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any tips po for looking/buying for secondhand cars in ACT?

katnisskatniss - Posts: 50Member
Hello po mga kababayan sa Canberra!

Unang-una po, pasensya po sa maraming tanong :).. Bago po kami dto Canberra, wala p po kaming mashadong kakilala.

Naghahanap po kami ng bbilhan ng secondhand car (first time buyers po kami). For now, nagreresearch po kami sa carsales website (mga private owners). Kaso since di po kami maalam sa cars, di po namin alam if basta me rw certificate/maintenance logs/history is enough po.. or may iba pa po bang dapat icheck?

May nagsabi din po sa amin na magdala kmi ng mekaniko para tulungan kami mag-inspect..may suggestions po ba kyo tungkol dun? Me kilala po ba kyo na trustworthy na mekaniko po dito sa Canberra?

Tapos, may mga nakaadvertise po sa carsales na "dealer used". Ok po ba bumili sa mga ganun? mga model 2004-2007?

Lastly po, if from NSW po ung napusuan namin na bilhin, hussle po ba ung process? or marami lang kelangan gawin during bentahan?

Salamat po!


  • heycoachputmeinheycoachputmein australia
    Posts: 40Member
    Joined: Oct 10, 2017
    @katniss based on your circumstances, i suggest that you buy directly from the dealership. Mas mahal ng konti siguro few hundred $$$, sometimes a thousand $$$ more expensive that buying from 'private owner'.

    but you have 'peace of mind' at less stress kasi may warranty sila, pwede rin na sila na mag ayos ng insurance mo, ng finances mo, ng rego etc etc.
    Also usually nag ooffer din sila ng free 6 months on road assistance.

    Imagine the trouble you have to go to buy a car from a private buyer
    1. hanap ka sa website
    2. bibisita ka sa 'common place' to inspect a car
    2a. "repeat how many times?" until makuha mo ang gusto mong kotse
    2b. pano ka pupunta? uber? bus? taxi?
    3. find a mechanic
    4. trust the mechanic
    5. insurance
    6. rego
    7. and after all of that, baka after few months may lumabas na sakit ang kotse
  • katnisskatniss -
    Posts: 50Member
    Joined: Jul 24, 2014
    edited December 2017
    thanks @heycoachputmein. Our prob is prang di gnun kadami dealerships d2 sa canberra and most of them are selling >10k cars. We visited several of them, and one seems dodgy, saying that the 250km camry they were selling is reliable when in fact it is just traded in and not inspected, while the other two were not taking us seriously (we told them that we're willing to pay in cash and if they can offer even a few hundred dollar discount). For now, we are checking NSW dealers (kasi mukang mas maraming option dun). There were forums too that mentioned those dealers which we visited and noted that they were ripped off (charged higher for maintenance/repairs) and the parts replaced were not from car maker.

    So far I haven't found any forums regarding trusted dealerships here in Canberra :/. For now we're still looking :(
  • MayoMayMayoMay Posts: 280Member
    Joined: May 25, 2016
    @katniss what happen n po sa plan nyo? We are also new here

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    05.23.2016: Started researching about the process
    05.25.2016: Joined Pinoy AU forum and contacted colleagues who are already in AU for further assistance
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    06.30.2016: Paid the ACS Fee and submitted it.
    07.11.2016: Received an email from ACS. Not qualified for Software Engineer (261313), recommended to use ICT Support Engineer (263212) instead
    07.21.2016: Paid the additional 200 AUD for the suggested ANZSCO 263212 (ICT Support Engineer)
    07.22.2016: Received the ACS Result - AQF Diploma, Major in Computing - 5yrs deducted / 3 yrs up to Present for the work experience)
    07.26.2016: Start of PTE test review
    07.29.2016: Partner's ACS Result - AQF Bachelor Degree (4yrs deducted / 5yrs up to Present for the work experience)
    08.30.2016: Took PTE exam / Processed NBI Clearance (with Hit)
    09.03.2016: Partner got positive PTE Result (L=79/R=85/S=72/W=90)
    09.05.2016: Lodged EOI (189)
    09.08.2016: Got our NBI Clearance...finally...
    09.15.2016: Received CEMI request
    09.28.2016: Partner got his ITA!!! (12:20am AU)
    10.10.2016: Completed Medical Exam - no action required
    11.22.2016: Visa lodged (frontloaded all docs)
    11.30.2016: CO asked for Payslip & ITR for 2011-2013
    12.16.2016: Uploaded the payslips & ITRs for 2011-2013
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    10.13.2018: Moved from Sydney to Canberra
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    01.21.2019: Wifey's 1st day at work (Turner area)
    06.30.2019: Wifey got a permanent role offer

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  • katnisskatniss -
    Posts: 50Member
    Joined: Jul 24, 2014

    sorry for the super delayed update:
    Nov 2017 we were looking for cars, Dec 2017 we bought our secondhand car.
    Bad experience:
    We initially went to a Holden dealership, as they were selling a brand new car within our budget (we were ready to pay cash). But from the start, the sales guy was already rude. Went to Toyota and we felt like we weren't really taken seriously that time.

    Good experience:
    We found a dealership (lennock) and bought a secondhand car instead from there. We fell in love with the car after the test drive and also because the salesman was really friendly and explained things in detail to us.

    Almost 3 years na sya and only one had major fix needed. I think we're just lucky po that we got a really good car. :)

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