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Seek/Share Immigration Advice
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Category List

Working and skilled visas

Discussions1.8K Comments160.3K
For people who are not sponsored by an employer and who have skills in particular occupations required in Australia. Applicants satisfy the age requirement, English language skill, and work experience or a completed eligible Australian qualification.
plasticeyeWaiting for GRANTS
> @lyn0422 said: > Pano po yung mga more than a year na nag hihintay? Mag submit ba ukit ng medical? More than a year na din kmi ng hihintay ng grant and expired na yung medical namin sa mga nabasa ko, depende sa CO. may iba police clearance lang hinihingi... kami din naman expired na both.

Regional Sponsored Migration

Discussions489 Comments23.9K
This visa allows skilled workers (who are nominated by their employer in regional Australia) to live and work in Australia permanently. Occupation must be on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations to qualify and must have at least Competent English.
mrs_hopefulVisa 190 and 491
@baiken Very helpful po yung example nyo. Thank you.

Family and Partner Visas

Discussions385 Comments13.7K
This category is for families of permanent residents or citizens who wish to join their familes in Australia. Various family visa categories are available, from fiances, partners, children, parents and other family members of Australian citizens.
markusandlucasChild Visa (Subclass 101)
> @reena_june24 said: > Can I apply visa 101 po offshore? and pareho kami ng husband ko offshore ngayon since 2020 po nandito nako sa pinas.with my husband po. pareho po kaming PR yes

Employer Sponsored Visas

Discussions297 Comments5.6K
For lawfully operating Australian and overseas employers to employ approved skilled workers for temporary vacancies in particular occupations required in Australia. Temporary visas can offer a pathway to a permanent visa.
onyok457/482 TSS subsequent entrant - de facto
Ask ko lang po sana if meron po dito na defacto relationship of less than 12 mos, yung nag live in ng less than 12 mos. Na grant po ba kayo? Thank you po 😊

Study and Training Visa

Discussions1K Comments38.6K
Student visas are temporary visa that allows student to study in Australia for a specific course duration. Discussion includes steps on how to apply student visa on your own.
hikariTemporary Graduate Visa Timeline
> @agentx44 said: > Nakakuha po ba kayo ng bridging visa while waiting? Thank you po sa sagot and congrats po automatic dapat maggegenerate yung bridging visa kapag naglodge ka. kung wala sayo, you need to contact your agent or the immi para itnong bat wala kang bridging visa. ganto din kasi nangyari sa friend ko. accidentally naisama sa application nya yung anak nya (offshore), kaya di sya nabigyan ng bridging visa agad.

Visitor - Tourist Visa

Discussions299 Comments5.5K
For people who intends to visit or extend their stay in Australia for holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends or for other short-term non-work purposes.
Paolo222Tourist Visa - Parent
Visiting Visa is an opportunity for individuals whom dreaming for something he/she could be done outside the country. Acquire Non life Insurance now for securing your travel experience.

