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  • @Aya20 said: @Admin said: @Aya20 said: Mga boss patulong po...nagtry po ako ng mock test at ito po yung score ko...Ang baba po ng speaking ko..:( i think po dahil sa head set n…
  • @eyd23 said: mga madam and sirs baka pwede makahingi ng tips Tips for the perfect score in the PTE Academic Exam https://www.ptegurus.com/blog/how-to-get-a-perfect-overall-score-in-pte-academic-exam/
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by adam2611 March 9
  • @khunnie0624 said: Hello po. san po me mura at magndang pte site na pwede magmock test with score? Thank u po. Hey, one of my favorite online platform practice platforms of PTE GURUS. They provide a test with a score at a very cheap rate …
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by adam2611 March 3
  • @brehbrehbreh said: Hello guys, I took the PTE last 2017 and got a 90 overall rating. Planning to take it again this year kasi mag eexpire na. May mga pagbabago ba since 3 years ago? Or the same guidelines and scoring pa din? Thanks! Well…
  • @baiken said: @_sebodemacho said: @nashmacoy101 said: @genedac PTE Study po yan sa akin sir. Kay Sir @_sebodemacho sa PTE Practice po ata ung kanya. Ung official mock exam ng pearson. PTE Stud…
  • @chemron9400 said: hi guys.. di ko na mahanap ung format para sa speaking and writing dito any idea saan yun? thank you.. Hoy, hanapin ito para sa pagsasalita at pagsulat ng format sa platform ng PTE gurus ... Sikapin ang libreng PTE na…
  • @Ozstraya said: HI Everyone! Question po. After getting desired score, kanino ba dpat isend yung Score Report?? Salamat Oo sa hinaharap sa PTE ay magiging susunod na malaking bagay ito ay isang buong nangungunang pagsubok sa computer na n…
  • @nedz said: Hi All.May nakapag exam na ba dito ng PTE? Share naman po ng experience nyo. I am thinking to give it a try. Nadidismaya na kasi ako sa IELTS. Binigyan ko ang aking PTE sa unang pagkakataon noong nakaraang buwan. Alam kong mar…
  • @MrMocha said: Hi Everyone! Happy New Year. I'm a newbie here in this forum and I need your comments po re: my PTE score. I took my exam yesterday and got the results this morning. I'm not sure if I should be happy about it coz I don't kno…
  • narito ang pinakamahusay na PTE na naglalarawan ng mga tip sa imahe na nabasa at nakamit ang ninanais na marka sa seksyon ng Pagsasalita ng PTE https://www.ptegurus.com/blog/improve-your-describe-image-score-by-just-following-these-simple-steps/
  • @Starfire said: Hi All! Happy New Year! Silent reader here. Already took the exam twice and mas lalo pang bumaba ung scores ko. Nagtake ako last October. Need to get superior scores. Been using the templates from this forum, pero everytime bubuks…
  • Hi Guys, narito ang PTE na naglalarawan ng halimbawang larawan Tanong at sagot. https://pteacademicnews.blogspot.com/2019/12/pte-describe-image-sample-question.html
  • Uy, ang PTE Aspirant na nakakakuha ng 79+ sa lahat ng mga seksyon sa PTE Exam. Gumamit ng tama ang mga tip at trick na ito https://pteacademicnews.blogspot.com/
  • @ahhjo said: please help with reading... subukan gamit ang mga tip na ito https://www.ptegurus.com/blog/category/pte-reading-tips/
  • @gelangel said: Saan po pwede magtake ng mock exams? PTEGURUS is good for a mock exam. start your preparation with https://www.ptegurus.com/
  • Mayroon bang sinubukan na mga pagsubok sa Mock mula sa PTEGurus.com?
  • PTE Repeat sentence tips and tricks - PTE Listening Tricks One insider tips to really excel the score get tips from here https://www.ptegurus.com/blog/pte-repeat-sentence-tips/ also, you can get one free mock test when you sing up on a site.
  • Anyone improve score in the fill in the blanks of the reading section. these tips more helpful for the PTE reading section in fill in the blanks part. follow these steps and get your desired score in the PTE Exam. visit below link for getting tips.…
  • @joy94 some PTE Speaking tips https://www.ptegurus.com/blog/category/pte-speaking-tricks/
  • describe image tips https://www.ptegurus.com/blog/improve-your-describe-image-score-by-just-following-these-simple-steps/ Follow these tips in the real PTE Exam and get your desired score in the section.
  • Try Pte mock test free through 79+ Score in the Pte exam. Available Pte mock test free at https://www.ptegurus.com/ also you can evaluation you're a mock test and get your scorecard within 24 hrs.
  • use these tips & tricks in the PTE Exam and get your desired score. https://pteacademicnews.blogspot.com
  • this blog so useful for PTE Exam practice and also tips and tricks. https://pteacademicnews.blogspot.com/
  • PTE Academic exam is given to test the English language proficiency for the country where English is the first language. Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A and many countries which are accepting the PTE academic exam as proof the English language. Unlike…
  • The other thing you can do to improve the score for PTE-A all the section is by giving the real-time PTE practice tests. These practice tests will help you to give the environment and platform to improve your score tremendously. PTE Mock tests avail…

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