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Not So Important Things You Want to Know about Australia



  • Manila_Sunset_StoreManila_Sunset_Store Sydney
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    Joined: May 11, 2012

    11. Most tv programs are documentary and educational :D
    15. Most TV commercial are about insurance, monthly sales and government ads
    17. Most Aussie likes Holiday Camping and Travel
    18. Spelling ng color ay colour at ang center naman ay centre :D
    21. They called it Chemist not Drug store
    22. Called them by their name not "Sir, Boss or Doc(Doctor)"
    26. Popular TV Programs are Cooking shows
    27. If your sick or not feeling well first you have to go and check up to the GP
    (General Practitioner) If you need Specialist Doctor then the GP will provide referral letter.
    29. Do not be too noisy beyond 9pm your neighborhood will contact the police and police
    will knock on your door and give you some warning.
    31. Australia is a wealthy country blessed in natural resources.
    33. They dont use and they dont have walis tambo they use vacuum cleaner or brush and
    mop to clean the floor.
    34. They dont use and they dont have walis tingting they use Vaccum Leaf blower and leaf
    rake to easily remove leaves from driveways, patios and other garden areas.
    35. They dont have katulong or office Janitors. They know how to do gawain bahay. If they need cleaners they have to contact the cleaner services.
    36. They dont have yaya's but they have child care services. Most Mother's work as part time job so they can take care their baby or their small kids after child care service.

    It is fascinating to see how people take Australia.
    Just a few comments on the above.

    11. Maybe on the ABC? Not sure about all the other stations :-)
    15. But get decidedly more exciting after 10pm of a night.
    17. Very true. Not a popular thing with our asawas.
    18. meter is metre etc etc
    21. Yes, best to get this one right if you don't want to spend the night in jail.
    22. Yes please. Also the same when I am visiting there. Calling me sir makes me uncomfortable until the day the Queen gives me a knighthood.
    26. Most hated if your a guy - along with ghastly reality shows.
    29. This only applies on Sunday to Thursday night. Otherwise it is 12pm. I know, the cops have come to a couple of our karaoke nights. LOL
    31. That we give away to foreign countries who hate us with very little benefit to ourselves.
    33/34. What? Every Filo, Indian and Pacific Islander house here has a Tambo or a Ting Ting.
    35. A friend of mine works as an office janitor in Melbourne :-)
    36. We have yayas, but in Australia that work has a VERY different meaning - what you cal susu :-) Again, may be best not to confuse them two LOL

    Philippine Railway Historical Society
    Manila Sunset Convenience Store (Narwee)

  • Manila_Sunset_StoreManila_Sunset_Store Sydney
    Posts: 13Member
    Joined: May 11, 2012
    Reply to @sohc:
    Most Chinese people anyway.
    All the others seem to do quite fine, well, except the pensioners. :-)

    Philippine Railway Historical Society
    Manila Sunset Convenience Store (Narwee)

  • Manila_Sunset_StoreManila_Sunset_Store Sydney
    Posts: 13Member
    Joined: May 11, 2012
    May as well add a few of my own.

    37. Toothpaste is called toothpaste, not Colgate.
    38. A butcher will not know what adobo pork is (laughed for half an hour when my cousin asked for that and then argued with butcher).
    39. Aussies love to give each other nicknames, some of them very uncomplimentary. This is a sign of affection, not of dislike.
    40. Aussies like to take the piss (no, not what you may be thinking). Taking the piss is to have a joke. If an Aussie tells you something that seems very unbelieveable, pretty good chance he is taking the piss.
    41. Aussies are not much into hockey (as suggested above), they have very little interest, although many do play. Motor racing would be up there with football type games and cricket.

    The best part of here I suppose is the good ol Aussie slang.
    Be ready for a lot of it.

    Dog and bone = phone
    Up the creek without a paddle = in trouble
    dogs eye = a pie
    Gotta hit the frog and toad = I have got to go home now
    China plate = mate
    mate = Mostly used towards another guy, but increasingly also towards women. They are not necessarily a friend.
    Taking the mickey = making a joke
    Thats bollocks = Thats untrue
    Thats rubbish = Thats untrue
    Get the f*** outa here = Thats untrue
    Bloody oath =That is true
    Sure as eggs are eggs = This is true
    Heck yeah = This is true
    Grub = food
    Chuck = throw
    Chuck = vomit
    Chuck = Charlie (persons name)
    Take the clapper for some go go juice = Take the car for some petrol
    Let cat out of the bag = You just let out a secret.
    Cat amongst the pigeons = That secret has got people upset.
    Dunny - CR
    Bog - CR
    Toilet - CR
    Outhouse - CR
    Little boys room - CR

    This is just a very small selection of typical Aussie slang tyou are likely to come across here.
    To this day, 14 years on, my wife still is confused by it :-)

    Philippine Railway Historical Society
    Manila Sunset Convenience Store (Narwee)

  • LokiJrLokiJr Quezon City
    Posts: 2,616Member, Moderator
    Joined: Jan 13, 2011
    @Manila_Sunset_Store nice set sir hehe. gandang gawan ng dictionary tong mga collection of vocabs natin dito hehe.

    I'm not sure kung nabanggit na ng iba pero sa Australia, self-service ang fast food nila. So pagkatapos mo kumain, ikaw rin dapat nagliligpit ng kalat mo. Hay sana gawin din natin sa Pinas yan!
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