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Chef or Cook:How to increase points

Hi. we want to migrate to australia through my husband who is a chef. He has 4.3 years experience as a chef and 5 years as a cook. He is 39 years old now and will turn 40 this April 2019. Using the points system, we only got 50 points assuming Proficient score nya sa IELTS.

What are the ways to increase the score for us to migrate?

Eto po yung mga naisip ko and let me know your thoughts.

1. If we use Visa 489, plus 10 points we might have a chance.

2. Sa Vetassess mas may chance na tumaas ang score if he will be assessed as cook and not as a chef.

3. He must improve on Ielts and makasuperior ang status ( posible kaya ito?)

4. He can study Certificate IV sa Australia with student visa naman sana then after that madadagan points .

5. I can study nursing sa Queensland University of Technology for 2 years or Early Childhood while he works ( Pinakamagastos ata to)

6. I cant find an agency where he can be provided with temporary work sana.. If you know of one, could you please suggest?

Pero sana yung option na cheaper konti.. sabi ko ulit ulitin nya ang ielts kasi at least nasa around 10k lang per exam..

Nevertheless, if you have suggestions po, it would be appreciated


  • fgsfgs Cooper Basin
    The points threshold now is 65 points...if you have 50 points, addtl 10 points for 489 syptate sponsored visa is not enough. You can:
    1. Aim for higher ielts( 8 in all subtest) to get 20 points for english ability
    2. Have your skills assessed( shoul also in the skills shortage list) for you to claim partner skills points
    3. Theres not much difference in his experience as cook and chef, so theres no bearing. Do you already have his skills assessed? It should have been detailed in the skilles assessment if both experience as chef and cook are revelevant sa nominated occupation nya meaning he can claim 9.5 work experience.
    4. Pag nag student sya, by the time apply sya as skilled migrant, his score will go down because of increase in age so useless ang effort.
  • cuccicucci NSW
    @jerapra Due to the age factor, the other criteria for points must be maximized as @fgs has mentioned. So superior English is a must. The next best thing is to enter the Australian job market as sponsored employee with TSS (482) visa, excel in the job and pray that the employer will sponsor for the ENS (186) visa.
    Yung option na mag-aaral ka ng nursing at ikaw ang magiging main applicant pwede rin po pero this will depend on the factors that would make you suitable for migration. Since you did not input details as to your age, previous course, walang masyadong mabibigay na comment dito.

    07.2016 | IELTS
    01.2017 | Applied to AHPRA
    04.2017 | received Letter of Referral
    09.2017 | finished BP
    11.2017 | AHPRA Registration / Employment Offer
    12.2017 | Lodged 457 Visa Application (onshore) / ANMAC Assessment
    01.2018 | 457 Visa granted / Received positive ANMAC Assessment / Submitted EOI

    04.11.2019 | Received Employer Nomination
    04.26.2019 | Submitted Visa application (186 DE)
    05.06.2019 | CO contact for medical exams
    05.09.2019 | Visa Granted (186 DE)
    (Thank you Lord!!!)

  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Member, Administrator
    Chef/cook was my gateway to Australia many years ago. Back then it was easier. I was on a student visa and applied for PR right after. No work experience required back then pa so got away with it. I then worked in the field related to my degree (marketing) then eventually studied a post grad course to be qualified migration agent.

    anyway, best to use cook as his occupation. there is actually a big difference in terms of roles between chef and cook so if he’ll be using chef, make sure the ANZSCO tasks are met. From my experience of handling client cases, it’s much easier to prove tasks for cooks vs chefs.

    With regards to studying in Australia, though I did it myself, I won’t recommend it as it’s expensive and no guarantee it will work by the end of the studies. He needs to study for 2 years just to be able to claim 5 points lang. I don’t think it’s worth it plus with his age, he really needs to get things done ASAP. With regards to seeking work sponsorship, you need to be careful on this. He might get a sponsor but since his occupation is on STSOL, he will most likely just be granted a 2 year temporary visa which will not qualify him to apply for a PR visa, it will be a dead end road for you guys.

    The best way us to really get things started now.
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