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Ultimate Guide to a Budget-friendly Trip to Australia

Jenni_iRemitJenni_iRemit MandaluyongPosts: 35Member

As a Filipino whose loved ones are residing in the Land Down Under, you are eager to meet them again. Just imagine the countless warm hugs and sweet kisses that you can share at the airport alone. However, you are thinking twice whether to travel to Australia or not because of its overwhelming costs.

To help your contemplation, I listed some strategies that you can employ to get the cheapest travel fees from airfare down to the meals.

Cheap Airfare

The prices of the airline tickets make traveling to Australia seem like a hefty ordeal. This is why most Pinoy travellers are keen to stretch their stay for about a week. With this length, the first thing that you must do to is to find the cheapest airfare that can take you there safely. Here are a few tricks to put up your sleeve:

a. If you are air hopping between Aussie’s big cities, skip Qantas as Tiger Airways and Jetstar are almost always cheaper. Tiger Airways and Jetstar are less glamorous but, these aircrafts will get you to where you want to go.

b. Travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sunday mornings, and Saturday afternoons because these days are usually more affordable.

c. Save more money by taking the cab into the city if you are with a group of three or more people. This costs less than the trains from Brisbane and Sydney airports.

d. Compare flights provided by different airlines by visiting https://www.cheapflights.com.au before booking directly online.

Cheap Accommodation

Majority of us have this preconceived notion that quality accommodations come with a painful price. It may be true for some countries but, it is not always the case in OZ. Find top-rated yet cost-efficient rooms within the country by browsing through TripAdvisor. In fact, I saw one hostel that offers rooms as low as $25.50 (Php 868) per night!

I found these five chains during my search: The Greenhouse Backpacker, Wake Up! Sydney, Baileys Serviced Apartments, Royal Hotel Randwick, and Aussie Way Backpackers Hostel. Know more about these accommodations by clicking here.

To save even more money on lodging, you can lurk on AirBnB and other similar home rental services.

Cheap Attractions

Discover fantastic places and exciting activities by going to some of the “lesser” known attractions in Australia that offer free or minimal fees:

a. Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden

Nestled on the foreshore of the picturesque Sydney Harbor, the wondrous Royal Botanic Garden is a 200-year old serene oasis. It is a place for a myriad of incredible plants and wildlife as well as a site for scientific research. The best thing is, entrance is always free and it opens daily from 7 am!

b. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is home to glorious sunrise, blue-green waters, and friendly locals. You can choose to surf through the waves or relax at the fine shores as you are mesmerized by the amazing view of the vast Pacific Ocean.

c. National Gallery of Victoria

With the vast collections of National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), it cannot be contained within a single site. Two incredible sites called NGV International and NGV Australia were located at merely walking distance from each other. NGV International is home to Asian, Oceanic, European, and American art. While the local art scene shines at NGV Australia.

d. Byron Bay Lighthouse

In the far corner of the New South Wales resides the beachside town of Byron Bay. Take picturesque photos while in the area and look for the lighthouse. Roaming around the lighthouse is free, as are the walks.

Cheap Food & Drinks

In a 2014 worldwide survey by the Economist, Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne ranked high among the top 6 most expensive cities in the globe. You can expect that the food and beverages are costlier than that of the Philippines. Start saving money by refilling your tumbler at a public water fountain or bubbler*.

Tipping is a common custom that we have adapted from our ancestors. However, it is not required in Australia. It is seldom that find a person who tips in the bars. So, save those few bucks for purchasing other important items.

Lastly, a surefire way to save money on food is to prepare your meals on your own. Go to the nearby supermarkets and shop as the locals do. This way you can ensure that the food is prepared to follow your preference.

May these tips and tricks help you to have an amazing trip to the beautiful country of Australia!

*Note: Please do not drink from any taps marked as “bore water” because it is unsafe for consumption.

For more interesting articles, please visit www.iremit.com.au


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    thanks for the info
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    @kahjpp07 you're welcome. :)
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