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  • marzkymarzky Australia
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    edited April 2016
    Review materials from @filipinacpa thread: PTE ACADEMIC

    Macmillan Testbuilder Book: dropbox.com/sh/13non7lhdwefotp/AADfiVvjkea7xaz42rFRiaSta?dl=0

  • marzkymarzky Australia
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    Sample templates:

    - The speaker gives brief information about ____
    - The speaker discuss about ____
    - The lecture is about ____
    - According to the lecturer, _____
    - It is also important to note that the speaker gives an emphasis on ____
    - The speaker was able to discuss the topic briefly and provide the necessary information.

    - The ___ graph projected on the screen shows/illustrates/depicts ____
    - Based on the presented data, it is clear that ____
    - Based on the provided information, we can say that ____

    Bar graph
    - The highest figure represents ___ with __ while the lowest figure belongs to ___ with ___

    Pie graph
    - It is divided into __ parts
    - The largest portion represents __ with __ whereas the smallest part is __ with ___

    -Overall, we can conclude that ___
    - In conclusion, the majority ____

    You can also discuss this info
    - The horizontal axis denotes ____ while the vertical axis denotes ___
    - The information is accurate and concise. This graph can be used as a reference for future studies with a similar topic.
  • pinoytalkerpinoytalker Melbourne
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    Ang dami sir markzy! Maraming salamat for sure this will help me in my review for PTE-A.

    Dec 12 2015 - 1st IELTS LRWS failed
    Feb 2016 - 2nd IELTS LRWS failed
    June 14 2016 - PTE Acad LRWS 90/83/87/90 - 20 points!
    June 23 2016 - Submitted req to ACS
    July 7 2016 - ACS assessment received < 5 years. Sent email for
    July 8 2016 - ACS result update 5 years credited (75pts)
    July 14 2016 - Sent EOI
    July 28 2016 - Got my NBI Clearance
    Aug 2 2016 - Received ITA
    Aug 9 2016 - Lodged Visa
    Aug 12 2016 - took Medical Exam
    Aug 15 2016 - sent Medical results. No action needed.
    - attached documents
    Aug 30 2016 - uploaded form 80
    Aug 31 2016 - CO contact (send PTE results online) sayang DG na
    - Sent PTE results online. Clicked "Information
    Provided" and emailed CO.
    Oct 13 2016 - (12:43PM) Sent a follow up email. (ginaya si Bourne)
    Oct 13 2016 - VISA received!
    Feb 6 2016 - Bound to Melbourne

    God is able to make all grace abound to you!
    Never give up. Reach for your dreams!

  • marzkymarzky Australia
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    @pinoytalker I'm a girl po.. Hehe.. Goodluck! :)
  • steveaussiesteveaussie Melbourne
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    Joined: Mar 08, 2016
    This blog that I refer: http://pteprepacademic.blogspot.com.au

    My PTE preparation blog: http://pteprepacademic.blogspot.com.au

    Please share or like ...Thanks !

  • mergetwomergetwo Mandaluyong
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    Joined: Mar 19, 2016
    Hi, meron po ba silang review centers? Or all materials are available for a fee online? And san san po ang mga exam centers nila sa Manila? Thanks.

    Husband Points - 60pts; 65pts SS
    261399 - Software and applications programmer nec

    Jan-April 2016 - Gather reqts including revisions
    May 2016 - IELTS exam L:8.0/S:7.0/W:6.0/R: 7.0
    Aug 2016 - IELTS remarking Writing 6.0 to 7.0
    Sept 2016 - Notarized and red ribbon COEs&statdec
    Oct 6, 2016 - Submitted ACS
    Oct 14, 2016 - Received ACS letter (positive result)
    Oct 19, 2016 - Lodge 190 for NSW (hoping) and VIC
    Oct 24, 2016 - Submitted VIC application
    Oct 25, 2016 - Received the ref# (5am Phil time)
    Oct 31, 2016 - Withdrew NSW application (kasi di naman open sa kanila) and emailed VIC of this change --> No reply
    Nov 24, 2016 - Emailed again about the change
    Nov 28, 2016 - Replied from VIC, that the change was made 10/31