IELTS, PTE and OET Topics

Discussions260 Comments30K
This Forum is related to International English Language Testing System (IELTS) , PTE , OET corner! Share your tips and tricks to get a high score. Get tips from the experts to in order to get the max score (9.0) !
> @Lois said: > > @EricTC said: > > > @Lois said: > > > Hello po. Ang bilis ng result ng PTE. Today ako nag-take, may score na rin ngayon. Sa wakas, nakuha na rin ang inaasam asam na points for English test. :) > > > > > > Listening - 90 > > > Reading - 85 > > > Speaking - 90 > > > Writing - 82 > > > > > > Salamat po sa lahat ng tips sa forum na ito lalo na po sa mga taong ni-PM ko for tips. hehehe > > > > > > Effective po ang template ni Jimmyssem for DI and RL. And yung mga tips po ni Jay sa PTE E2 Language, very helpful. > > > > > > Good luck po sa mga magtake! Practice lang din po. :) > > > > > > Hello sa mga kasabay ko nagtake kanina hehehe :) > > > > Hi @Lois, congrats po. Ang taas po ng nakuha nyo. Tanong ko lang po kung ilang weeks/months kayo nagreview at gaano po kadalas ang practice nyo? Nakailang mock test din po kayo? Thank you. > > > > I'm currently on my 2nd month of review. Tumagal kasi di ako nakakuha ng slot. October 30 pa po exam ko. For my 1st month, pinanuod ko lahat ng vids ni Jay plus konting practice. Then this month, puro practice na. Pero kinakabahan pa rin ako because I'm also aiming for a 79+ points. > > > > Any words of advice/motivation na rin po. Thank you so much! > > Thank you po @EricTC. Nagparesched din po ako sir, kasi kabado rin po ako sa unang napasched ko po. Mga one month po ung naging consistent na review po ako sir. During weekdays po, mga 1hr after work po pag nakasched po ako ng work from home po. Pero pag weekdays po, almost wholeday po ako nagpapractice. Naka 2 mock test po ako sir sa APEUni. > > Practice lang po sir and pray. Saka kung > @EricTC said: > > > @Lois said: > > > Hello po. Ang bilis ng result ng PTE. Today ako nag-take, may score na rin ngayon. Sa wakas, nakuha na rin ang inaasam asam na points for English test. :) > > > > > > Listening - 90 > > > Reading - 85 > > > Speaking - 90 > > > Writing - 82 > > > > > > Salamat po sa lahat ng tips sa forum na ito lalo na po sa mga taong ni-PM ko for tips. hehehe > > > > > > Effective po ang template ni Jimmyssem for DI and RL. And yung mga tips po ni Jay sa PTE E2 Language, very helpful. > > > > > > Good luck po sa mga magtake! Practice lang din po. :) > > > > > > Hello sa mga kasabay ko nagtake kanina hehehe :) > > > > Hi @Lois, congrats po. Ang taas po ng nakuha nyo. Tanong ko lang po kung ilang weeks/months kayo nagreview at gaano po kadalas ang practice nyo? Nakailang mock test din po kayo? Thank you. > > > > I'm currently on my 2nd month of review. Tumagal kasi di ako nakakuha ng slot. October 30 pa po exam ko. For my 1st month, pinanuod ko lahat ng vids ni Jay plus konting practice. Then this month, puro practice na. Pero kinakabahan pa rin ako because I'm also aiming for a 79+ points. > > > > Any words of advice/motivation na rin po. Thank you so much! > > Thank you po @EricTC. Nasa one month po sir ang review ko rin po. During weekdays po, pag naka WFH po, after work po, mga 1hr po nagrereview/practice po ako. Pero pag weekend po, kung kaya po ng maghapon, ganun katagal po ako nagrereview. Nag leave din po ako ng 1 day ung week before the exam to review and practice po. Naka 2 na mock test po ako, same sa APEUni. > > Tingin ko po, okay naman po ung ginagawa nyo sir. Practice lang po ng practice. Nung ako po, hirap po ako sa RS talaga kasi nagpapanic po ako pag mahaba ung sentences, nalilimutan ko po. Pero okay po ung tips ni Jay, un po ang ginamit ko saka practice ng practice din po. Sa lahat po ng days na nakapag practice po ako, lagi po kasama ung RS. Naglalaan ako ng time for RS po talaga since sabi po sa mga napanood kong vids, isa po ito sa mabibigat na components po. > > Sa DI and RL po, nabasa ko rin po dito na effective po ung template ni Jimmyssem, kaya un po ang ginamit ko sir. Sinulat ko po sa bond paper, tas dinikit ko po sa wall namin para lagi ko sya nababasa. hehehe :) > > Sa advice po and motivation, practice lang po and pray. :) a day before po, since may work po, binasa ko na lang po ulit ilang minutes per set and possible ilang questions po, then natulog po ng maaga. hehehe Nag pray din po ako at hinga lang po ng malalim bago magstart sa actual exam. :) > > Good luck po sa exam on October 30! :) Thank you so much for this reply! Malaking bagay! :)

