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Seeking Job as Accountant

Is anyone here know a job opportunity for an accountant? I am currently working here in the Philippines and I really wanted to work overseas. Thank you in advance po!


  • mcril22mcril22 Qatar
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    Kokonti (baka wala pa nga) yung company na nag ssponsor ng visa.. normally people apply for migration to australia so they can get a job there....

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  • engr_boyengr_boy Sydney
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    it's not impossible but it is highly improbable na ma-sponsoran ka. pero siguro tipong pang-director or vp position (senior/management positions) ang iniisponsoran nila. madami ka naman options to get to australia puwede kang mag apply by your self (skilled independent), puwede din student visa or maybe even aim for somewhere easier to go to like middle east or singapore then build up your work experience before embarking on australian migration.

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