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  • @rbl2609 Hi, I am a CPA in Philippines and also a CPA in australia. I don't think you will have any issues with the assessment. There is a new agreement signed last year between PICPA and CPA Australia for CPAs in Philippines. During my time, ther…
  • To get a favourable assessment you need to meet the competency requirement for the nominated occupation. CPAA does not care whether you studied in the top university in PH or some never heard university/college. You may get some credits for your MBA…
  • Hi to all filipino teachers on this forum. Need your inputs re: teacher assessment. I am trying to help my sister to migrate here in oz. Her situation is a bit complicated because its almost 10yrs already when she stopped teaching. I have read the a…
  • @hopeful_mea it depends sa lifestyle nyo at kung how long bago makahanap ng work. Here in oz, common ang temporary/contract or short term jobs and even locals some prefer contract jobs for flexibility. I would suggest na wag mxado picky pagdating sa…
    in Accountant Comment by Au_Vic June 24
  • @wahidkarlo hey mate, nah! im not a nurse. i heard maraming nurse sa mga hospitals dito sa melbourne. why don't you try and get work sponsorship dito sa oz? Pero mahigpit ata ang oz kc may mga further studies pa ata na required e.
  • if your visa 190 has been granted you are a permanent resident of australia hence, you do not need 457 (work visa) anymore. It is also an advantage on the company sponsoring your 457 if you received your 190 prior coz they will save cost and time. …
  • @wahidkarlo hey mate, i live in Melb pero pinoy ako. I moved here ages ago and i have seen the drastic changes in migration rules over the time. So many kiwis here maybe its time for you to consider living to aus than nz
  • @ihaveadream it depends, if you want to live in cbd, then 180 most of the time is room share. if you live in the suburbs then 180 most of the time is solo room
  • @ihaveadream I live in Melb. house share it depends on location, how many people in the house share. I would say accommodation is cheaper in Melb than Sydney big time! Maybe 150-180aud/week house share in the suburbs of Melb. Western suburbs most …
  • @bcondepascua mate, vetassess is quite strict now! i understand your point that you want this process to be low key in your company but the SOS says "must include".... you can take the risk and submit a generic COE and provide contact, payslip, etc…
  • @wahidkarlo PTE is not accepted in NZ? Wow! then you have no choice but to stick with IELTS
  • @hopeful_mea Hi! There are opportunities in the accounting field pero for new migrants it can be a bit challenging coz most companies look for local experience so I would say condition your mind that it may not be easy to find a job. I have witnesse…
    in Accountant Comment by Au_Vic June 23
  • @bcondepascua you can use PTE/TOEFL/CAMBRIDGE etc. Some state requires evidence of english test as sponsorship requirement.
  • @wahidkarlo hey mate! hang in there and be positive. I used to work with someone before who took ielts 8x 'coz he could not get the required scores. He got it eventually he was so determined and really wanted a better life in oz. Did you try PTE?
  • @maiSG03 if you have the required docs for state sponsorship and you have your EOI number, lodge you state sponsorship application ASAP. Adelaide state immigration is closing its application system on June 29 in anticipation of changes in SOL and m…
  • @patrickcpacia 1. vetassess do not have quotas. If you are talking about July reset, that refers to DIBP (immigration). Financial year in oz is from 1 July to 30 June so if you will submit EOI towards the later part of the year chances are some occ…
  • @Kris_New cool mate! I am based in Melbourne. I am an accountant by profession pero I work in internal audit and financial controls so far wala pa akong na-meet na pinoy dito sa Melb na same field ko. I have met few pinoys sa big 4 here
    in Accountant Comment by Au_Vic June 21
  • @kisses1417 just to confirm. your 489 was state sponsored by South Australia right? If yes, you have a moral obligation to stay in SA for at least 2 years as part of the state sponsorship. I would suggest for you to be on the safe side and fulfil…
  • @jacjacjac you can say that aside from having friends here in Melb, you want to establish your family once you move here and buy properties in the near future etc and based on your research property prices in melb is cheaper than sydney (that is a k…
  • @coachella9 if you have 60 points now, apply for 489 visa in adelaide to give you 10 points for state sponsorship. 60 + 10 SS = 70 points then you can lodge your state application. adelaide process SS very very quick at this stage
  • @kisses1417 what is PDOS? If I am not mistaken, most airlines in Manila will check if you have a valid visa There are heaps of insurance providers here but not sure which one offers good cover and reasonable price for 489 visa holders. Work wise, a…
  • @auzziebound I reckon if its either writing or speaking, might be good to ask for a re-mark coz those two modules were checked/assessed by human and very objective but it depends if you are willing to wait and/or pay the remarking fees
  • @bcondepascua no worries mate! best of luck!
  • @jacjacjac Yeah, I checked the skill select report and they have already reached the quotas for mechanical engineer. I did not know that there so many mechanical engineers applying to oz. The last EOI selected for mechanical engineer was 75 points m…
    in NSW Visa 190 Comment by Au_Vic June 20
  • @batman at this stage I could not think of any other state. did you claim 20 points for english test? If not, maybe you can try that option.
    in Accountant Comment by Au_Vic June 20
  • @Kris_New Which state are you in and are you working as an accountant?
    in Accountant Comment by Au_Vic June 20
  • @ethelmariz no worries. best of luck and adelaide is waiting for you. I have not been there myself but heard there are heaps of filipinos in south australia
  • @batman hey mate, I checked your signature and noticed that you've lodged your EOI last year and have not been invited yet. Did you explore any other option?
    in Accountant Comment by Au_Vic June 19
  • I agree. Why did you lodge 190? Go for 189. As far as I know mechanical engineer does not have any higher point threshold unlike accountants or auditors meaning if you have 60 points you can apply using 189 and higher chances of being selected. 18…
    in NSW Visa 190 Comment by Au_Vic June 19
  • ask for a re-mark. Did you get 7 in your writing score in the past and the last exam you took you were short by .5? If yes, definitely ask for a re-mark. Have you tried PTE?
  • @bcondepascua this site is good to get information. here are my answers to your questions: 1. It varies, some people prefer PTE due its "fully computerized" aspect. Others are more comfortable with pen and paper (manual) and prefer ielts. I would …
  • @KHIM each state or territories do not publish the detail selection report for 190 and 489
    in Accountant Comment by Au_Vic June 18
  • @radberry as long as your case in not over complicated, you can do the entire process on your own without a migration agent but be prepared to do heaps of research. yell out if you need some guidance
  • @ethelmariz Immigration accepts colour scans of original document. Any document submitted/scanned in black and white must be certified (notarized)
  • Which visa did you apply for? I would say its a case-to-case basis and immi would always provide the standard processing times when applicants enquire about the status but honestly I am surprised to read few posts on this forum that people have to w…
  • @biboy329 I am surprised that immi is taking so long to process your applic. majority of the cases I know, they got their visas in 1-2 weeks after lodging a complete application. Yes, you can upload documents for your baby so the CO can process t…
  • what do you mean? 189 is independent and 190 is state sponsorship. why would you need both?
  • I dont thin you need to be sponsored by your relatives. Architect is in the skills list and you can apply as independent. you need at least 60 points and positive skills assessment to apply. based on the data you have provided above you can get 60 p…
  • She needs to nominate a specific occupation from the list (neurologist or general practitioner,etc). She can apply direct as PR as long as she can get a minimum of 60 points and have a positive skills assessment. Go to Medical board australia websi…
  • @ethelmariz since the changes in skills list last april 19, SA had to remove a lot on their state skills list hence the processing times have improved significantly. they use to proces SA state applic 4-6 weeks but now its around 1 week. best of lu…

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