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Happy 2019 sa lahat! New update lang... we are planning to revamp the site in the 1st - 2nd quarter of this year, time to change the very old look ng site. Salamat sa lahat ng support, especially sa mga loyal na bumabalik at moderator na walang sawang sumusuporta sa site.

Applying for Return Resident Visa then immediately applying for Citizenship?

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engr_boyengr_boy SydneyTotal Reaction Points: 14Member
in General Posts: 226
my PR status (189 Visa) will be 5 years on May 15 2019. grant date was May 15 2014. initial entry date was Oct 25 2014.

the citizenship application now lasts anywhere between 17-20 months. that's 1.5 years onward of not being able to go out of Australia.

i'm planning on multiple travels outside Australia after the May 19 date.

i'm also collating my requirements for my Citizenship Application.

RRV (Subclass 155) only takes 2-35 days and costs 375 AuD online. 455 AuD paper.

is it OK now to apply for the RRV then apply for Citizenship around December (para madami free time)? even though my 189 Visa is valid til May? may nakagawa na ba nito sa inyo? any suggestions guys? Thank you. =)

Occupation: Surveyor (ANZSCO 232212)
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07.11.13 - Sent Skills Assessment Documents via Speedpost to
Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute
04.12.13 - Positive Skills Assessment (via Singpost)
10.12.13 - EOI submitted (60pts)
15.12.13 - Invited for 189 (Skilled Independent) Visa
25.12.13 - Lodged 189 Visa
06.01.14 - Sent NBI Application to Ms.Sobida (via Singpost)
16.01.14 - Applied for Singapore PCC and Booked Medicals
21.01.14 - Uploaded NBI Clearance
30.01.14 - Medical/Radiology Tests at Point Medical/Radlink
02.02.14 - CO Allocated Adelaide GSM Team 07
06.02.14 - Collected SG PCC and uploaded
14.02.14 - Point Medical -Medicals completed
15.05.14 - Visa Grant - Change of Team (Adelaide Team 6) and
CO (initials MR)
27.10.14 - Initial Entry

Pine Gap: Australian soil inaccessible to Australians. So Australian!

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  • fgsfgs Cooper BasinTotal Reaction Points: 119Member
    Posts: 820
    Why not apply Citizenship now na eligible ka naman? You only require 3 docs to prove your identity and the form 1195. Theres no problem applying for rrv now, i guess, but too early. If you apply citizenship now, you might get your australian passport before you travel in May and save the rrv application fee or just apply rrv before travelling if your application is still in process. The 17-20 months processing time doesnt apply to everyone. I applied in Feb 15, 2018, had my test in 3 mos and waited 1.5 mos for the ceremony( affected by the timing of council's schedule of ceremony). I've only watied 5 mos from application to ceremony. Who knows, your application might be processed quickly. You can get your passport in few days after ceremony if you avail of the express processing.
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Hi everyone!

I'm very happy to announce PinoyAu Forum's new app called "SimplyStall" . It's a new Gumtree like service for Pinoys in Australia but in a way better!

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This project is a new initiative to unify and have a common portal for Pinoys in Australia to sell and share stuffs.

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