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Upcoming Immigration Changes 2020

Are you prepared for the Australian Immigration changes in 2020? Many changes were introduced to the Australian Skilled (GSM) , Employer Sponsored visas (ENS) and Family Visa Program last year. We look at what is planned for 2020 in Australian Immigration.

Skilled Migration Occupation Lists Review

This does not represent a decision of Government.

Please note: This Traffic Light Bulletin contains all occupations flagged for a change to their status and/or recommended for a salary caveat. If an occupation does not appear on the Traffic Light Bulletin then no change is proposed to the current status of that occupation. Stakeholders may make a submission in relation to any occupation, even if no change is proposed at this time.


Term Description
ANZSCO Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations
STSOL Short Term Skilled Occupation List
MLTSSL Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List
ROL Regional Occupation List

Guide to the Traffic Light Colours

RED Flagged for removal from the lists
ORANGE Flagged for movement between lists – direction of movement is indicated in the Recommended Status column
GREEN Flagged for addition to the lists


ANZSCO code Occupation Name Current Status on SMOLs Recommended Status for Traffic Light Bulletin
1 272111 Careers Counsellor STSOL OFF (RED)
2 324212 Vehicle Trimmer STSOL OFF (RED)
3 342311 Business Machine Mechanic STSOL OFF (RED)
4 361199 Animal Attendants and Trainers nec STSOL OFF (RED)
5 362211 Gardener (General) STSOL OFF (RED)
6 391111 Hairdresser STSOL OFF (RED)
7 394213 Wood Machinist STSOL OFF (RED)
8 411611 Massage Therapist STSOL OFF (RED)
9 411711 Community Worker STSOL OFF (RED)
10 452311 Diving Instructor (Open Water) STSOL OFF (RED)
11 452312 Gymnastics Coach or Instructor STSOL OFF (RED)
12 321111 Automotive Electrician MLTSSL STSOL (ORANGE)
13 321213 Motorcycle Mechanic MLTSSL STSOL (ORANGE)
14 323313 Locksmith MLTSSL STSOL (ORANGE)
15 332211 Painting Trades Worker MLTSSL STSOL (ORANGE)
16 333111 Glazier MLTSSL STSOL (ORANGE)
17 333411 Wall and Floor Tiler MLTSSL STSOL (ORANGE)
18 394111 Cabinetmaker MLTSSL STSOL (ORANGE)
19 142115 Post Office Manager ROL STSOL (ORANGE)
20 312511 Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson ROL STSOL (ORANGE)
21 612115 Real Estate Representative ROL STSOL (ORANGE)
22 234411 Geologist STSOL ROL (ORANGE)
23 131112 Sales and Marketing Manager STSOL MLTSSL (with salary caveat of $120,000) (ORANGE)
24 135112 ICT Project Manager
(includes Blockchain Planner/Manager)
STSOL MLTSSL (with salary caveat of $120,000) (ORANGE)
25 224999 Information and Organisation Professionals nec
(includes Data Scientist)
STSOL MLTSSL (with salary caveat of $90,000) (ORANGE)
26 599612 Insurance Loss Adjuster STSOL MLTSSL (with salary caveat of $80,000) (ORANGE)
27 133612 Procurement Manager ROL MLTSSL (ORANGE)
28 231213 Ship’s Master ROL MLTSSL (ORANGE)
29 221212 Corporate Treasurer OFF STSOL (GREEN)
30 423111 Aged or Disabled Carer OFF STSOL (with mandatory skills assessment) (GREEN)
31 423312 Nursing Support Worker OFF STSOL (with mandatory skills assessment) (GREEN)
32 423313 Personal Care Assistant OFF STSOL (with mandatory skills assessment) (GREEN)


Occupations that are staying on their current list but have been recommended for a salary caveat
ANZSCO code Occupation Name Current Status on SMOLs Salary caveat
33 121321 Poultry Farmer STSOL Salary caveat of $65,000
34 351111 Baker STSOL Salary caveat of $65,000
35 351112 Pastrycook STSOL Salary caveat of $65,000
36 361112 Horse Trainer MLTSSL Salary caveat of $65,000
37 323212 Fitter and Turner MLTSSL Salary caveat of $65,000
38 452499 Sportspersons nec STSOL Salary caveat of $120,000

New Regional Visas with PR pathways

The Australian government announced 2 new regional visas which became available from November 2019.

The two new regional (provisional) visas are:

Extra 1 or 2 year visa for international graduates from regional institutions

The Department of Home Affairs has announced a new initiative for an additional Temporary Graduate visa with an extra one or two year of post-study work rights for international students who:

  • graduate from the regional campus of a registered university or institution with a higher education or postgraduate qualification; and
  • maintain ongoing residence in a regional area while holding their first Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa

The second Temporary Graduate visa will require ongoing residence in a regional area.

The definition of regional Australia for this purpose will be the same as the definition for skilled migration – all of Australia excluding Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Important change: Perth and Gold Coast are classified as regional areas.

In 2020, the evidence of fund needs to show living cost is the following:

  • Main Student or Guardian: $21,041 (up from $20,290)
  • Partner or Spouse: $7,362 (up from $7,100)
  • Per Child: $3,152 (up from $3,040)

Global Talent – Employer Sponsored program (GTES) and Independent program (GTIS)

The Department of Home Affairs announced it will make the Global Talent program (Employer Sponsored) permanent to attract the world’s best and brightest. Australian businesses and start-ups will have streamlined access to the best and brightest talent from around the world with the continuation of the Global Talent – Employer Sponsored program (GTES), formerly the Global Talent Scheme.

The Government recognises there is fierce competition globally for high-tech skills and talent, and that attracting these people helps to transfer skills to Australian workers and grow Australian-based businesses.

The Global Talent Scheme will consist of two components. Established businesses with an annual turnover of more than $4 million and the start up stream explained below.

The Department also announced the the Global Talent – Independent program offers a streamlined, priority visa pathway for highly skilled and talented individuals to work and live permanently in Australia.

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