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Direct Hire pero sinisingil ng Placement Fee

Hi guys!

I want to share about my situation right now, I was direct hired from SG by my employer here in AU and now holding a 457 visa. During my hiring process, may agreement kami ng employer ko na sila magbabayad lahat ng visa fees & airfare. So we agreed na i-proceed na pag apply ng visa. The employer introduced me to their usual agent na nag-aayos ng ibang visa din for the company’s workers (coz they also sponsored future hires from Pinas) After ko dumating dito sa Australia a few weeks ago, yung agent na nag arrange ng visa process ko is sinisingil ako ng Placement Fee of 6k!omg. I was so shocked considered na malaking amount yan. My question is why?! I didnt even hire them to find me a job and na introduced lang yung agent sakin ng employer ko na sila daw tutulong sa pag ayos ng visa ko. Everything na correspondence ko is between my employer, myself & the agent. I tried to ask kung para saan ang placement fee na na bill sakin, ayon daw sa Law sa pinas, usually may 1 month basic salary placement fee na sinisingil. And I still dont understand eh this is same case ng pagpunta ko ng SG which I am also a direct hire, I didnt pay for any placement fee. At hindi din ako nanggaling Pinas na dumaan pa sa PDOS, etc because I am already a documented OFW sa SG pa lang. I did fly directly from SG to AU. I am so confused kung may laban ba ako dito o I’ll pay for it na lang. My concern is kapag nag insist ako na ipaglaban na hindi ko kelangan magbayad, baka naman matanggal ako at ma bad record ako sa employer ko. I wasnt even informed na kelangan ko magbayad ng ganyan, eh di sana di ko na lang tinanggap yung offer, pinag ipunan ko na lng sana yung PR visa ko.

Hope you can advise me guys. Thanks a lot in advance.


  • senseisensei Queensland, AU
    Posts: 42Member
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    talk to your employer, tell them all your concerns, you are in AU, you don't need to hide anything from them, they may even help you with it. They may even have paid the agency without you knowing.
    Agency told you, "according to Pinas laws", you said you were in SG, you are not covered by that law. You need to inform your employer (HR) the soonest
  • mhejmhej Sydney
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    I think they're trying to take you for a fool. Don't give them a single penny! $6K??? e mas malaki pa yan sa binayaran ko nung mag apply kami ng PR Visa. Besides, any fees should have been discussed upfront. Hindi yung ganyan. So immediately, there's something fishy.

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  • bugsiebugsie Perth
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    @sensei I already talked to my employer but they are confused also. Apparently, yung agent yun din paliwanag sa kanya na that is based on Philippine immigration laws.
  • bugsiebugsie Perth
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    @mhej I think so too! Hindi talaga ako magbabayad. I don’t know but i’m standing on my ground.
  • engineer20engineer20 Sydney
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    @bugsie don't pay the agent, scam lang nila yan para magkapera. una, direct hired ka from SG at wala kang kobtrata sa agent about the placement fee. saka di rin naman yata sila registered as a recruitment agency sa pinas so technically di sila pwedeng maningil ng placement fee.

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  • mcthegodfathermcthegodfather Posts: 9Member
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    I was hired from overseas din, direct hire, didn’t pay a single penny for processing. If walang agreement beforehand, don’t pay for it. Nasa AU ka naman na. If alam mong tama ka, ipaglaban mo or consult sa lawyer if you need additonal confidence.
  • patotoypatotoy Posts: 446Member
    Joined: Dec 14, 2017
    bugsie said:


    @sensei I already talked to my employer but they are confused also. Apparently, yung agent yun din paliwanag sa kanya na that is based on Philippine immigration laws.

    since, confused din si employer, challenge your the agent to show a proof about Philippine Immigration Laws regarding hiring, siguradong wala.
  • bugsiebugsie Perth
    Posts: 16Member
    Joined: Aug 03, 2017
    Yup!..thanks a lot @patotoy @engineer20

    @mcthegodfather I already consult a lawyer in the philippines at pina pa standby ko in case na umabot kami sa court hehe
  • batmanbatman Darwin Australia
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    @bugsie report mo agency sa POEA. Anong agency ba yan ng di maka pang biktima pa.

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