Migration Agent

Discussions124 Comments1.8K
This forum is catered for topics regarding migration agents, tips in engaging, reviews and experiences of the members. Please do share your views.
mgrayRefund from Respall
> @RheaMARN1171933 said: > > @mgray said: > > > @RheaMARN1171933 said: > > > > @Ozstraya said: > > > > > @RheaMARN1171933 said: > > > > > Technically you should be entitled for refund for services not rendered as per our code of conduct > > > > > > > > > @RheaMARN1171933 said: > > > > > Technically you should be entitled for refund for services not rendered as per our code of conduct > > > > > > > > Thank you for the input! I understand the pandemic is outside of the contract (e.g. offshore invites closed)... maybe it can be a case to case basis > > > > > > Pandemic or no pandemic that’s always the case. All registered agents have to follow the code of conduct or risk being sanctioned. Respall is a reputable agent so I’m pretty sure he follows the code. We agents work like lawyers/doctors where we can’t charge in advance. We have to render the service first so whatever money you have given in advance gets deposited into our clients account. We are not allowed to take money from it until after we render a service. As you know the entire process is in stages so each service we provide, we need to issue an invoice so we can take the fee for that service from the clients account. In the event that client decides to terminate the contract for whatever reason, the money left in the account for the service not rendered shall be returned to the contract. > > > > > > For further info on the code of conduct, refer to link below. All agents are required to provide this to the client at the initial correspondence with all prospective clients so I’m certain you would have given this document as we are required to do so but probably you most likely didn’t pay much attention to it like most of our prospective clients. I always have to insist/remind them to read it so they know what to expect from us from a professional and ethical perspective. > > > > > > > > > > > > Hope this clarifies things for you. > > > > How much po ang fee if mag uuodate ng data sa submitted EOI? If naging superioir po yung pte score ko na previously competent lang. > > If you’re a client, there’s no charge to update the Eoi. That’s part of the package we do. No point getting an agent just to update you’re Eoi. That’s easily done on SkillSelect. Thank you

Other Migration Topic

Discussions675 Comments27.7K
Other migration topics that doesn't fall to above. Topics specifics to other visas, Citizenship or other special visas can be discussed here.
@Gabetrotter1 it took us almost 1 year for the citizenship exam. July 2020 applied - test date May 2021. Till now waiting pa sa oathtaking and this is in Regional QLD already.

Blogs at Pinoy AU - Source of Useful Tips and Guides for Pinoys in Australia

Ask A Migration Agent [FREE Consultation]
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ReachOut Migration
Inquire about:
Inquire about:

General Topics on Life in Australia
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Category List


Discussions691 Comments15.9K
A general discussion area about Australia where topics doesn't fall on any categories.
jellet1221Investment options in Au
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Taste of Australia

Discussions39 Comments586
Show us your photos, showcase how beautiful Australia is.
CasseyUrgent Positions: Pharmacy Assistants
Hi, Chemist Warehouse Highpoint (Melbourne) is in urgent need for Pharmacy Assistants. S3 training will be provided by the company. Please send your resume to [email protected] If you have any queries, just pm me. Thank you.

EB's and Get Together

Discussions38 Comments1.9K
Organize a meet up or gatherings here.
devon31So lonely
Hello po I'm new here in tassie.. sino po ba ang close dito sa burnie maybe po pd tayo mag meet at mag kape sa labas.. Meliza

Family Matters

Discussions123 Comments2.6K
Bringing up a family in Australia, education for kids, etc.
xeegoHow to put daughter in childcare
Assuming that you will have night shifts, best option is if you can have somebody to give care to her while you are at work, like a relative. Your daughter will be starting school with her age, and OSHC normally starts at around 6am in the morning, and ends at 6pm in the evening. If you'll be working nightshifts, you'll need someone to care for her during the night. That's tough, but you might be able to talk with your employer or supervisor and work out a fair schedule that will suit your situation.

