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Wise visa agency in cebu

Agencies are somewhat helpful esp we, aspirants want chasw our dreams. Sadly, some people/agencies are just after the money they get from you. My wife went to wise cebu to seek assistance for student visa. So they offered canada, niagara college. My wife, btw, is a nurse with no experience.

The agent we got takes ages to reply! After we made our downpayment, it took her 2 weeks to reply! I had to speak with their manager para lang mureklamo. Kinsa pamay ganahn mupadayon na sa pag sugod palang halos mag limos namig pagtagad nila? But then, nipadayon nlang jd mi kai nasugdan na ug non refundable kunuhay. We were told na wala nay show money sa amoang name (clearly it would have been better if ni advise cla kai we have the funds man unta, nag offer mi but they are confident enuf to say its not needed.)

So, mao na. We wanted unta a diff school but gipugos nila ang affliated nla na school so ni go nlang mi. Should we have known na dli diay pwde amo school gipili, wala nlang ta mi magpadayon. Sala pod namo, walamomag ask affiliated ba cla ato na school.

Gi submit na ang amoang visa, tanan naay byad on top sa amoang gibayran ultimo pa photocopy naay bayad. Mga nawng kwarta. Okay raman unta, kong tarongon pod kag tagad.

Long story short, na deny amo visa. Kai wadaw mi funds sa amoang name, sa amoa rang sponsor. Our documents was returned sa wise, pero ultimo cla wala nag inform namo na deny diay mi. Naa rami na recieve na email sa embassy na denied diay mi. Ang wise wala kahibaw.


  • matildamatilda Member
    When we went to wise to claim our docs and refusal letter, they said wala pa nila so we came back after two weeks only to find out na the day we went there to claim our parcel naa ra diay ddto amo docs. Na misplace ra.

    I know some would say their experience with wise was pleasant, yada yada yada. Its urs. Good for you. Not ours. Bati ug way nada. Im posting this for you guys to think. If u want to pursue studying abroad, there's idp, aecc and ams global. By all means, research. You can still go to agencies, yes, if ur willing to spend a fortune sa processing fee. Go. But think wisely jud. Ayaw pagdali.
  • matildamatilda Member
    So here we are, we shifted to australia under idp. Hoping that the canada denial we had wont ruin our dreams. Godbless us all
  • igainalotigainalot Cebu
    helpful kaayo ni. I am about to start my application but I still have few doubts (actually lots of) specially kay it would cost a fortune kung musulod ka ani. considering the fees are non-ref. I am really anxious now kung mo-start na ba or di nlng. salamat kaayu sa imong inputs "if ur willing to spend a fortune sa processing fee. Go. But think wisely jud. Ayaw pagdali."
  • riza12345riza12345 Cebu
    @igainalot hello try oud sa WES nice pud daw sila and daghan na approve na visa for canada and australia. But mahal2 lang pud ang processing fee.
  • wewwew cdo
    @matilda hello pila ang bayad sa IDP for australia?interested kaau ko...
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