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Tasmania Room for Rent

nutzagi26nutzagi26 SingaporePosts: 133Member

Two seperate rooms available for rent in Launceston. If anyone interested please send a message for further details.
Suburb “INVERMAY” Very close to Coles, Asians Grocery store, 24hrs’Kmart and Laundry shop.

Available from 10th of April
You can DM me. or whatsapp

312111 (Architectural Draftsperson) | 190/491 | 80/90pts

**Waiting Game time, In God's Perfect timing **
22 Mar 2023 - Uploaded my SG police clearance
21 Mar 2023 - Reflected on my immiaccount that medical is cleared, no further action required.
18 Mar 2023 - Completed my Medical SATA AMK (277sgd all). Required booking appointment before going to clinic.
16 Mar 2023 - SPC appeal approved. I did the payment (55sgd) the same day and booked for fingerprint schedule. First booking was 11 April. But, I did refresh for hours to get an early slot. I was very lucky i got it by 22 Mar.
09 Mar 2023 -Visa Lodge without Singapore Police Clearance (as under appeal pa).
09 Mar 2023 - Submitted appeal for Singapore Police Clearance
09 Mar 2023 - Invitation to Apply
15 Feb 2023 - submitted documents and pay 300aud
15 Feb 2023 - Pre Invite NSW SC 190
29 Jan 2023 - Resubmission of EOI & ROI because of skill assessment renewal
13 Aug 2022 - EOI Submission

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