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PMSOL Priority for Employee-Sponsored Visas Inquiry


I would like to ask for other's experience on obtaining employee-sponsored visa to Australia.

There's a recent announcement:

1) What agency can you recommend? (Respall only offers PR visa services)

2) What is a good approach on finding an AU employer who is willing to sponsor?

My background

  • 6 years working as software developer here in PH (no working XP in Australia)
  • Has direct relatives in Australia but not included in the regional zone so they cannot sponsor me :(

Any help po will be appreciated. Thanks


  • cuccicucci NSW
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    Normally for employer sponsored visas (temporary or permanent), you have to start with an employer willing to sponsor. Check job sites like Seek, Indeed, Jora for current job opportunities. They would usually indicate if they are willing to sponsor an employee or not.

    Or better yet, go for the General Skilled Migration pathway... prepare your documents, check your points, have your education and skills assessed. I think for your line of work, ACS would be the assessing body. Discussions about ACS can be found here (


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  • Temp1Temp1 Posts: 16Member
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    There's no secret strategy to get an employer willing to sponsor anyone offshore. All you have to do is the typical application which is apply online, submit resume/cv. What you need to do is to be the best candidate. Best CV, cover letter, credentials, and experience. Remember the competition is tough and right now many PRs and Australians are also looking for jobs.

    You will need to work hard for it, most people who have success send CVs and cover letters to hundreds of employers just to get one interested. That's the first step.

  • jakibantilesjakibantiles Singapore
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    Hi po. Not sure po sa agencies pero ito lang alam kong legit para sa mga nasa pinas.

    About sa employer naman po. Nagtry rin ako magsubmit submit ng CV sa job sites pero medyo nakakafrustrate kasi medyo malabong maconsider pag wala kang working rights sa AU. Ang ginawa ko po, nagcollect muna ako ng docs. Nag-english test ako, nagpa-assess sa EA - lahat ng docs for GSM pathway. Nagkataon po na may AU branch yung current company ko kaya medyo napadali. I understand na hindi lahat satin may AU connections, but I think the key here is to be qualified/assessed first. Kahit pa backed up ako ng current managers ko, I think yung AU branch namin wouldn't even look at my CV kung wala akong pinakitang outcome letter from EA. I believe mas lumalaki yung chance na kausapin tayo ng employer pag assessed na tayo. Less hassle and shorter waiting period para sa kanila.

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  • lccnsrsnnlccnsrsnn Adelaide, Australia
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    Why not consider the GSM pathway?

  • Cerberus13Cerberus13 Tokyo
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    Currently naka announce nga yung employer-sponsored pathway for PMSOL. Question, does this mean nag relax sa condition yung DHA (or whichever department handles it) for AU employers to get overseas candidates or same lang as before?

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  • xiaoxuexiaoxue Dubai
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