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can my wife's qualification & experience claim 5pts

Hello po. Software engineer po ako and my wife's degree is Accountancy. Pro ung jobs nya after graduate is call center agent. sa Pinas and here sa Sg. Do you think we can claim 5pts from this? Need advice po. thanks


  • fgsfgs Cooper Basin

    Hello po. Software engineer po ako and my wife's degree is Accountancy. Pro ung jobs nya after graduate is call center agent. sa Pinas and here sa Sg. Do you think we can claim 5pts from this? Need advice po. thanks

    To claim points for partner skills, her skill ( call center agent) should be listed in the skills occupations list and have a positive skills assessment issued by the relevant australian assessing body.
  • patotoypatotoy Member

    From here:

    My skill is
    Software Engineer

    Ang closest skill that I can find for call center agent is Customer Service Manager??

    basahin nyu yung roles and responsibilities nung CSM, tignan nyo kung the same sa ginagawa ni partner. anong visa ang plan nyung applyan?
  • OzyCebuanoOzyCebuano Singapore
    @patotoy Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) po

    ok lang na MLTSSL sa akin, tapos ung sa kanya is STOL? ung skills namin is not within the same list?
  • HeprexHeprex Melbourne

    Key Note:
    had a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for their nominated skilled occupation. Your partner’s nominated skilled occupation must be on the same skilled occupations list as your nominated skilled occupation.

    263111 - Computer Network and Systems Engineer | Age: 30pts | Education: 15pts | Experience: 5pts | English: 20pts | Total: 70pts

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    12.08.2016 - Start collating documents needed for ACS assessment.
    17.11.2016 - CTC'd and Submitted online ACS Assessment.
    28.11.2016 - ACS Result Suitable (AQF Advance Diploma, 5 years deducted) - Sent Appeal Application
    05.12.2016 - ACS Appeal Successful (AQF Bachelor Degree, 2 years deducted)
    21.12.2016 - Submitted EOI 189/190(NSW) (60/65)
    07.09.2017 - Update EOI 189 to 70pts
    20.09.2017 - INVITED!!!
    02.10.2017 - NBI Appointment - Hit for Wifey
    09.10.2017 - Medical @ Nationwide Makati - NBI Release for Wifey
    10.10.2017 - Medical Cleared (Both) - Visa 189 Application Lodge - Frontloaded All Documents
    20.02.2018 - GRANTED!! FINALLY!!! 02 Oct 2018 IED
    *****AFTER GRANT*****
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    26.06.2017 - L61/R75/S82/W72
    05.07.2017 - L71/R90/S83/W74
    24.07.2017 - L78/R82/S88/W80 - DAMN!!!
    01.08.2017 - L72/R78/S88/W70
    08.08.2017 - L73/R90/S90/W73
    14.08.2017 - L73/R81/S84/W83
    06.09.2017 - L89/R88/S90/W81 - YEEEEYYYY!!!!

    Mock Test:
    16.12.2016 - Set A - L71/R58/S56/W64
    17.12.2016 - Set B - L73/R61/S71/W67

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  • patotoypatotoy Member

    yup, hindi pwede, dapat same list talaga. yan na yung link from sir @Heprex nanjan na lahat info.
  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Member, Administrator
    @OzyCebuano she can nominate accountant as her occupation. Don’t even focus on contact centre agent as she won’t qualify as customer service manager and it’s not on the same list as software engineer. Accountant (general) is in MLTSSL as well.
  • esbesb Member
    Hi @RheaMARN1171933 I would like to know if pwede po ako sa construction project manager graduate po ako as an architect but lahat po ng work ko ay sa construction and now po project in charge po ako un gngawa ko po is katulad ng sa cnostruction project manager possible po ba n yun ang ipa assess ko? Thank you in advance po
  • OzyCebuanoOzyCebuano Singapore
    @RheaMARN1171933 ok lang po ba yan na ipa.assess nya ung Accountant qualification nya? pro wala xang work experience as accountant?
  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Member, Administrator
    @OzyCebuano work experience is not required to get a positive assessment. Check the requirements with CPA Australia. Good luck!
  • patotoypatotoy Member
    edited September 2018
    agree ako dito @OzyCebuano go for accountant assessment sa partner mo , need mo lang ng positive assessment, competent english at under 45 yrs old makukuha mo nyu na +5 sa partner points.

