Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Time flies fast! We are now embarking to another exciting year! 2021. Again, we only wish you all the best! For those who are in Australia now and still coming back to our site. A very big thank you for your unending support. We have loads of new Features and Stuff for the next Year so please stand by :) To those who've just started their journey, we wish to the best as well on your plans :) .



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  • @Lay0560 said: I have read so many articles na nagtataas po sila ng standard sa points. Tingin nyo, (honestly,speakin😊), may chance pa ang mga 70-80 points? May nakakareceive pa po ba ng invitation with that points? It varies on the occup…
  • @Cerberus13 if it’s not too much to ask, can you please share the link to the foi list? Thanks! I’m an IT professional and we’d like to consider this.
  • @xiaoxue said: To be clear for other people reading in this thread, I think @athelene is doing a design course, that is why a 7-hour lecture does not sound unusual. I guess it's a different story for other courses, let's say accounting or IT. …
  • @xiaoxue said: Nagiissue po ba sila ng student visa lately? Yes. May mga nakita akong post from various groups na na-grant Student visa nila. When are you planning to have your intake?
  • Woah! We’re on the same boat! I’m turning 37 early next year with the same points as you. Hence, I started this thread to gain insights from those who have the same case as ours. We’re aiming for Feb 2021 intake. The online setup is advantageous f…
  • @Drakn said: Please dont get discouraged with what i said sorry for double post. I eat the reality with my coffee for breakfast and tea. Lol Not at all. Im pragmatic by nature. 😊 hearing challenges would be better than giving false hope. …
  • @Drakn said: Bloody beautiful! Wonderful experience pero madugo minsan ang programming. If you love algorithms you wont have any probs for sure . Mawson lakes is fantastic nearly perfect. Just dont expect nightlife if youre a party goer M…
  • @Drakn said: Hi im a graduating student from university of south australia. Are there any people who i can ask about the chances of getting a job in software engineering? Any S.Australians here? Hi. I’m planning to have my intake at UniS…

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