    ** Jan 10 is the 12th week **

  • marzkymarzky Australia
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    @mergetwo I'm not sure po kung meron review center kasi nagself-review lang ako.. With regards to test center, ang alam ko lang po eh sa Pearson Professional at Trident Tower in Makati.. Yung review materials pwede ka po magdownload online & meron din practice tests/exercises sa youtube.. check mo din po yung mga links meron dyan madownload na ebooks with audio which is helpful din pagrereview.. :)
  • cattcatt Quezon City
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    Joined: May 08, 2016
    Planning to take PTE in 1-2months from now. Thank you @marzky for the materials!
  • marzkymarzky Australia
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    Joined: Jan 28, 2016
    @catt Welcome. Good luck! :)
  • gigi16gigi16 Mandaluyong
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    Joined: Jun 28, 2016
    @marzky hi po. Naghahanap po ako ng review center for pte . May mairerecommend po ba kayo? Thank you
  • shye428shye428 Quezon City
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    @gigi16 review materials are great help. no need to enroll in a review center. i don't know
    if there's a review center for PTE Academic in Ph.

    ANZSCO 221111 - General Accountant
    06/06/16 - PTE-A Exam
    06/24/16 - PTE-A Result- Passed (10pts.)
    07/01/16 - Submit CPA Au Migration Assessment
    08/02/16 - Received Migration Assessment (Comparable to Australian Bachelor Degree; Skilled Employment Assessment) (20 pts)
    EOI (total:60 pts)
    --->Review for PTE Exam (20pts) while waiting for invitation.

    Romans 12:12 Be Joyful in Hope, Patient in Affliction, Faithful in Prayer.

  • gigi16gigi16 Mandaluyong
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    Joined: Jun 28, 2016
    @shye428 thank you po.. Kaso yung speaking ko po nagkakaproblema po ako palagi.. Any tips po ba sa speaking?
  • shye428shye428 Quezon City
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    Joined: Jul 10, 2014
    Practice lang tlga masasabi ko. :) record your voice when you practice and then listen to it after. compare mo sa sample audios from practice sets. :)

    ANZSCO 221111 - General Accountant
    06/06/16 - PTE-A Exam
    06/24/16 - PTE-A Result- Passed (10pts.)
    07/01/16 - Submit CPA Au Migration Assessment
    08/02/16 - Received Migration Assessment (Comparable to Australian Bachelor Degree; Skilled Employment Assessment) (20 pts)
    EOI (total:60 pts)
    --->Review for PTE Exam (20pts) while waiting for invitation.

    Romans 12:12 Be Joyful in Hope, Patient in Affliction, Faithful in Prayer.

  • rajwinderrajwinder india
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    Joined: Jul 26, 2016
    no one here to help to me
  • michel_75michel_75 Bulacan
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    Joined: Oct 03, 2012
    @rajwinder let me know your request pls?
  • dorbsdeedorbsdee Melbourne
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    Joined: Nov 30, 2015
    hi to all, ask ko lang baka meron dito may copy nung 'The Official Guide yung may kasamang CD na may 3 mock test... Thanks po in advance.
    May copy na pala ako nung mock test, yung official guide lang hinahanap ko.
    Thanks po again kung sino man ang magrereply..