Working in Australia

Discussions371 Comments13.3K
Work related experiences in OZ.
bpinyourareaAny advice PlanIt hiring?
Wake me up when 2021 ends... :/

Health Care

Discussions127 Comments1.6K
Health related matters, insurance, etc
YunaFilipino Pharmacist in Au (KAPS exam)
Hi there! I'm planning on sitting for KAPS next year. Just want to know if there is anyone who have gone through and passed the exam? Any helpful tips and notes will be greatly appreciated! TIA po.

Remittance/Exchange Rate

Discussions54 Comments613
Sending money to the Philippines? Useful tips in selecting between providers.
fruitysNew Online Remittance Partner - Sable Remit
It's harder to get money out of PH compared to inbound, but you can do it through the big banks like BDO and BPI.

Hobbies and Activities

Discussions60 Comments418
Are you a fan Basketball or other sports? How about hobbies like Yoga, dancing or Singing? Check this out.
xeegoTable Tennis Social Game
Uy lapit lang! Regular yung sched ng Saturday?

Balikbayan Box

Discussions34 Comments415
Sending you Balikbayan Box? Where to and How to help us decide.
AdminBalikbayan Box from Manila to Sydney
You can give this thread try :)

Flying to and out of Australia?

Discussions72 Comments2.5K
Flight travel discussions, find the cheapest flight ticket or learn tricks from our members.
Captain_AMNL to PER
> @mathe009 said: > I have recently been granted my partner visa. My partner is from Western Australia and we have been looking at flights going to Perth, but the options seems to be very limited. (Noting that there are no direct flights from Manila :'( ) I was wondering if anyone can provide tips and advises? We're hoping that I will be able to travel before the year ends. > *We are also looking at flights to Brisbane and Sydney (then book the domestic flight after the quarantine there), but given the strict protocols in Perth, my partner reckon it's better to go via Brisbane than Sydney. > > Sorry, I'm not sure if I've missed any articles about this if in case it's available. Would appreciate any responses. > > Thank you! Western Australia, where Perth is, is currently closed borders with other states and international flights, ideally by November it will open up, no announcement yet also in November, international flights will resume in Sydney while Brisbane has not committed yet when will they open. better always be updated on the news.

