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Traveling home this Christmas Holidays (Sydney to Manila)

hello pinoyau forumers. i've been checking the fare costs for flying this Xmas season as most Australian companies have a holiday shutdown (usually Dec 22 - Jan 2). I'm thinking of going home.

so I tried using cebu pac website directly (Dec 22 - Jan 4) 2493.30 AuD / 94.567.03 PhP ahhh, hell no

then i tried one of the flight aggregators (ie. Momondo). and got 1086.18 AuD / 41192.34 PhP this is a gotogate.com link

parang di kapani-paniwala yung pricing. may nakagamit na ba sa kanila dito? watcha think peeps?

PS -- also used skyscanner 2076 AuD ang best offer nila.

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    Google Flights reports around 2k for an economy roundtrip flight to Manila with Qantas.

    Do note that flights can be cheap but they have gotchas like 12-hour layovers in Cairns or something, so looking at pure price isn't everything.

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