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Victoria skilled visa nomination program 2021-2022 (190 and 491 visa)

From 07 July 2021, Victoria had opened its skilled migration program for the financial year 2021 – 2022 and started allowing applications for nominations. In this financial year, Victoria was allocated 3,500 places for 190 nomination, and 500 for 491 nominations. We can see from these number that the Victoria government will mainly focus on 190 nominations, and competitiveness remains high in this state.

Along with the new allocation, Victoria has announced some important changes in their skilled migration program in 2021-2022. However, the program will focus on helping the state to respond to Covid19 situation and recover post-pandemic.

There are several changes in their requirement, however, it is generally still limited to those who are working in the target sectors.

The major changes to the 2021-22 program are:

  • The removal of the minimum experience and hours worked requirement.
  • An increase in the number of target sectors.
  • Applicants must have STEMM skills and have a Skill Level 1 or 2 occupation.  Applicants for subclass 491 nomination may also have a Skill Level 3 occupation using their STEMM skills.

If you are not working in the above sectors, your chance of getting an invitation from Victoria is slim.

Common Criteria to be selected by Victoria

To be considered for selection to apply for Victorian skilled visa nomination you must be:

  • living in Victoria (subclass 491 applicants must live and work in regional Victoria)
  • working in Victoria using STEMM skills (which will be explained later in this article, and
  • working in a target sector.

Target Sectors

To be nominated by the Victoria government, you must work in a following target sectors.


The health sector in Victoria consists of professionals providing medical services to Victorians as well as those involved in related education and research and development.

You do not necessarily need to be working in a health occupation (e.g. Nurse) to be considered working in the health sector. For example, a software developer working on software for hospitals is considered to be working in the health sector.

Nursing applicants: please note that we only nominate applicants with specific specialisations, such as:

  • Midwife – 254111
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care) – 254412
  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) – 254415
  • Registered Nurse (Mental Health) – 254422
  • Registered Nurse (Perioperative) – 254423
  • Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) – 254425
Medical research

In addition to medical research conducted in universities and research institutes, Victoria’s medical research includes activities such as drug development, clinical trials, health product manufacturing, medical devices and digital health.

If you are using your STEMM skills to support medical research in Victoria, you are considered to be working in the medical research sector.

Life sciences

Victoria’s life sciences sector is composed of many industries such as the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Companies involved in food processing, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals may also be considered to form part of the life sciences sector.

If you are using your STEMM skills to support Victoria’s life sciences sector, you are considered to be working in the life sciences sector. For example, a lecturer in biotechnology working in a university is considered to be working in life sciences.


The digital sector makes use of technology and innovation to drive economic growth, productivity and competitiveness in Victoria.

Currently they are only selecting applicants with cyber security skills to apply for subclass 190 visa nomination.  Applicants without cyber security skills who are seeking subclass 190 visa nomination may still be selected if they are using their digital skills in another target sector. For example, a software engineer working in medical research.

Applicants working in any segment of the digital sector will be considered for selection for subclass 491 visa nomination.


The agri-food sector in Victoria includes highly skilled people working to develop food growth and production as well as the modernisation of Victoria’s agri-food sector. To be considered for selection to apply for nomination, applicants must be using their STEMM skills to innovate within the sector, which could include research and development or advanced manufacturing.

Advanced manufacturing

Victoria’s advanced manufacturing sector includes industries such as defence and aerospace. To be considered to be working in advanced manufacturing, you must be using your STEMM skills to enhance innovation. This could include activities such as research and development, design, supply chain management increasing global competitiveness through the use of technology.

New energy, emissions reduction and circular economy

This sector includes industries such as clean energy, renewables, bioenergy, carbon capture and energy storage. Applicants could be using their STEMM skills to support efforts to reduce waste, cut pollution and protect the environment.

What is STEMM?

Only working in the target sector is not enough for you to get a nomination from the Victoria government, you must also work in a STEMM occupation. To understand whether your occupation is qualified as STEMM, we will explain what STEMM is and what occupations can be considered in STEMM.

The below is a list of 108 occupations that is used by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment as STEMM occupations.

