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Applying for a student visa for a Masters Degree in IT

Hi there, me and my girlfriend were planning to take masters degree in AU, I’ll be taking up Masters in IT and I already have 2+ years experience as a web developer here in the Philippines while my girlfriend will be taking Masters in Human Biology. Our parents will be supporting us in our daily expenses and tuition fees. She got a relative there and I might live in an appartment. So here are my questions:

Can I work part time or full time while studying?
Can I save enough money for the second semester or any succeeding semesters without the help of my parents?
How much show money should we prepare individually?
If I’ll not be getting a student visa and just applied for skilled visa, would be the 2+ years experience would suffice in the pointing system?

Thanks in advance!


  • jcabjcab Member
    And how much show money should we prepare?
  • damasshdamassh Philippines
    @jcab student visa is only allowed to work for 20 hours per week or 40 hrs fortnightly. So if both of you are going to apply for SV, then you are not allowed to work full time.

    you may also opt for de facto if you guys are already living together for at least a year. The good thing of taking up a masters is your defacto could work full time.

    Master of Information Technology

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    14-Dec-18 CO asked an additional de facto documents (Evidence of same home address)
    19-Dec-18 Uploaded all documents to immi portal (Waiting time!!!)
    02-Jan-19 Visa Grant!

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