    233512 - Mechanical Engineer| 25 (Age) + 15 (Education) + 15 (Experience) + 10 (English) = 65 pts.
    07/Nov/2015: BC IELTS GT Test: L: 6.5, R: 6.0, W: 6.0, S: 7.0
    04/Feb/2016: Lodge EA Assessment (Fast Track)
    12/Feb/2016: EA Positive Outcome
    12/Feb/2016: Submit EOI, NSW SS (55 + 5) = 60 pts.
    30/Apr/2016: BC IELTS GT Test: L: 8.0, R: 7.5, W: 7.0, S: 6.5
    26/July/2016: IELTS Remarking (Speaking: 6.5) --> "no change"
    25/Oct/2016: PTE-Academic: L: 89, R: 72, W: 77, S: 90
    26/Oct/2016: Submit EOI, 189 (60 pts.)
    09/Nov/2016: Updated EOI, NSW SS = 65 pts.
    10/Nov/2016: Applied VIC Skilled Nomination 190
    14/Dec/2016: VIC Skilled Nomination 190 -- Not Selected...:(
    28/Dec/2016: PTE-Academic: L: 76, R: 74, W: 76, S: 80 :(:(.....
    05/Jan/2017: Additional EA Relevant Skilled Employment
    23/Jan/2017: PTE-Academic: L: 90, R: 80, W: 76, S: 90 :(:(..again:(
    13/Feb/2017: EA Positive Outcome for Additional RSE
    13/Feb/2017: Updated EOI, 189 (65pts.), NSW (70 pts.)
    18/June/2017: Applied VIC Skilled Nomination 190 - take two
    25/July/2017: ITA VIC Skilled Nomination 190
    26/Aug/2017: Medicals @ Nationwide Makati
    05/Sept/2017: Medicals cleared (Thanks be to GOD)
    20/Sept/2017: ITA 189 Points-Tested Stream (Salamat sa Dios... nakahabol pa)
    21/Sept/2017: Visa Lodge 189
    23/Sept/2017: EXPIRED --> ITA VIC Skilled Nomination 190
    01/Nov/2017: CO Contact, Form 815
    09/Mar/2018: GRANTED (sa wakas...) IED: 31/Jul/2018
    20/Jul/2018: BIG Move, stay with a fried...
    04/Sep/2018: 1st day of work, Mechanical Engineer role (same industry)
    01/Dec/2018: Move to rented house
    27/Dec/2018: Drive Test with vicroads converted PH driver's license

  • ykcul_kculykcul_kcul Philippines
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    Joined: Feb 05, 2017
    Thanks po sa pag share ng materials... Its a big help po for my review.. God bless po sa lahat...
  • nina.franinina.frani Malaysia
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    Joined: Oct 31, 2016
    hi, baka pede po makahingi ng copy ng mock tests.. thanks thanks in advance po. :) :D
  • emil1125emil1125 Philippines
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    Joined: Nov 21, 2016
    Hello Everyone, I need your help po. Anyone po na merong complete reviewer ng PTE? or kung saan ako pede makakuha? Thank you po sa sasagot.
  • MissMMissM Posts: 354Member
    Joined: May 18, 2016
    Reposting from PTE Academic for reference of future PTE testtakers...

    As promised, share ko sa inyo yun preparation na ginawa ko before I took the exam.

    1. Download Macmillan and PTE academic practice tests plus – Mas nagamit ko yun PTE than Macmillan. I created a PTE mapping reviewer guide (see attachment) in which I listed the page numbers of each exam type for both ebooks.
    2. Practice test kits (Silver or Gold) from ptepractice.com – It will determine kung saan area pa ang dapat i-improve to get superior scores! In my case though, bumili ako ng Silver kit pero di ko rin nagamit.. pero marami naman dito sa forum ang nag-attest na nakatulong talaga yun.
    3. Practice. Practice. Practice! – Make sure to practice 1-2months before the exam date. What I did was allot 2-3hrs per day to review. Using the PTE mapping reviewer guide, I can easily browse the ebooks, mark kung alin ang natapos ko and know where I last left off.
    4. Familiarity with the flow of exam – Nakabisado ko yun flow ng exam dahil sa PTE mapping reviewer guide ko. 
    5. Templates – You need to prepare and memorize it. Very useful ito sa Re-Tell Lecture, Describe Image, etc.
    6. Pray to God. – Malakas talaga ang power ng prayers!

    Sharing to all the links where to download the ebooks and audio. Hope this helps!

  • MissMMissM Posts: 354Member
    Joined: May 18, 2016
    WARNING: Super long post po.

    Ito naman yun compilation ng mga tips for each exam type. I learned this from others and based na rin ito sa experience ko nung nag-take ako few weeks ago.