    you can also avail din ang services ni miss @RheaMARN1171933 dahil trusted AU agent sya. wag kang kumuha ng agent dyan sa SG, daming hindi MARA certified dyan na nagpapanggap na agent for AU dyan at sasabihin na di lang daw updated ang website ng AU sa registered agent, lols.
  • aron_drnaron_drn Singapore
    @OzyCebuano bai....ingat sa pag kuha ng Agent sa Singapore.... marami d2 sa SG.. scientist na AGENT yung pwedi ipadala sa MARs dahil sa ubod ng galing at sinungaling..mag ingat.. most of the agent sa SG na puntahan ko na nun nag search ako for almost one yr.. if you want personnal advise about agent you better choice MARA register..

  • aron_drnaron_drn Singapore
    @OzyCebuano one more thing...meron din MARA agent sa Singapore peru habol nia $$$ ingat kasi in my personal experience nagkamali advise ng agent sakin mabuti na lng napag isipan ko na wag sundin ang sinabi nia after searching sa website ng DoHA tama pala ginawa be aware...
    Bigyan mo muna ng mga matinding tanong yung agent...paikot ikot mo rin sia para mahuli mo kung tama nga according sa DoHA kasi kalimitan dito sa SG bagong agent ..nagsilipana sila d2 sa SG..lalo na chikwa..

  • patotoypatotoy Member
    nabiktima ka pala sir? may naexperience din kaibigan ko lalo na sa mga FREE seminar nila. 2k sgd yung agent's fee para mag submit ng EOI, hahaha! may mga FREE seminar din na ipapa-feel sayo na sobrang hirap mag-asikaso ng documents at may mga guest speaker pa sila na Aussies, eh muka namang staged ang drama eh.

    sir @OzyCebuano since nandito ka na din lang sa pinoyau, ask around regarding trusted AU agents and always check kung MARA registered sila. wag kang papauto sa hindi pa daw updated or mabagal daw minsan mag-update ang AU sa registered MARA list nila, lols.

    daming manloloko na agent-agentan sa SG kaya beware.
  • OzyCebuanoOzyCebuano Singapore
    @patotoy @aron_drn Thanks sa mga info nyu mga sir. Wala naman akong plan kumuha ng agent. kasi sa tingin ko clear naman ung mga steps na gagawin ko. hehe. d ko palang gets ung invitation round at when ung best month na mag submit ng EOI.
  • OzyCebuanoOzyCebuano Singapore
    btw mam @RheaMARN1171933 need pa ng wife ko makapasa ng english test dba before ma.access xa sa CPAA? verify ko lang sana =)
  • batmanbatman NT
    Member, Moderator
    edited September 2018
    @OzyCebuano the requirement is straight forward for CPAA assessment, check their website, last time i checked need proficient English as 1 of the requirement.

    221213 External Auditor|489 - 70pts - SS NT
    21|07|16 - Applied CPAA membership assessment
    31|07|16 - PTE-A L|S|W|R (73|79|78|77)
    01|08|16 - Submitted CPAA migration assessment
    20|09|17 - EOI 190 - NT (delayed due to show money req.)
    - collating requirements for NT SS application
    18|10|17 - Submitted NT SS application (praying for + result)
    24|04|18 - 190 not successful,
    - was offered 489 instead and accepted offer
    - engaged with visa consort agency for visa application submission.
    26|04|18 - Invited to apply for SS visa 489 - Northern Territory
    02|05|18 - PCC processing
    20|05|18 - Medical
    06|06|18 - Visa payment
    15|09|18 - happy na birthday pa, visa grant pa.. TYL
    09|02|19 - Big move
    11|02|19 - First job interview
    12|02|19 - Received job offer
    13|02|19 - Accepted job offer

  • aron_drnaron_drn Singapore
    @OzyCebuano having a good agent and register MARA will ease your anxiety and mostly give you peace of mind. Because when you log visa soon things where in different ways.

  • lasheslashes Phils
    @RheaMARN1171933 hi po, sa EA po ba need ng experience to get positive assessment?asking in behalf of my friend, partner is a Safety Supervisor in construction pero IE graduate.
  • BjaneBjane qatar
    hello po. meron n po n nakaexperience n magclaim ng partners points. ung occupation ni wife nsa list ng SOL pero wala xa experience. possible po b n makaclaim ng points tapos instead n mag take xa ng english exam is ung certification of medium instruction in english na lng ang iprovide
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