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  • agd
    Hi Sir. Pansin ko lang po parang 189/190 | 60/65 din magiging result ko if Advanced Diploma lang ma-award ni ACS sakin.

    Pwede din ako makakuha ng 5pts sa wife ko, kung kulang at wala talagang chance yung 65pts sa visa 190 (60 + 5 state nomination + 5 partner skills).

    Would you know if my chance yung ganitong scores? Developer Programmer ang job code ko.
    June 16
    • agd
      and may effect din ba yun kung shifter ako? Nag-ECE ako 2 years, then 4 years sa BS IT.
  • eynah_gee
    Heprex, i need help! Mataas ka sa speaking as far as I can remember. Bat ba ganun ung pronunciation ko eh 38 lang pero sa mga assessment ko naman nakaka 86 ako at so far 66 pinakamababa. Un ung graded sa e2language. Nasstress tuloy ako pero im gonna give it a try on July. Mejo mag iipon muna aq ulit. Regarding sa templates kabisado ko na sya promise kahit yta tulog aq nabibigkas ko un eh at napapanaginipan lol. Kaya nasstress aq san ba ko nagkamali? Oh my gulay
    June 14
    • Heprex
      Hello, sa situation mo, wala na ako makitang ibang dahilan kundi yung mic mo lang. either sa position na malapit sa bibig, or dun sa malapit sa ilong. Dun sa breathing habang nag sasalita.

      sa experience ko, yung mic ko is nasa gitna ng ilong at upper lip. Kada tapos ng sentence or pause, saka ako nahinga. sa ilong ako na breath in, tapos labas sa bibig habang nag sasalita.

      as a practice sa pronunciation ko, medyo may problema ako sa "sh" na words. ginawa ko tlga is I tried rapping the way you lie ni eminem, naka earphone ako. tapos sinisugurado ko na na ggets ni google yung rap ko.

      avoid false start.
      don't correct yourself.
      avoid um, ah
      pause when needed.
      practice yung dila

      try to smile, and use gestures na parang nag eexplain ka ng binabasa mo.

      eto mga template ang ginamit ko.

      PIE: The pie graph projected on the screen is the presentation of variables from research entitled ________. It is subdivided into ________ different portions. The largest area is ________ with ________ while the smallest area is ________ with ________. It is surprising to see that ________ is the second largest area with ________. Overall, this graph seems accurate and concise and can be used as a reference for future studies.

      LINE/BAR: The line/bar graph projected on the screen is the presentation of variables from research entitled ________. The horizontal line represents the ________ while the vertical line represents the ________. The highest sector is ________ with ________ while the lowest sector is ________ with ________. It is surprising to see that ________ is the second highest sector with ________. Overall, this graph seems accurate and concise and can be used as a reference for future studies.

      PROCESS/DIAGRAMS: The process/diagram projected on the screen describes how ________. Dito wala ako template na ginamit. Yung mga words na nasa picture binasa ko lang para makabuo ako ng sentences.

      TABLE: The table projected on the screen is the presentation of variables from research entitled ________. It is subdivided into ________columns and ________ rows. The highest sector is ________ with ________ while the lowest sector is ________ with ________. It is surprising to see that ________ is the second highest sector with ________. Overall, this graph seems accurate and concise and can be used as a reference for future studies.

      The lecture was regarding ________ and a significant amount of time was spent discussing around this topic. The lecture concluded after all the data points were discussed completely. To summarize his/her analysis,
      he/she mentioned that ________.
      He/she talked about _______.
      He/she discussed _______.
      He/she described _______.
      He/she suggested _______.
  • ceasarkho
    ECE graduate po ba kayo Sir?
    May 20
  • dutchmilk
    Hello po!

    Just wanna inform you that my husband got a 4 year deduction and bachelors degree sa ACS assessment nya. Nag dilang anghel ka. :)

    Ask ko lng po. Did you received an ITA na? And I believed you both applied for 189 and 190.

    May tanong lng po sana kami. Yung valid work experience ng husband ko is from April 2012 and na lodge na yung EIO nya by our agent and applied for visa 190 coz 60 pts lng cya if makakakuha cya ng state sponsorship. Do you happen to know the chances if ma einvite kami? And by May 2017, our pts will automatically become 65 right?

    Thanks and regards.
    March 28
    • Heprex

      Congrats. :) Good thing you did not push the RPL Route.
      Wala pa akong invite. hehehe close na occupation ko 189, and wala pa din invite for 190.

      if sa lodging ng EOI is ni leave blank ng agent nyo yung end date ng current job nya, it will automatically update itself on May. :)

      Sa chances, based sa trend ni NSW, puro 70pts pa lang iniinvite nila, and if they started inviting those 65 points, sigurado madaming backlog. It might take time.

      May I know kung ano points breakdown nyo?

      If money is not an issue, I suggest have your hubby take multiple PTE exam until he reach 79+ in all sections. para Sure invite agad sya.
    • dutchmilk
      Nag rpl pa din cya as per advised by the agent. And yeah, the end date of the current job was left blank.

      Ganon po bah kahit sa 190, 65pts and above pa din yung iniinvite? Dba sa inyo din 65pts kayo for 190? Sa 65 pts nyo, included na dun yung 5pts sa state nomination? At pwede manghingi ng link kung saan makikita yung mga ceiling cap if each states for 2613.

