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  • @anntotsky pwendeng pwede
  • Good luck! @izzamrg , always stay positive!
  • *Updating* ********GRANTS******** Username | Visa type | Lodge Date | GSM Office | Date Granted | Target State/City | IED 1. ******VISA LODGE****** Username | Visa type | Lodge Date | Date CO Contacted / Requested Documents | GSM Office 1. ***I…
  • @MrsBart pwedeng pwede po make sure to mention key details about the graphs like highs and lows, differences and similarities, then make sure to have an introduction body and conclusion
  • @monlim use the template that is always mentioned here and time yourself and make sure to provide 2-3 minutes for checking your essay.
  • @shyla20 passport or any authorized id based from the PTE website Good luck!
  • @charm1008 practice lang po ng practice! laban lang po! naka ilang take na po ba kayo?
  • @shyla20 take the am sched 8am , usually, nagpapapasok na sila ng 7.30 and even start the exam asap
  • @pmond usually end of day may result na
  • Good luck guys!
  • @NanaJulien Hi po! not necessarily po depende kung how many points pa po need niyo para sa 189 visa but keep in mind, the higher the better!
  • @abbyzc sometimes hindi nagmmatter yung Enabling Skills, some people get low scores sa spelling but still get superior practice lang po
  • @abbyzc yup! clear dapat yung pronunciation not necessarily mabilis, basta within 40 seconds and pause pag may , and . then pag tapos ka na sa isang item sa read aloud, press next agad pwede ka mag practice ng read aloud sa very u…
  • @abbyzc yup masakit talaga yung mga retake naka 3 ako na retake describe image and retell lecture - focus ka lang sa main points or content ng image like for images (3 times lumabas yung images) color, size, similarities, differences, then for…
  • @kathmae20 don't panic Listening - repeat sentence, carefully picture out the words, so you can easily remember them, if the sentence is too loooooooooooooong mumur if possible, copy the speaker's tone as well Writing - write essay, use the te…
  • @ayigurl hindi po ako nag avail full price po yung sakin
  • @Donnajanice - you usually get 3-4 items from Write From Dictation and it also depends on the remaining time you have left. Try practicing your Write From Dictation from youtube vids it is really a big help! Remember, LISTEN THEN WRITE its fi…
  • @AnneC , naka 3 takes ako before ako maka superior practice lang talaga, exert more time and practice kung saan mababa yung score useful din yung mga youtube vids and samahan mo ng templates patience is a virtue!
  • Hello! I took the exam May 29 2018 morning schedule. After 3 takes, I finally got my superior scores Patience is a virtue! Thank you for sharing your experiences and templates guys! I always read a lot of success stories here whenever I feel ti…
  • Just got granted today:) , i lodged my application last May 17, 2016

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