Other Info Bout OZ

Discussions87 Comments2.1K
All other things or information you want to know about Australia
atheleneSydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth or Melbourne? Which place is the best?
I do agree with most of the advice in this thread; the affordability of living in a specific city depends on your personal spending habits and lifestyle. Cities also have different salary ranges, depending on the occupation and job opportunities. Ang napansin ko na big difference in cost of living between Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are the rent. Yung cost of food and transpo, depende sa location mo in the city. Since I'm an international student, I prefer to live closer to the city or university para hindi haggard tuwing papasok sa school. Naranasan ko magcommute ng more than one hour from southwest Sydney to city almost everyday for 5 weeks, only to realize it was not sustainable for me kasi nakakainip at nakakapagod (lalo na kung may mga bitbit na books at laptop). Most people would be willing to commute kasi mas mura tumira sa malayo, pero iba din kasi ang preference and priority ko. So kung lilipat kayo sa sa Sydney or Melbourne wherein mahal ang accommodation sa city, i-consider nyo nalang which type of person you are. Like willing ka bang magcommute para makatipid sa rent, or increase the budget for rent to shorten travel time? For my own room right across uni, I paid AUD 230pw, whereas in Brisbane I'm paying AUD 205pw (it's 2-3 suburbs away from uni). I paid roughly AUD 30 per month for transpo since I just walk to uni and I travel infrequently (bumabiyahe lang ako pag maggrocery or gagala). I'd say costs related to transpo depends on your routes. Kung nakatira ka sa malayo, mas mataas ang transpo cost, but if you live a few suburbs away lang from your uni/work, it should be relatively cheap (maybe AUD 3 to 4 per trip). Food and grocery expenses can be kept really low if you cook most of the time. Eating out is expensive, so you need to include that in your budget if you like trying out new places to eat (AUD 20 to 30 per meal). May slight difference ng price when eating out, but this depends on the restaurant. In Newtown (Sydney), you can find good but affordable food (like AUD 15 for pad thai, for example), but in Brisbane it's around AUD 18 to 20 for pad thai. Having stayed in Melbourne for at least 3 weeks, I feel like food in Melb was slightly cheaper than Sydney. Cost of shopping for items, palagay ko wala naman difference across the states (like if you shop at Coles, Woolies, KMart, Target, Big W). In terms of lifestyle and culture, I actually like Melbourne because of their arts-centered vibe. I planned to move there after studying in Sydney, but pandemic happened and I ended up in Brisbane. I haven't explored Brisbane much because of lockdowns, but I feel there's not much to see in the city (unlike Sydney's tourist hotspot: Opera House, Circular Quay). One big thing I noticed in Brisbane is that there are fewer asians here than Sydney or Melbourne. A friend who moved to Brisbane from Townsville said that puro caucasians daw sa Townsville, so she experience a bit of discrimination doon just because she looked different and did not grow up in that community. Townsville is apparently a small town so maraming magkakakilala. And that was in the context of a workplace. Not that I think it should be a deciding factor on where to move, but I figured it would be good for people to know that not all Australian cities are the same. If you prefer a more culturally diverse environment, definitely go to Sydney or Melbourne. Of course, the large presence of ethic communities in these cities translate to more options for dining and shopping (restaurants and asian groceries). In Sydney, there are tons of asian and Filo groceries (Ingleburn, Blacktown, Hurstville, Kogarah, Haymarket, etc.) which have a wide variety of products. Here in Brisbane, there are fewer places to shop and some products that I've bought in Sydney aren't available here. Yung nabanggit na discrimination based on where you live, I don't know if they really discriminate here based on where you live. Some people could be living in more affluent suburbs because they can afford to buy the house or they've simply inherited a house that's been in the family for generations. Eastern suburbs (Bondi, Double Bay, Vaucluse, Coogee) and Northern Beaches have higher rents kasi views ang binabayaran mo, including access to the world-class beaches. Houses are relatively bigger and newer too. Where you live depends on which kind of lifestyle you're after. Kung mahilig ka mag-surf at magswimming, living in the Eastern suburbs might make more sense for you (kahit mas mahal ang rent), pero kung homebody kayo at hindi naman kailangan nakatira malapit sa beach, living in Inner West or even Western Sydney is okay (cheaper rent).

Resident's corner - Latest Happenings, Offerings, in specific State, Suburb, City
3.1K 15.9K