      As of now, ito po yung pts breakdown namin.
      Age - 25pts
      English Language Ability - 10pts
      Education - 15pts
      State Territory Nomination - 5pts
      Yrs of Experience - 5pts (3-5yrs coz wala pang May 2017)
    • Heprex
      Nag RPL pa din sya? teka medyo confuse ako. Sino nag access ng education ng hubby mo? ACS din ba? since 4 years deduction sya, I doubt na nag RPL sya. Unless pinahirapan sya ng Agent nyo, pinagawa sya ng RPL pero hindi sinubmit ng Agent.

      190 ko since December pa with 65 pts. at madami pa mas maaga sakin, since August pa yung iba, sa nominated occupation ko. I guess ganun din sa occupation ng hubby mo.

      nasa skill select site po yung mga occupation cieling. :)
    • dutchmilk
      yes, acs both on his work experience and education. and yes nag rpl talaga cya.

      yung sa 65pts mo bah, di pa kasali yung 5pts sa state nomination? naku ang tagal naman ng invites. pahirapan bah talaga sa 2613 group?

      btw, yung ielts ng hubby ko mag eexpire na this coming august. if ever wala pa rin kaming invite, ma vovoid bah yun and need to take again?

      cge po will check the skill select site. thanks.
  • miaka14
    Good evening po, ask ko lang if nag rerequire ba ang NSW ng 3 years work experience para sa 263111? 2 years equate to work lang po kasi husband ko, hindi po ba kame pwede mag EOI sa NSW? Thank you po.
    April 2
    • Heprex
      Overall exp po kinacount ni NSW, sa EOI lang po yung may deduction.

      As long as you have all the necessary documents to prove your claim, then you can proceed with NSW.

      Sa NSW naman, sila yung pipili ng EOI mo, just submit an EOI sa skill select, and choose NSW as your state.
  • dutchmilk
    By the way, Developer Programmer (261312) ang nominated occupation ni hubby and we selected NSW.
    March 28
  • Deaniel_17
    Hello Heprex -

    I have a question regarding ACS.

    I just got "AQF Diploma with a major in computing" on my ACS results.

    Does it equivalent just to 10pts?

    What did you do to make an appeal to ACS?

    I graduated 2 years vocational in AMA and BS.Computer Science in Arellano University.

    Thanks and regards :-)
    February 24
    • Heprex
      Section 3 kase school ko sir, kaya nabigyan ako una ng aqf diploma. Nag appeal ako kase ECE naman ako at 5 year course na more than 200 units. Kasama din sa ata sa condition na pag section 3, para mabigyan ng bachelors degree, may proof of passing the licensure exam, which is meron ako. Hope this helps. :)
    • Deaniel_17
      Thanks Heprex.

      If I also got a section 3 school which I graduated 2 years vocational from AMA and BS.Computer Science at Arellano University, 11 years related IT experience to Analyst Programmer, do you think it's possible to get a Bachelor assessment and just 2 years deduction?

      My first assessment was on May 2016 and they deducted 5years and 6months from my experience. I did not even get 5 years of experience during that time If I will count from their consideration date which is after July 2011.

      I really need some advise as I am planning to pay for another assessment.

    • Heprex
      I'm sorry to say, but section 3 schools categorised as Associate Degree or Advance Diploma. Which will really deduct 5 years to meet their so called "suitability criteria". It is really not possible in your situation unless you hold a degree with licensure examination. Sad to say on our part, schools really matter to them.
    • Deaniel_17
      Got it. No worries and appreciate your kind feedback on my queries. I still need a reassessment because when I count my experience after July 2011, i did not meet the 5 years requirements. My last experience on the ACS assessment result was May of 2016, which will just give me a 4 years and 10 months experience. At least I could get 5 years now if I will pay for reassessment. But I am planning to finish my PTE first before submitting my reassessment to ACS.

      BTW, do I need to submit another stat dec from June 2016 to current experience?
    • Heprex
      Have you change your employer for that experience? No neee for reassessmemt if not.
    • Deaniel_17
      But on the ACS Assessment the experience date there is only until May 2016 and I will not get the 5 years experience if I will count it from August 2011 till may 2016.
    • Heprex
      on ACS, you have to specified the end date for your current employment. But in submitting your EOI, you can leave it Blank so that the count of experience is continuous. If you haven't change your employer, you do not need to re-assess.

      And upon invitation, you just need to provide an evidence that you're still with your current employer, that proofs involves latest paylips, etc.

      Its up to you if you want reassessment though. :)
  • RPhwithOZdream
    Heprex, ok na po ba eoi mo may ita ka na?
    February 18
    • Heprex
      Wala pa sir. Malabo ako mag ka ITA now with 60pts. Umaasa ako sa NSW sponsorship. Kamusta EOI mo sir? Kelan ka ng submit at ilang points?
  • RPhwithOZdream
    bro, may balita ka ba gaano katagal ang invi sa profession natin?
    January 11
    • Heprex
      based dito:

      Computer Network Professionals – Slowing down again in the movement at 65
      points, I would estimate an EOI lodged today at that score would take around 16
      weeks for an invite.
      There only looks around 6 rounds left at 50 per round so this occupation is likely to
      close early April 2017
      Computer Network Professionals 65 points EOI dated 20/11/2016
    • Heprex
      Medyo accurate ang findings nila most of the time.
    • NetEngr
      @Heprex - Sorry to but in... Just got curious .... - Does this mean, saturated na ang work ng "Computer Network Professionals" ? or medyo puno na ang quota nila to approve that skills?
    • Heprex
      Based lang sya sa quota. less than 300 na lang kase ang available. baka maubos na sa april. kaya inuunan nila syempre yung matataas ang points.
    • NetEngr
      @Heprex - Thanks man!
  • Heprex changed his profile picture.
    December 2016

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