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New ACS Assessment using other ANZSCO Code

Hi po. I had an ACS assessment before for 261313 (Software Engineer) and my degree is Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of the Philippines in the Visayas.

Sadly, ung result is comparable to AQF Associate Degree with a Major in computing lang.
6 years ung binawas sa total experience ko =(

Im planning to apply for an assessment again to add a new company and now using a different code like 261312 (Developer Programmer) or 261399 (Software and Application Programmer).

Do you think, it will change the outcome and can become a Bachelors Degree?
Anyone had this experience before?


  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Member, Administrator
    Unfortunately, it won’t change anything. Your uni belongs to section 2 which means a bachelor degree equates to an AQF associate degree unless you meet certain average GPA. So even if you’d change your nominated occupation for assessment, their assessment of your qualification will still be the same.
  • OzyCebuanoOzyCebuano Singapore
    @RheaMARN1171933 Thanks for the answer =(
  • OzyCebuanoOzyCebuano Singapore
    Hi. Gusto kong buhayin tong thread na to. I just found out na may 2 classmates ako nung college at more or less same standing or GPA kami. And they used (261312) Developer Programmer as the code and they got Bachelor's Degree. But they use this code on their first assessment application to ACS.

    Sa case ko if magpapa-re-assess ko using this code, it will be my 3rd assessment application to ACS na.
    Worry if I submit this re-assessment, would I still get the same associate degree result, since makikita nila ung results ko before using 261313 (Software Engineer)??

    Anyone had this experience? pls share
  • akosiwongakosiwong Makati
    ung sa partner ba dapat pareho ng mag aassess ng sakin? kunyare ACS ako magpa-assess, ung partner dapat sa ACS din magpa-assess?
  • sicntyrdsicntyrd PH
    @akosiwong It depends on your partner's job code.
    Please refer to this list. For instance, kung qualifications ng partner mo is Surveyor, sa SSSI siya dapat magpa-assess.
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