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PTE ACADEMIC REVIEWERS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AeaU1qRz1htphtpgkWETyXL-N8TLgvti For MERGING Documents: PDF Mergey SINGAPORE POLICE CLEARANCE STEPS: 1.eappeal 2-3 days approval- ( attach ITA, NRIC front & back,passport,first entry stamp in SG if possible, photo (all in pdf forms) 2. aply SG COC, pay online 55 sgd 3. schedule for finger print, print receipt Middle East Police clearance: 1. SG police cantonement @ Outram for finger print every TTH 2-5 pm. 2. aunthenticate in embassy of the country 3. I sent authorization letter to my friend, copies of my visa from the start of my residence, my old police clearance, copy of resident card, finger prints, passport copies and she'll process in my behalf.


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  • mtlulu

    Hi. I'm planning to take the exam on September 2020. 2012 pa ako graduate. Ano po kaya pwede kong ganitong reference para makapag review. Zero idea talaga ko sa exam. Thank you

    February 21
    • lecia
      Meron po lists of reference materials sa examination kit. Meron lists sa website ng Aims po. Ako ginamit ko college books ko.
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    Holy batman, you are awesome. Have some more reactions!
    February 18
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    Thanks for posting on a new member's first discussion. I know you made them feel at home.
    February 18
  • elenacruz

    Hello! My kids and I will come on July this year.I would like to inquire about the schooling.Perhaps you can suggest po a good school for my kids (Elementary Grade Level) around Parramatta.May I also ask the usual school requirements needed.

    February 12
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    February 5
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    February 5
  • tigerlance

    Paano pala magmerge ng files kung 70 pages ang bank statements ko.
    Ano ang gagamitin na dpi para sa pdf?
    Naguguluhan ako.
    Strictly 5 MB lang ba? Kasi kada 1 taon na payslip ko na ipinasa sa Engineers Australia umabot na 6MB

    January 26
    • lecia
      @Tigerlance, mergy yung ginamit ko pang merge..
      Google mo madami pang iba..ako every quarter ako if every year nagprovide ng payslips,.
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    You keep posting great content. Nice!
    January 26

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