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Family of 3 - Should we rent a room or entire house?

newBeg19newBeg19 MelbourneTotal Reaction Points: 0Member
in Accommodations Posts: 2
Hi everyone, our new beginning will be on Feb 2019 and I will be moving with my husband and 2yr old daughter. Noticed na normally room for rent, will look for a job when we arrive pa si husband so what do you suggest? Afford ba namin entire house at this point? May tumatanggap ba na family sa room for rent? Thanks in advance!
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  • dzounpinaydzounpinay pointcookTotal Reaction Points: 0Member
    Posts: 11
    I was in the same situation and had a hard time looking for accomodation who would accept couple with kids so ended up renting our own. Just PM me para mapag usapan natin if I can be of help.
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  • newBeg19newBeg19 MelbourneTotal Reaction Points: 0Member
    Posts: 2
    @dzounpinay hi there! Thanks for your response. We heard kasi na it's hard din to rent on our own kung no jobs kame both e. Pano kaya yun sis? I appreciate any info. Thanks so much in advance. I'm quite worried nadin coz we rented in airbnb for the first two weeks habang hahanap ng marrentan. Pano niyo ginawa?
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  • KIKOKIKO MelbornTotal Reaction Points: 1Member
    edited October 17 Posts: 36
    I highly suggest hanap kayo sariling apartment.
    noong nagbig move kami last July 2018 (winter), our family (with 3 our year old daughter), wala din ako work and si misis so lahat ng pera palabas. We are lucky to have my kuya's family na andito na sa Melbourne.

    We stayed sa bahay nila utol for 10 days lang and luckily even na full time istambay kami ni misis we found an apartment near train station pa (5 - 8 mins walk).

    What's the secret para sa 100 points ID ?

    a. Bank statements namin (sa ANZ at sa pinanggalingan namin previously), capable kayo magbayad at least 6 months ng renta so depende sa target nyo yung amin is 250/wk just do the math.

    b. Referral letters sa aming landlord sa mga tinuluyan namin previously - na good payor kami etc, just download sa google na lang ng templates madami jan. Hindi ko alam kung tinawagan nila yung landlord namin pero laki tulong nito :)

    c. Passports namin tatlo. Ito lang un meron kami ID that time, wala din ako drivers licence.

    d. yung ahente namin at yung ahente ng kapatid ko iisang tao kaya sinuwerte tlaga :) May tiwala agad (pero kahit wala ito nahuli ko kasi agad yung kiliti nun ahente sa clauses A at B agad.

    e. dasal of course.

    Sana nakatulong :)


    Update as of 17 Oct 2018

    2018 Oct 15 - Tapos na ni misis yung IRON program at nakasubmit na din ng AGBP-40 sa APHRA. Wait na lang for Registration niya as Australian Registered Nurse.(Thank you Bossing)

    2018 Aug 15 - First Day of Work (Thank you Bossing)

    2018 Jul 11 - Big Move to Melbourne.

    2018 Mar 19 - Received Letter of Offer from school :) Magbabayad na po kami at magsusubmit na po ng lahat ng requirements.

    2018 Mar 09 - Received Letter of Refusal for Registration and Endorsement to take Bridging Program! Thank you bossing!

    2018 Feb 27 - Our RO acknowledge the new CV and also confirmed they received the COGS that was sent last 27 Dec 2017 pa, although of course it was under wifey's Maiden Name

    2018 Feb 20 - Registration Officer informed that they received the COGS but it is in maiden name and will verify. We are planning to re-send the CV since there are lot of changes.

    2018 Feb 16 - Registration Officer Acknowledgment email and asking to resend CV and COGS.

    2018 Feb 12 - aphra charged CC and acknowledgement email received.

    2018 Jan 11 - Peter B of aphra received documents.

    2017 Dec 23 - Wifey PTE (L-69,R-72,S-85,W-69) - Take 1 Yehey!

    July 2018 : Big Move to Melbourne.

    2016 Sep 24 : Positive Assessment from ACS - Software Engineer :)
    2016 Dec 20 : PTE (L-72,R-67,S-79,W-79) - Take 1 Yehey!
    2016 Dec 22 : EOI Submission
    2017 Feb 15 : ITA - 189 (Software Engineer - Yehey)
    2017 Mar 03 : Lodge & Payment (Me,Wifey & Baby - Yehey)
    2017 Mar 14 : First CO Contact (Notarized Birth/Marriage Certs)
    2017 April 05 : Second CO Contact - Form 815
    2017 Sep 04 : PR Visa 189 Grant!!! 3 of us!! Thank you Bossing!!!
    2017 Sep 16 : IED Given by DIBP to us.
    2017 Sep 14 : Entered, Melbourne, Australia (4 Days)
    2017 Sep 17 : Returned to Singapore.

    Thank you Bossing!!!
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