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  • @Crzy said: @bpinyourarea said: May nasendan pa po ba ng regret email for the one-way interview recently? Ako from 1st batch til now wala pa... still on going status pa din... i'm losing hope.. 😢 We are on the …
  • @neferpitou21 said: @bpinyourarea said: Madami pa po ba dito yung wala pa ding exam email and ongoing pa status? Ako po, still waiting pero on-going status till now Ako din, ongoing status and no exam email. My…
  • @Chinee20 said: @bpinyourarea said: ako na lang ata yung wala pa ding exam invitation at the same time ongoing yung status... T_T same. may 6 pa ko nag submit ng one way interview ☹️ Status: ongoing No email…
  • @shengzki said: And, . Lahat ba dito Functional QA/ QA Automation background ? Parang feeling ko po mas may edge yung Security/ Perf at automation background po kasi sabi po nung nagrefer saken yun talaga ang hinahanap nila…
  • @babykins said: I was referred too and no email update. Baka dahil thru referral tayo? Referral din ako. Received email from Planit. Hintay na lang... Sana nga may update this week... Good luck lahat!
  • Timeline April 30: Submitted Application May 6: One-way Interview submission May 14: Email from Planit. Waiting status. Kayo same din ba?
  • Got the same email. Hintay lang daw... The suspense is killin’ me....
  • @Lam said: Hello po, may nakapagtry po ba sa inyo using phone for One way interview? Tapos 3 days lang po ba tlga validity nung link for one way interview? newbie po . thanks po Phone kasi baka mahirapan ka. Pero kung malinaw video, micro…
  • @daimaru said: I think one of the reason kaya sila may relocation program is because hindi sila makakuha ng skilled or experienced locally, so Australian experience would be the least of our concern. True. Well said there. Its just me…
  • @bpinyourarea said: Ang tagal na pala ng experience nyo. Pero siguro naman ibebase din yung level sa length of experience ng applicant. Wala din kasing nakaindicate sa job description kung anong level yung hanap nila. So I guess mass hiring t…
  • @raiju said: iba iba nga rin yung nakikita kong average sa glassdoor kaya di ko rin alam kung sakto lang o mataas nilagay ko haha. lagpas 4 years lang exp ko pero mostly automation, ilang years na kayo? Ako 8 years na ako working here at …
  • New here at forum. I also applied for Planit as Engineer. Here’s my timeline: Submitted application: April 30 One way Interview: May 5, submitted on the 6th So far that’s it... waiting lang

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