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single entry?


Ask ko lang po I invite my mom for a tourist visa ( i'm a citizen and working),for 2nd time, first time she was approved and she applied with paper based application ( thru vfa global) now second time thru online how-ever she was approved single entry pending for another papers that they are questions is,

1. Is it already approved but it will not push thru if we cannot submit the required papers,is that correct? sorry I'm just confused
2. Why before she was approved multiple entry and now, is just only single entry? is that because of my savings ? before when I sponsor mymom for first time I have a savings of 20K in my bank account but now I got only 4k in my account when i sponsor her for 2nd time?
3. single entry-it basically mean after she visit me ,she can't comeback again for a duration of one year?I am right?
4. is that related also of paper based or online kasi pag paper based yung manila ang mag process while pag online dito na sa australia?

hoping for your inputs,,
thank you



  • dy3pdy3p Hervey Bay, Queensland
    @schama Sorry po, pero ako din po naguluhan sa mga tanong nyo. Try ko nalang po sagutin ayon sa pagkakaintindi ko ha.

    Bago po ang lahat, ano po ba yung natanggap nyong sulat from immigration? grant letter po ba or requesting for further information?

    1.) Kung grant letter po, final na po yun. Susundin nyo po kung ano ang mga conditions na nakasaad dun. Kung "requesting for further information" naman, ibig po sabihin nyan, baka po may kulang kayo na dokumento na kinakailngan nyong ipasa.
    2.) Maari po dahil sa pagaapply nyo yan, na tsek nyo po ba ng tama ang mga sinulat o itinype nyo sa application form? ilang months po ba ang nilagay nyo sa "length of stay"? at ano po ang sinagot nyo duon sa question na, "Does the applicant want to apply for a longer visa validity period?" Pwede din naman po dahil sa savings, hindi ko po sinasabi na yung yung reason, pero pwede po syang maging factor.
    3.)Tama po yung pagkakaintindi nyo. Single entry means, pag pumasok po sya ng AU at lumabas, hindi na po sya makakabalik unless magapply ng panibagong visa.
    4.) Wala pong kinalaman kung online or sa papel ang pagkakaapply. Ganon din naman po yung mga tanong.


    08/11/15 - IELTS
    16/12/15 - AHPRA registration application
    14/01/16 - AHPRA refusal and referral to BP
    09-11/16 - Bridging program completion
    28/11/16 - AHPRA registration re-application
    03/12/16 - AHPRA registered
    04/12/16 - Job offered and accepted (457 Sponsorship)
    01/04/17 - Medicals for both 457 and future PR application
    07/04/17 - ANMAC assessment application
    15/04/17 - Filed for resignation from current employer
    21/04/17 - Nomination submitted by AU employer
    23/05/17 - Nomination granted
    31/05/17 - 457 application lodged
    16/06/17 - 457 Granted
    27/07/17 - EOI Submitted
    06/09/17 - ITA received
    10/09/17 - PR Skilled Independent 189 Application Lodged
    17/10/17 - CO Contact
    25/10/17 - Further Information Provided
    16/02/18 - Visa Grant Received

  • reydamz08reydamz08 Philippines
    Hello po, Im planning to apply for a tourist visa this coming april 2019. My plan is to quit my job here in PH and stay longer in Brisbane maybe 3 months(usually 3 months visa will be granted for 1st timer based sa mga comments dito sa forum :)I have land titles and im currently working for 3 years now sa company, I have 150k saving sa bank na rin.
    I have few questions, worried lng kasi ako - its a big risk kasi na i will quit my job just to travel sa AU

    1.)Since need ng COE and ITR and currently working sa company to prove na babalik ako sa pinas, would it be suspicious if a idedeclare ko na 3 months ako mag stay sa AU? (naiisip ko kasi, the consulate might not believe me for 3 months leave sa company). My Aussie friend will invite me and probably he'll be noting sa invitation letter kung ilang months/days ang i dedeclare ko (3 month).

    2.)if in case 3 months would lead my visa to be denied. mas mabuti kaya if ideclare ko nlng na 10 days lng ako mag stay sa AU (which that would be reasonable 10 days vacation leave)
    and if in case ma approve ung visa ko for that, saka nlng ako magbook ng round trip ticket for 3 months. pero ang worry ko lng nito, di kaya ma hold ako sa airport, kasi iba ung diniclare ko sa consulate (10 days to stay in AU - but my plane ticket is for 3 months round trip) - considering na nagrant sa akin na visa is valid for 3 months to stay

    Thanks in advance sa mga sasagot.

    Pahabol na tanong, could you please give me some tips para di lagyan ng "no futher to stay" ung visa ko.

  • mayeesshhmayeesshh Philippines
    @reydamz08 Ilagay mo sa application mo na 10 days lang kasi for a short holiday lang naman and provide your bank statement. 150k is enough naman na for 10 days. So when you write your letter to the embassy, sabihin mo na 10 days leave lang na-approve sayo (and better na you can provide an approved leave form. ikaw na bahala paano mo gagawin). In that way, mas madali ma-convince ang immigration sa application mo. Pag na-approve ka ng tourist visa, automatic naman na 3 months ang ibibigay na visa sayo kung single entry . After visa grant, you can book na roundtrip plane ticket na 3 months. Wala naman nang questions dun sa immigration sa Australia (based on my experience kasi 5 times na ako nag travel dun as tourist). MAs maraming questions ang immig dito sa Pinas.
  • reydamz08reydamz08 Philippines
    @mayeesshh Good morning, thank you so much for the advice. tama po ba na ito lng ibibigay ko na scanned documents:
    COE,ITR,Bank Certificate,Land titles,Approved leave, Invitation letter and Cover Letter
    do you have any suggestions aside from what mentioned above documents?
    Please give me a tip paano para di malagyan ng "no futher to stay" ung visa ko.
    I sincerely appreciate your help :)


  • mayeesshhmayeesshh Philippines
    No worries. Since you will be invited by a friend (I assume) in Australia, better na mag provide ka na rin ng proof of address nya and invitation letter. Pwede na ikaw gumawa ng invitation letter (yan kasi ginawa ko since sister ko nag invite and super busy sya kaya ako na gumagawa ng invitation letter). Two letters ang ia-attach mo: Invitation Letter (from your sponsor/or person inviting you) and Cover Letter (personal letter to the immigration stating your purpose for the trip). Ilagay mo lang sa invitation letter na iniinvite ka for a short holiday and accommodation will be provided for free by your friend in Oz. Sa cover letter, ilagay mo na your purpose is for a short holiday lang for 10 days since yun lang approved leave mo sa work. Never mention na you’re quitting your job. Tell them your purpose na aside from visiting your friend is to see Australia in real life. Research ka mga tourist destinations and i-state mo complete itinerary sa cover letter mo. Just take your time to research na ma-coconvince mo ang CO sa cover letter mo. Tell them that you’ve been saving your hard earned money for this trip, and convince them na babalik ka sa pinas after your trip. Attach mo pics with your family here in Ph. Show them how closely-bonded you are with your family, and your dedication to your job.
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