A Filo Marketpace App by Pinoy AU for Pinoys in Australia


Category List

New South Wales - Sydney
New South Wales - Sydney
Discussions1K Comments2.7K
noelposiLooking for Accommodation in Goonellabah
Good day. I just arrived in Australia and I'm moving to Goonellabah soon for work. I tried finding an through the websites but the price is too much :(
Victoria - Melbourne
Victoria - Melbourne
Discussions795 Comments2.6K
bachuchaylooking for a vacant room/house share in Bacchus Marsh
Kami po taga bacchus..need nyo pa po room to rent?
ACT - Canberra
ACT - Canberra
Discussions114 Comments1.3K
katnissany tips po for looking/buying for secondhand cars in ACT?
sorry for the super delayed update: Nov 2017 we were looking for cars, Dec 2017 we bought our secondhand car. Bad experience: We initially went to a Holden dealership, as they were selling a brand new car within our budget (we were ready to pay cash). But from the start, the sales guy was already rude. Went to Toyota and we felt like we weren't really taken seriously that time. Good experience: We found a dealership (lennock) and bought a secondhand car instead from there. We fell in love with the car after the test drive and also because the salesman was really friendly and explained things in detail to us. Almost 3 years na sya and only one had major fix needed. I think we're just lucky po that we got a really good car. :)
South Australia - Adelaide
South Australia - Adelaide
Discussions485 Comments4.2K
mistyLooking for Work (Part-time/Full-time/Odd jobs)
Hello po :) baka may alam po kayong company need ng Glazier under Temporary visa po ako.salamat po
Western Australia - Perth
Western Australia - Perth
Discussions308 Comments1.8K
frouAny Filipino Community in Albany or Geraldton?
> @reachmond said: > Following up po, baka meron po ditong makapansin, mag migrate po kami soon sa ALBANY at nakakuha po ng job c misis ko sa JUNIPER Korumup at on process npo VISA nmin... Looking for House or 2 rooms to rent po. Salamat! Hello po..I have an incoming interview po sa Juniper Albany din..may taning po sana ako sa kung kumusta na mn yung interview ni misis mo? Ang kumusta na po yung visa processing onshore po ba kayo? Thank you
Queensland - Brisbane
Queensland - Brisbane
Discussions208 Comments2K
kathcNAATI - CCL exam - additional 5 points for 189/190 visa
@MumVeng Hello, how to avail your crash course for CCL?
Tasmania - Hobart
Tasmania - Hobart
Discussions28 Comments175
MissusGEB in Hobart?
Hello sa inyo! Family of 3 planning for BM around Aug, baka meron kayong massuggest san makakahanap ng place to stay in Hobart? :) Thanks sa inyo! Sana makita namin kayo pagdating namin :)
Northern Territory- Darwin
Northern Territory- Darwin
Discussions50 Comments1.2K
timetosleepFully Australian Cybersecurity Company and Consultancy - Triskele Labs
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Other States, City, Suburb, Location
Other States, City, Suburb, Location
Discussions13 Comments5
jeharileCairns Student - Looking for a Job
Hello my fellow Kababayan! I was hoping if anyone can help me find a job here in Cairns. I am currently studying but I can work 20 hours a week during school term and full time during Christmas Holiday. I can do any kind of work. Thank you!

Free Ads - Section
1.9K 5K

Migration Agents

We are committed to assist anyone who wishes to migrate, study, work and travel to Australia and New Zealand in the most professional, efficient and cost-effective manner. We are committed to delivering excellent and honest service.

NTRUST is a leading registered Australia migration agency in Singapore with a very high success rate of 99.7%. With our professionalism and affordable fees, we have successfully helped thousands of people in Singapore migrate to Australia and attain their permanent residency (PR) since 2003.

Category List

Housing & Rentals

Discussions1.5K Comments3.5K
Looking and offering accomodations
lettielynLooking for Housemate 300/week (neg) bills included - CANTERBURY (near Campsie/Marrickville Area)
LARGE ROOM FOR RENT in Canterbury, Sydney. Close to Marrickville, Campsie, Dulwich Hill, Hurlstone Park, Ashfield, Croydon. I am posting this for my Filipina friend Veronica who has 1 very large unfurnished room available for rent inside a very large 2-bedroom unit. You will be sharing this unit with her. - Very large unfurnished 1-bedroom, very clean - Ground-floor with very high ceilings, and original hardwood timber floors - Very large shared kitchen with new gas oven & stove - Large shared lounge room - Large shared bathroom - Shared laundry with internal dryer - Non-smoking, no-pets - Visitor or street parking available - 15 mins train ride to Central CBD/Town Hall station - 2 mins walk to train station and buses - 5 mins walk to Aldi, Woolworths, Priceline Pharmacy, Post office - 5 mins walk to medical services - 5 mins walk to schools - 5 mins walk to restaurants, Canterbury RSL, Canterbury Racecourse Markets - 5 mins walk to parks and amenities $300 per week (negotiable) includes bills (internet, electricity, gas, water) for either 1 male or 1 female. AVAILABLE NOW! Inspections available on Saturdays. For more details or to arrange an inspection, please call or SMS Veronica directly on 0426 833 522.

