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Nursing jobs during/after study (under student visa)

sydneysideupsydneysideup SydneyPosts: 1Member
edited March 2013 in Working in Australia
hello, pasensya na kung na-discuss na to dati.
bale may friend kasi ako na nursing grad sa Pinas, walang experience as nurse (ca call centre sya), gusto mag-aral ng nursing dito as bridging course para mag-recognise ang qualifications na. meron na kasing 2-year post study visa na pwede sya magtrabaho after makatapos ng pag-aaral?

sa palagay nyo ba maganda na ang job market para sa fresh grads?

salamat sa mga tips.


  • li_i_renli_i_ren North Ryde
    Posts: 434Member
    Joined: Oct 13, 2012
    Not for fresh grads.. Check out current affairs or just google ung new grad nga nila here hirap maka hanap ng work when in fact sana assured sila ng place after graduating.

    Bridging is not the same as a new grad student status here or those that took the 3 year uni nursing degree.

    She can try nothing to lose naman except money who knows she will be lucky.

    But generally if you are a foreign graduate nurse at least 2-3 years experience to land a job after the bridging program hindi naman absolute yan but it is very hard to get a nursing job here when you are competing woth british nurses with 10'years plus experience... Sla ung majority nursing population dito Hindi nga ozzies which i found quite surprising.

    She needs experience.. Tell her to have her degree assess by aphra, a bridging school before immigration kasi baka d din sya maka hanap ng place for bridging cause of her lack of experience.

    Nursing is a skill. You need experience to gain those skills. Yan bottomline in nursing.
  • LokiJrLokiJr Quezon City
    Posts: 2,616Member, Moderator
    Joined: Jan 13, 2011
    Andaming nagkalat na agencies sa Pinas ngayon na nag-ooffer ng bridging visa sa mga nursing grads basta mataas ang IELTS...may kamahalan pero at least sila na bahala sa visa mo in the long run.

    Despite this, I agree with @li_i_ren, kadalasan ng mga 'success stories' ng mga nurses abroad maraming taong work experience muna inipon nila bago sila nagbalak mag-abroad
  • alexamaealexamae Sydney
    Posts: 877Member
    Joined: Mar 16, 2011
    Helo po, Computer Engineering graudate po ako at ang work ko po is customer support.
    Pano po pag gusto kong mag nurse or any medical course.
    Pagod na kasi ako magwork sa IT or kaharap ang computer.
    Pwede kaya ako mag shift? Pwede ba yun aralin part time while nagwowork pa din ako?

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