    Part I (Speaking & Writing)

    - Try to be fluent, pronounce words correctly, and give slight pause between sentences
    - Clear and at a normal pace. Huwag masyado mabagal huwag din masyado mabilis. If it’s too loud, baka hindi na ma-recognize ng computer ang voice mo.
    - Concentrate and focus. Don't take notes dahil mabilis ang transition.
    - If may word na hindi mo nabanggit, just let it go. Move on to the next item.

    - Use a template similar to this,
    1 - The chart describes the covering (title of graph)
    2 - The highest rate/volume/incident of was at whereas
    3 - The lowest....
    4 - In summary, this chart is concise and accurate and could be used as reference or basis for future studies following the same objective OR The chart was impressive and interesting because it has analysis that can be utilized by educators or students / government legislators
    - Explain the key points in the graph, as you observe it. Like telling where is the minimum or maximum values, which has the smallest or greatest, kelan bumaba or tumaas and trend, etc. Important thing is to able to describe main curves, variations trends etc.
    - make sure to have correct grammar, correct pronunciation. Use synonyms instead of repeating to say again key words.
    - Very important that you say something about the implication of the charts and for sure you'll get a high marks for this.

    - Get your pen and write the keypoints which you have heard. Keypoints are impt words or phrases from the lecture.
    - Write as much as you can hear from the speaker but write in shortcut key words.
    - Fluency is the key. Avoid ums and pauses. Make sure to have correct grammar, correct pronunciation, use synonyms instead of repeating to say again key words.
    - Follow this format:
    1st sentence: should be telling the topic and summary of the whole lecture.
    Succeeding sentences: these should be supporting lines.
    -Pracice writing using marker. Maliit kasi ako sumulat and madalas fine tip ang ginagamit kong pen. Nun exam day, medyo nahirapan ako magsulat at may times na di ko na-recognize ang penmanship ko.

    - Concentration and focus lang din. Not all the time you will be asked with a straight forward question. May items din na ganito ang ang types ng question:
    Bibigyan ka ng several choices and pipiliin mo kung ano yung tamang sagot
    - Sometimes the choices are in the form of a picture. Halimbawa may question dun tatanungin sayo, what is the third item on the left.
    - Fairly basic stuff kaya dapat relax lang para makapag-isip ka agad ng isasagot.

    - Focus on the topic sentence and the concluding sentence only.
    - Follow the number of words required and maximize at least 30 words minimum.
    - Learn how to take out unnecessary parts of the paragraph. Isa na diyan yung examples. Kunin lang yung important points ng paragraph. Meron isang approach na halimbawa 3 paragraphs ang pinapa summarize sa inyo, you try to summarize the three paragraphs each into one sentence. Then combine the three sentences into one sentence

    - Follow IELTS 3,7,7,3 Format
    Main Body 1
    Main Body 2
    - Super helpful sa akin ng site na ito: http://dylanaung.blogspot.com/2015/04/pte-academic-essay-questions-and-ideas.html
    - Be sure to check your spelling and Be sure to at least write 200 words for essay and at least 30 words for summarize text
    - Kailangan coherent ang essay. Yun bang may logical flow siya. Normally, sa introduction dun mo binabanggit yun preview ng essay. Tapos yung details talaga andun sa main body paragraph.
    - Be sure to answer all the questions in the essay. Kadalasan more than one ang tanong.
    - Try to distinguish the type of essay (http://www.dcielts.com/ielts-essays/3-types-of-essay-question/)

    Part II (Reading)

    - Use the technique scan, skim and locate topic sentence. Do not be tempted to look immediately at the choices. Find the main focus of the paragraph usually found at the 1st and last paragraphs.
    - To be a smarter test taker, locate at least 2 nearest choices as this test type is right minus
    wrong. It would be safe to answer by choosing at least 2 nearest possible answers.
    - Briefly scan through the choices and then read the text only once then. As you read the text, go back to the choices kung may nag mamatch dun sa options

    - This time seek what is being asked of the question. The "synonym" technique is the ones
    I had used in finding the correct choice.
    - check the question first then find the answer sa text. Wag mo iisa isahin yung answers provided kasi baka ang tendency you will read the text more than once
    - Pag sa tingin niyo yung are spending too much time, then it's time to guess na, else mauubos ang oras nyo.