Jobs-Seeking & Openings

Discussions239 Comments1.2K
Job opportunities and employment corner
Jeko01Cleaner needed Monday to Friday Sydney
PTPA We’re looking for good and trusted cleaners with car or driver license preferably but not necessary. Must be willing to commit for permanent weekday work 3 days or more Food and training Provided. PM us for more details. Thank you 😊 0451 587 118

Goods & Services

Discussions66 Comments96
Sell goods and other services here
smargioMobile Plans, NBN Plans at your service!
Anyone who is interested to join or switch their NBN Plans that uses Telstra network and there is no lock in contracts? There are different plans from $59/mth to $79/mth with unlimited data on all plans. For mobile plans we have plans starting from 20$ to 40$ All Aussie based support. No setup fee on BYO modem plans. If interested, PM me for more info.


Discussions24 Comments23
Cars, Vans, Parts Accessiories, Sale & Rental
tangentphCar Service Available in Sydney
Need to go to supermarkets, pick parcels or for "essential" travels but worried of using public transport? Worry no more! Car service available. E-mail [email protected] or call 0426-057-133 for details. [preview]

General Ads

Discussions82 Comments125
uncategorized ads
Karen16Referral Vouchers, Freebies, Discounts
I have a $100 referral voucher for Hello Fresh, you'll get $100, I'll get $50 in return. Valid for new subscribers only. Enjoy! [Hello Fresh]( "Hello Fresh")

Anything Goes
154 2.5K

Category List

Loose talk, Kulitan & off-topic

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Anything goes. Kulitan, moving to another countries, opinions, etc.
kramkramkramMapuans in Oz
In case may naghahanap ng work, WFH pa rin lahat currently pero prefer namin located sa Sydney. Sorry, no sponsorship.

Gamers Arena

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Any gamer here? What games do you play? Share and Show case your Strategy.
thesarahveeIphone locked in Globe and I want to bring the phone in Australia
> @hyuna14 said: > > @thesarahvee said: > > > @vamdcpa said: > > > Nagpaopenline ako s greenhills, originally locked to globe.. Anyone here who tried the same? Hopefully magwork siya when we land in june > > > > Hi under plan po ba phone nyo when you had it unlocked? > > > > Hi @thesarahvee > I need your help... Sa case ko, yes naka plan ako sa GLOBE. Iphone 11 pro max. Kapag pina openline ko ba siya sa greenhills, Gagana yung phone ko sa US? Since I'll be going to US this March. Hello the same problem natin eh. Meron bang ganyan sa greenhills? Pls share naman po if anong store kayo nagpa unlock and magkano :) thank u sorry for the late reply ngayon ko lang po nahanap ulit yung thread Na to😞

Information Tech Thingy

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Discuss any IT related stuff here
AdminTelstra is giving consumer and small business customers extra data
[preview] Telstra is giving consumer and small business customers extra data to support working and studying from home or self-isolating, as part of the national response to COVID-19. Post-Paid customers (both mobile and mobile broadband) can get an extra 25GB of data on their plan to use in Australia within 30 days. Pre-Paid customers with an active recharge of $40+ can get 10GB of extra data to use in Australia within 28-30 days (depending on your plan). The data won't rollover. Register your details below to get extra data. Telstra will send you an SMS to confirm once it's been applied to your account - it should take about 48 hours. It will be available within 48 hours and you'll be notified by SMS once it's been applied. Ineligible phone numbers won't receive a notification.

Suggestions for improvement

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help suggest to improve the Forum site
AdminImmiTracker Feature - need inputs
AHH!!! good point. yes we can keep it basic. pwede rin siguro add what visa type 190, 189, etc

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