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Subsequent Visa Entry - Show money?

Hi all! Ask ko lang yung mga recent na applicants ng subsequent visa nirequire pa po ba kayo ng show money? I heard some chismis na di na daw. Pero some agents are saying na need daw and some are saying na hindi daw. Anyone here who has a first hand experience?


  • se29mse29m Perth
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    @cherfurt subsequent entry? Meaning dependent entry? Ang alam ko sa initial visa app lang show money.. pero di ako migration agent kaya di din ako sure hehe

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  • hersheythegreathersheythegreat Philippines
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    @se29m I think nagrant na ata partner nya and gusto nya sumunod. Tama po ba? @cherfurt

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  • H@0[email protected] Cebu
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    @cherfurt Hi.. Visa granted (SC500 Subsequent entrant) - Nov 2018..on our case needed pa rin po show money, we attached it na para sure... Thanks
  • reebaguioreebaguio Cebu
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    Hello @[email protected] magkano po show money pinakita nyo?
  • reebaguioreebaguio Cebu
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    @[email protected] how long po na grant yung subsequent visa nyo?
  • H@0[email protected] Cebu
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    Hi @reebaguio, 65kaud subsequent entrant (spouse, 2kids)..depende po un sa computation nyo po. After 5 days po visa granted na. Thanks.
  • reebaguioreebaguio Cebu
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    @[email protected] thanks po. ano po timeline application nyo? sabay po ba kayo nag file nang main applicant? kasi po sabi2x na matagal napo approval pag seaparate.
  • H@0[email protected] Cebu
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    edited February 2019
    @reebaguio hindi po sabay..
    Main applicant: lodged - june 2018 then after 4 days visa granted.
    3 Dependants (Subsequent entrant): lodged- november 2018 after 5 days (including sat and sun) visa granted.
    If complete po documents madali lang ma granted. Ofc, dont forget to pray...Indeed! God is Good All the Time.
  • solaskennedyxandersolaskennedyxander manila
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    Joined: Jun 28, 2017
    Hello po, pede po pahelp kung pano mag lodge ng student subsequent visa, ako po ung student , granted n po. . Pano po ilodge ung subsequent visa?
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