    - This should be an easy one. The clue here is sentence cohesion. Usually, the topic sentence comes first. Look for the last sentence of the first paragraph as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th comes as a continuity of the foregoing sentences.

    - This is the part where the "Subject - Verb Agreement" should be applied. Use of infinitives and tenses were to be analyzed here. Once you had completed filling up the blanks, read once again the entire sentences to check for grammatical errors.
    - You will drag the correct word to the set of sentences given.

    - Same as above exercise, difference is just you had to select the correct word from the drop-down.

    - Invigilator shall approach you as you raise your hand for the 10 minutes optional break. I did not use this period as I did my toilet break twice before the exam.


    - Listen attentively to what the lecture is trying to convey. Strict to the word limits. Use synonyms and more effective words to convey the message.
    - Practice taking down notes quickly using a marker.

    - I took notes of keywords and check for the 2 nearest answers

    - Practice fast keyboard typing. Position your cursor on the first blank. Then read along with the speaker. After you have typed on the first blank, press Tab to move easily move to the next blank without taking your eyes off from what you’re reading.
    -Ignore the typos. You can check and correct the spelling after reading the paragraph.

    - This is more of reading part accuracy. Find the nearest topic sentence summary.

    - Similar din sa multiple choice, multiple answers. Difference lang is you only choose one correct answer.

    - This is the spoken word of the speaker where you have to guess the concluding word of his last sentence. My technique here is to open my mouth and read silently in parallel. From the choices, it would be easy to detect thru correct grammar the missing word.

    - I placed my mouse over the words as the speaker is talking. This way, I simply click what is inconsistent on what he said versus the written text. This is the easiest part!

    - I just type away whatever I heard without minding the punctuation, spelling and capitalization. You will have time to correct it.

    Hope makatulong sa inyo yun lahat ng nabanggit dito. Sa mga magtake pa lang ng exam, goodluck sa inyong lahat! You can do it! :)
  • MommyniBabyHMommyniBabyH Nueva Ecija
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    Joined: May 07, 2017
    Hi, guys! bagong member lang ako. I badly need help din kasi, nag take ako ng exam last May 3 pero sablay speaking ko, 50. :(
    eto voice recording ko, please help.


    According to Guinness World Records, the longest reticulated python in captivity is Medusa, who lives in Kansas City, US. She is 25ft. Natusch lists several species that are said to exceed the reticulated python record for length. These include the Australian scrub python, African rock python and probably the best known: the green anaconda.

  • MommyniBabyHMommyniBabyH Nueva Ecija
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    Joined: May 07, 2017
    https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/53u71w89ckk80eqg eto pa isa, please tell me how to improve. TIA! :)
  • chualarachualara Maguindanao
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    Joined: May 07, 2017
    @MissM hi po MissM ayaw kasi ma open ung sa reviewer mo ng pte na mapping. penge po copy. TIA
  • niwradhniwradh singapore
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    Joined: Jan 31, 2017
    Hi MissM, thanks for the tips and reference materials. Would u mind sharing your PTE-A results para lalo kaming mainspire. thanks.
  • berryberriberryberri quezon city
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    Joined: Sep 15, 2017
    @marzky hi! :) . paano pag yung bar graph may legend like for example women and men. paano po yun?
  • jellybellyjellybelly Posts: 35Member
    Joined: Aug 28, 2017
    Hi! Meron pa po ba kayong copy ng MacMillaan Testbuilder? Hindi ko po kasi makita yung pdf na kasama ng mga audio clips. Baka pwede pong pa send sakin? Thanks in advance!
  • pteexamcollectionpteexamcollection Australia
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    Joined: Oct 19, 2017
    Anyone looking for IELTS or PTE study material and recent PTE-IELTS Real exam material collections please join the skype study group .

  • toAustraliaandbeyondtoAustraliaandbeyond Philippines
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    Joined: Feb 13, 2018
    Hi na try nyo na po ba jrooz pte review center po? Thanks
  • itsmelavsitsmelavs Singapore
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    Joined: May 25, 2017
    Hi po, pwede po ba ko makahingi ng PTE mapping review guide
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