, para at least naka pila na din in case. Pero need talaga ma push namin ung additional 10 points sa English para sa 189 na para medyo may hinihintay. hehe... salamat po=)
    • guenb
      Same tayo hehe. That depends kung anung state ka...check mo yung website nila usually nkalagay nman yun. Baka kumuha din uli ako ng pte for the 20pts. Anyway goodluck to us!
      [email protected]
      ah ok nag 190 ka din? anong state po kayo? cge check ko po sa NSW. Thanks po.
    • guenb
      @[email protected] NSW din, so far on-going naman yung NSW
      [email protected]
      thanks @guenb goodluck satin..=) See you sa Oz!
  • jayet15
    Sir nkapaglodge ka n din po ba ng EOI? Waiting din kasi kame n mainvite 65 points din nung september 5 kme naglodge ng EOI.. Thanks
    October 2016
    • guenb
      @jayet15 ay wala pa ko, last week ng October pa siguro ako mkkpag lodge... malapit na yan sa inyu, max 2months yung wait pag 65 pts sabi nila
  • lonskie77
    Thank you Sir
    July 2016
  • dennispb
    Hi Guenb,

    Under RPL route kaba?

    How about your work references? normally generic ang COE diba? so nagpasign ka sa boss mo ng job description mo?

    Nag statutory declaration or affidavit kaba?

    In my case, I have HR COE at the same time nagpapirma ako sa boss ko (in official letterhead) for the job description and hours worked and job title.

    Yung isang problem ko lang ay ang employer ko sa Dubai, hindi talaga sila nagbibigay ng job description kaya plain paper lang sya - nagpapirma na din ako sa mas supervisory role na kaofficemate ko. Eto bang case na ito since plain paper lang sya need ko kaya ipa- statutory declaration or affidavit?

    Salamat sa response.
    June 2016
    • guenb
      @dennispb hi, hindi ako RPL, fortunately eh under regular Skills Assessment ako. Let me know the details of your degree, like what course or school baka naman you don't need to go through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

      Everything you need to know nasa guidelines din ng ACS

      Yung hiningi mo from HR is okay as long as it contains the following info:

      • Start and Finish Dates of Employment – these should be specific dates in a DD/MM/YY format
      • Description of Duties Performed – Required to determine the relevance of the experience to the nominated occupation
      • Hours worked - Full time or Part time –must be a minimum of 20 hours per week
      • Country where Employment was undertaken
      • Company Letterhead and signed by the author
      • Certification as a valid copy

      You will need the affidavit for the job episode in Dubai. In this case your officemate (prefereably with a copy of his id/passport and business card) which should be higher rank can sign an affidavit also containing the info I've listed above. You can attach any evidence about that work like contract/payslip.
  • rina74
    hi guenb.....ask ko lang if how many weeks ang result ng assesstment points ng quaification sa vetassess? kse sa email 2 to 3 wks ang result sa case mo ba ilang weeks sya inabot? thanks...
    March 2016
    • guenb
      hello, di po ako VETASSESS, on-going pa lang yung ACS assessment ko. Through back-reading usually matagal talaga yung VETASSESS, 8-12 weeks. Mas mabilis ata if through online application.
    • guenb
      @rina74 Just check here

      *The approximate time for assessment is 10-12 working weeks once we have received all documents required for the assessment.

      For Points Test Applications only (applicants for VETASSESS occupations):

      The processing time is 6-8 weeks.
      For Points Test Applications (applicants for non-VETASSESS occupations):

      The approximate time is 4-6 weeks.

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