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Need advice po regarding sa partner ko

wataruwataru BrisbanePosts: 10Member
edited January 2015 in Family and Partner Visas
Hi guys,

ask naman po ako ng advice.

1. I am already engaged with my girlfriend last September 2014
(we were in relationship for 2 years before engagement)
2. Na-approve na po PR application ko and planning to relocate to AU this March 2015
3. Our wedding is on December 2015
4, She is currently a PR in Canada (hoping to be citizen this year)

Ano po yong best option ko para makasama ko kaagad girlfriend ko sa AU after the wedding?
Mg-apply na po kaagad ako ng fiancee visa in advance?
Or hintayin ko na muna makasal kami?
Or me advantage po ba pagiging Canadian citizen (kung sakali) para makalipat kaagad siya ng AU?

Please advise po.

Maraming salamat po. :)


  • wizzwizz Melbourne
    Posts: 698Member
    Joined: Apr 17, 2013
    sir kung hindi kayo live-in hindi mo siya maapply as defacto. The only way to progress with your partner visa is after you guys get married. I know because I'm on the same process with my partner.

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  • wataruwataru Brisbane
    Posts: 10Member
    Joined: Jul 17, 2014
    Salamat po sa comment sir. So yong partner visa po i-apply ko? Anong visa number po yon? Pwede po ba makapunta na kaagad wife ko sa AU while hintay ng result?
  • arskyarsky Sydney
    Posts: 66Member
    Joined: Sep 25, 2014
    Hi @wataru

    This is only my opinion

    Firstly you need to be settled here before you can apply for a partner visa , at least you can show something on your sponsorship that you have a job and most importanly you have an accomodation for her (rented place is enough).

    Hence your fiancee can be soon granted a canadian citizenship going here in australia wont be a problem for her anymore as she can enter australia using canadian passport without any visa as per commonwealth country agreement. ( its limited though just not sure how long can she stay inside australia )but i think she can exit to the closest country in austarlia and back again to australia.

    Once your already settled here in Australia and your fiance is already a canadian citizen way ahead of your scheduled wedding. I guess its up to you to move your wedding earlier so that you can lodge a partner visa for your wife

    You also have an option of once your settled here in Australia apply for fiancee visa you might be able to do it mid of 2015 instead of waiting after your wedding before lodging a spouse visa. the only problem with that is definetely your wedding scheduled on December will not make it on time as the application nowadays is taking too long.

    Hope this helps you and give you an idea

    Best of Luck
  • wataruwataru Brisbane
    Posts: 10Member
    Joined: Jul 17, 2014
    Good morning po @arsky

    Normally po, gaano katagal ang processing sa spouse visa? Mas mabilis po ba pag on-shore?

    Salamat po talaga ng marami.
  • arskyarsky Sydney
    Posts: 66Member
    Joined: Sep 25, 2014
    Good Morning din @wataru

    Usually sa manila inaabot ng 9 to 14 months ... Meron mga swerte na it will just only take 4 to 7 months lang

    I forgot to mention that if your gf will get her canadian citizenship. I think the partner visa will be processed in the australian embassy canada which will make your application much quicker as the application will be considered as low risk country which will only be 5 months

    here is the link

  • wataruwataru Brisbane
    Posts: 10Member
    Joined: Jul 17, 2014
    sir @arsky

    salamat po sa info. :)
  • tangerine44tangerine44 Sydney
    Posts: 4Member
    Joined: Jun 20, 2014
    Hi Wataru, I came here in Australia last 2013 under spouse visa 309. I think in your situation, it would be better to settle in Australia before you sponsor your fiance because you have to prove that you're financially capable to support her while she's still trying to settle down. You have to provide evidences such as Cert of Employment, group certificate (tax return) etc. You can apply for it offshore or onshore but the only difference is the visa fee. Almost 2k more yung visa fee if you apply for it onshore. I also read from other forums that the immig is more strict now in reviewing evidences so make sure you supply as much as you can to prove your relationship is continuing and genuine.

    I applied for my spouse visa in the Philippines, got an approval after 3months. 2years after the date of application, your wife has to apply for PR by submitting an update set of evidences to prove to immig that you're still together. I did that last Oct and got an approval 2months after. My husband and I had never lived together even after we got married because he has to come here in Aus, but we've been together for 8years before we got married. Gathering paperworks is a tedious process so make sure you organise everything before you send them. It doesn't really matter where you guys apply for the visa, the important thing is the content and quality of evidences you supply to them.

    Wish you all the best in your application! Let me know if you need any help.
  • KithelpotKithelpot Sydney
    Posts: 38Member
    Joined: Mar 09, 2014
    Hi @tangerine44, read your reply. I was just wondering if pwede ko na bang masponsor agad agad si husband ko pagdating ko ng Australia at nakahanap na ako ng work? May additional requirements pa ba? We got married last December 20,2014. I am a PR visa holder pero I'm planning to do my first entry this March 2015 and relocated to Australia permanently. Thanks a lot! :)
  • tangerine44tangerine44 Sydney
    Posts: 4Member
    Joined: Jun 20, 2014
    Hi Kitchelpot, in my opinion, it wouldbe best for you to settle in first at least a few months before you sponsor him. The financial aspect is not the main deciding factor but you still need to provide how you're going to support him while he's still looking for a job etc. Tax assessments and payslips are the docs my husband provided but he's an Aus citizen na when he sponsored me and his family's here so our concern that time was enough ba yung income nya to support me. We provided them evidence of his income during the past 2yrs. Also, it might be helpful to read through the partner booklet - http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1127.pdf

    Ive read from other forums that DIBP is becoming more strict with requirements so provided as much evidence as you can. If you need further help like the list of documents we sent them, please let me know. Good Luck!
  • wataruwataru Brisbane
    Posts: 10Member
    Joined: Jul 17, 2014
    Salamat po sa info. very helpful po comments niyo. :)
  • thirdy@aus[email protected] Singapore
    Posts: 13Member
    Joined: Apr 01, 2017

    Need your advice po. Ang visa na target ko ay subclass 189

    Married po ako since 2014 pero di pa kami nag-sama ng Mrs ko kasi ngtatrabaho ako abroad. Isa sa mga requirement para maisama ko sa application si Mrs ay: "you live together, or do not live separately on a permanent basis".

    Tanong ko po:

    1. Enough na po ba ang Marriage Certificate na katibayan na asawa ko sya at pwdeng ko syang isama sa application ?

    2. Kung "No" ang sagot sa unang tanong, may requirement po ba na ilang buwan or taon kmi "living together" para maisama ko sya sa application? Kagaya ng De Facto partner, may requirement na at least 6 to 12 months na "living together". May requirement din po ba na ganito sa legally married kagaya ko?

    Eto po ang source ng partner information ng DIBP: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Incl

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    06-Sep-17 | Received ITA
    17-Sep-17 | Lodged application. Uploaded all docs and pregnancy cert
    24-Oct-17 | CO request (Form 80, wife's SG Police Clearance); application paused until Baby's out
    24-Jan-18 | Baby's out
    10-Mar-18 | Submitted Form 1022, Baby's Passport and Birth Cert
    20-Apr-18 | CO added baby to application; HAP ID provided
    10-May-18 | Completed wife's x-ray and Baby's medical; submitted new NBI clearance
    21-May-18 | Granted!

  • TotoyOZresidentTotoyOZresident Posts: 1,335Member, Moderator
    Joined: Jun 28, 2011
    hi everyone, ask ko lang kung may alam kayo sa cert of impediment Marriage form. kung nilagay nyo pati middle name nyo sa given name. Thanks

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