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Lodging of 2 EOI for Different Occupations

Hi po. Ask ko lang po baka po may idea kayo. Pwede po ba mag lodge ng 2 EOI ang isang applicant? 1 EOI for Internal Auditor at 1 EOI for General Accountant. Kung ano po ung mauunang iinvite yun ang iaapply for VISA 189 then icacancel na lang yung isa. Or dapat 1 EOI lang per applicant. Salamat po.


  • se29mse29m Perth
    Posts: 2,119Member, Moderator
    Joined: Sep 14, 2015
    Pwede po.

    233211 Civil Engineer
    30/09/15 - VETASSESS Lodged - 133112 Project Builder
    09/10/15 - IELTS Results: L-7.5, R-7.0, W-6.0, S-7.5 OBS-7.0
    19/10/15 - PTE A Results: L-82, R-74, S-90, W-76 OAS-79
    26/11/15 - Obtained NBI Clearance
    09/12/15 - VETASSESS Results - NEGATIVE!!!
    12/01/16 - Submitted CDR to Engineers Australia
    22/01/16 - EA Positive Results - Bachelor's Degree with 4 years 8 months skilled employment
    22/01/16 - Lodged EOI 189 (60pts)
    03/02/16 - Received 189 ITA
    11/02/16 - Health Clearance Provided - No Action Required
    18/02/16 - Obtained SG CoC
    26/02/16 - Lodged 189 Visa
    15/03/16 - Direct Grant - IED 11/02/2017
    25/05/16 - Big Move Perth!
    16/06/16 - Started Casual Work
    11/07/16 - Permanent Full-time Work

    Now for the Citizenship Journey

    26/08/2019 - Applied and acknowledgement letter received
    27/09/2019 - Test Email Invite for 19/12/2019
    01/10/2019 - Actual Test/Interview Date
    01/10/2019 - Approval Date (received the approval letter from the post 11/10/2019)
    05/02/2020 - Ceremony Date (received the email 10/01/2020)

  • joannecuencajoannecuenca qatar
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    Joined: Jun 01, 2016
    @se29m 2 EOI din po ba nilodge nyo? Pwede po ng sabay ilodge?
  • freshmakerfreshmaker North Ryde
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    Joined: Aug 28, 2014
    @joannecuenca Kindly refer to this http://www.border.gov.au/Lega/Lega/Form/Immi-FAQs/how-many-eois-can-i-submit
    Kung nainvite ka na sa isang EOI, i-withdraw mo na lang yung iba. All the best.

    Civil Engineer : ANZSCO 233211
    13/04/2015 - Lodged EA MSA (online)
    03/07/2015 - Received EA positive outcome
    13/11/2015 - PTE in Perth
    30/12/2015 - Medicals (Bupa Perth)
    17/05/2016 - Submitted EOI for visa 189 (65 pts)
    18/05/2016 - Applied for AFP check
    23/05/2016 - Received AFP check
    25/05/2016 - Received invitation to apply
    09/06/2016 - Lodged visa 189
    11/07/2016 - Direct grant (GSM Brisbane)

  • joannecuencajoannecuenca qatar
    Posts: 21Member
    Joined: Jun 01, 2016
    @freshmaker thank you po.
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