1325 Research and Development Managers                 
1332 Engineering Managers                              
1342 Health and Welfare Services Managers              
1351 ICT Managers                                      
2210 Accountants, Auditors and Company Secretaries nfd
2211 Accountants
2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers
2240 Information and Organisation Professionals nfd
2241 Actuaries, Mathematicians and Statisticians       
2242 Archivists, Curators and Records Managers         
2243 Economists                                        
2244 Intelligence and Policy Analysts                  
2245 Land Economists and Valuers                       
2246 Librarians                                        
2247 Management and Organisation Analysts              
2249 Other Information and Organisation Professionals  
2252 ICT Sales Professionals                           
2254 Technical Sales Representatives                   
2311 Air Transport Professionals                       
2321 Architects and Landscape Architects               
2322 Cartographers and Surveyors                       
2326 Urban and Regional Planners                       
2330 Engineering Professionals nfd
2331 Chemical and Materials Engineers                  
2332 Civil Engineering Professionals                   
2333 Electrical Engineers                              
2334 Electronics Engineers                             
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers   
2336 Mining Engineers                                  
2339 Other Engineering Professionals                   
2341 Agricultural and Forestry Scientists              
2342 Chemists, and Food and Wine Scientists            
2343 Environmental Scientists                          
2344 Geologists and Geophysicists                      
2345 Life Scientists                                   
2346 Medical Laboratory Scientists                     
2347 Veterinarians                                     
2349 Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals  
2500 Health Professionals nfd
2510 Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals nfd
2511 Dietitians                                        
2512 Medical Imaging Professionals                     
2513 Occupational & Environmental Health Professionals 
2514 Optometrists and Orthoptists                      
2515 Pharmacists                                       
2519 Other Health Diagnostic & Promotion Professionals 
2520 Health Therapy Professionals nfd
2521 Chiropractors and Osteopaths                      
2523 Dental Practitioners                              
2524 Occupational Therapists                           
2525 Physiotherapists                                  
2526 Podiatrists                                       
2527 Speech Professionals and Audiologists             
2530 Medical Practitioners nfd
2531 Generalist Medical Practitioners                  
2532 Anaesthetists                                     
2533 Internal Medicine Specialists                      
2534 Psychiatrists                                     
2535 Surgeons                                          
2539 Other Medical Practitioners                       
2540 Midwifery and Nursing Professionals nfd
2541 Midwives                                          
2542 Nurse Educators and Researchers                   
2543 Nurse Managers                                    
2544 Registered Nurses                                 
2600 ICT Professionals nfd
2610 Business and Systems Analysts, and Programmers nfd
2611 ICT Business and Systems Analysts                 
2612 Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers         
2613 Software and Applications Programmers             
2621 Database & Systems Administrators & ICT Security  
2630 ICT Network and Support Professionals nfd
2631 Computer Network Professionals                     
2632 ICT Support and Test Engineers                    
2633 Telecommunications Engineering Professionals      
2721 Counsellors                                       
2723 Psychologists                                     
2724 Social Professionals                              
3110 Agricultural, Medical and Science Technicians nfd
3111 Agricultural Technicians                          
3112 Medical Technicians                               
3114 Science Technicians                               
3122 Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians   
3123 Electrical Engineering Draftspersons, Technicians 
3124 Electronic Engineering Draftspersons, Technicians 
3125 Mechanical Engineering Draftspersons, Technicians 
3126 Safety Inspectors                                 
3129 Other Building and Engineering Technicians        
3130 ICT and Telecommunications Technicians nfd
3131 ICT Support Technicians                           
3132 Telecommunications Technical Specialists          
3210 Automotive Electricians and Mechanics nfd
3211 Automotive Electricians                           
3212 Motor Mechanics                                   
3230 Mechanical Engineering Trades Workers nfd
3231 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers                    
3232 Metal Fitters and Machinists                       
3234 Toolmakers and Engineering Patternmakers          
3400 Electrotechnology and Telecommunications Trades Workers nfd
3411 Electricians                                      
3421 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics       
3613 Veterinary Nurses                                 
3991 Boat Builders and Shipwrights                     
3992 Chemical, Gas, Petroleum & Power Plant Operators  
3999 Other Technicians and Trades Workers              
4111 Ambulance Officers and Paramedics                 
4112 Dental Hygienists, Technicians and Therapists     
4114 Enrolled and Mothercraft Nurses                   


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