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  • @cp101030 kunti na lang.. try nya gamit template sa writing. yung template ni @MissOZdreamer mataas ang nakuha nya sa writing at improve nya spelling nya. Sulat lng sya ng sulat ng essay para practice sa MS word para Makita nya agad san mali spelli…
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 25
  • @marimari Hi! I already received caanz education and skill assessment.. in terms of education assessment, the result says that my education background is comparable to australian bachelor's degree. Upon checking my school is only under section 2. Sh…
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 25
  • @jetzel hindi madali.
  • interested for the answer too. OT ano agency nyo @madamA ?
  • @madamA Ipalagay mo na sa CPAA. sabihin mo lang mag pa accredit sya kasi may MOU ang picpa and CPAA na pede mag pa member sa kanila ang mga pinoy cpa para maka exempt sa foundation level. pakita mo link para realistic. thas what I did. https://www.…
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 20
  • @mseah Hi IA friends, Im new to this group. Got a positive assessment from VetAssess last Dec. 2016 with 4.3yrs. In the assessment I filed, that excludes my current employer. But when I lodged my EOI just this month, Ive included my current employer…
  • @Au_Vic noted thanks!
  • @Lexi sa external audit kaya. ma try nga din mag fill out. di ko Makita signature mo, at di ko marecall din stage ng application mo. alam ko naka usap na kita dati. hehe.
  • @mrkanncpa san na target state mo? naka big move kana?
  • @michel_75 mag eexam pa ako ulit PTE pang pataas ng score wala pang ITA e. what about your application?
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 18
  • pag ang occupation ba ay nsa supplementary lang tapos wala naman nakalagay na 489 only,pede din mag apply ng 190 thrugh high points path?
  • @xiaolico @cp101030 speaking Lusot? Malayo na scores mo? If Lusot speaking mo, I think you will Make it soon. Madami speaking ang problem. Ako I missed 79 sa reading on my first take. When I didn't get an invite dahil 60pts total points ako, took …
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 17
  • This was my essay topic when I took my first PTE in 2016.
  • @gicah3 your 189 points is way below the cutoff of 70 so until the ceiling will reduced hindi ka mainvite. for 190 naman they prefer high pointers like 75-80 but you have to fall in line ika nga sa mga nauna sau na may higher points. Si @Diana__Jan…
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 17
  • @kaidenMVH boss malaki file download mo na lang back read ka tapos click mo links.
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 17
  • goodluck @MissOZdreamer.
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 17
  • @Lexi ah preho pala tayo, kaya heto nag sisikap maka 79 sa pte. take lng ng take.
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 15
  • @bokz42 just pray and hope for the best. what your desired score?
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 14
  • @Lexi at what stage are you now in you visa app?
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 14
  • @bokz42 I think only working days. if error once you click the result meaning not yet available. they will usually send an e mail informing you that grades are ready. sometime even email is there it still takes few more hours before its available on…
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 14
  • @bokz42 got mine after 24 hrs, standard is 5 working days.
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 14
  • @wakka slim to impossible chance. companies are strict when it comes to employ people on visit visa. you can try though. yet its risky.
    in Tourist Visa Comment by batman July 14
  • @MikeYanbu yup wala na issue yun release na nmn grant. see u there na lang.
  • @jerm_au16 @batman i lodged my 190 visa n nung sabado. heheh im just checking kung tama ung aking naging decision. mukang tama nmn. sayang dn ung 2 weeks e kong sa NSW din nmn target state mo okay na din mag 190. ako din mag 190 lang ako kasi NSW di…
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 14
  • @ishtepi ang di ko nagawa yung e2 language technique at magbasa ng articles. gawin ko yan.
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 14
  • Pag check ko ng email may nareceive ako from Nanlaki ang mata ko akala ko ITA na. Un pala parang newsletter lang.hahaha Paasa to eh. Tsk tsk tsk Subject: Significant Investor Visa important notice lakas tawa ko dito. nasa client pa na…
  • @joyee 189 ka ba or 190? kong 189 pede ka sa ibang state.
  • @ishtepi nasa eastern province. I saw your signature, consistent and reading mo and technique mo doon? back to zero ako, research ng mga tips on each module.
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 13
  • @KHIM malamang education lang. 2 report kasi dapat one for aducation 1 for employment. magkano binayaran mo ang akin that time combined na 450 AUD
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 13
  • @joyee nasa Darwin ka na, musta apply?
  • @KHIM may dalawa silang I mention yung degree mo at employment. ano ba pina assess mo yung education lang ba or ksama na employment?
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 13
  • @madamA yung aking subject description lang. hindi detailed. manghihingi naman si CPAA kong hindi sufficient ang binigay mo. don't worry. nasa section 1 school mo. sure na comparable to AU bachelors degree yan.
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 13
  • @aron1986 congrats! @jerm_au16 next invite ka na nyan.
    in Accountant Comment by batman July 13
  • @MikeYanbu sana. onga e, yan ang project ko for the next 2 months. makakuha ng 79 above for all module ng PTE. saang state pala kau?
  • @MissOZdreamer suggestion lang, mas okay siguro sa 2nd paragraph mag start ka ng ganito: To begin with, most people... tapos sa 3rd: On the other hand, ..... hindi ko kasi ginamit yung kay Steven. nag stick lang ako sa format na ganito Intro: gen…
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 13
  • @ishtepi @misterV salamat sa support. God bless us all. :) Arabic accent na kasi ako hehe.
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 13
  • @MikeYanbu CONGRATS sir!
  • @MissOZdreamer thanks for the moral support. By the way I did well in my essay. I got 90 in written discourse. My essay topic was "what is the pressing global problem we are facing today?" I was not ready for opinion essay, what I was prepared for…
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 13
  • @dval pasok naman sa time allotted, though some item I finished early cguro mga 35 seconds lang tapos na. kaya next ko na. yup bawi na lng next time.
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 13
  • @xiaolico During my second PTE test I use template in describe image. It works just fine. I got 79 in speaking. I think I have problem with my oral fluency and pronunciation that made my scores that low. I changed my pacing in talking I made it a l…
    in PTE ACADEMIC Comment by batman July 13

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