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Hi to all, Our partner Visaconsort will be having a new webinar on 12Nov2019. Topics will revolve around "General Skilled Migration and Up coming changes (new point system and visa 491)". Whether you are doing a DIY or planning to engage a migration agent, this will be very useful on your journey. You may find out more info here
[Update on Realtime Private or Group message] Apart from receiving instant reply from members via Private or Group Message. You are now able to see if who are online and currently viewing the conversation. More info here
Welcome to the New and Upgraded Pinoy AU Forum! We have only updated a couple of times since 2010. Apology it took some time. Some of the features are still being migrated. Please feel free to report here or email me at [email protected] if you will encounter any issues. Thank you.

New Realtime chat (Individual or Group) is now available!

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You are now able to receive instant replies from members via private message, no need to wait not knowing when they will reply and no need to refresh your page.

The new feature is currently in Beta mode as I'm still working out a way to instantly send too the copy pasted image or docs directly to reply textarea box.


In case you don't know , Private Message can also be turned into a Group Message and both are now converted into Realtime Chat! For Group Message/Chat, just keep adding them from right side column called the "Add People to this Conversation" box

Im attaching the guide tomorrow :)

Please feel give it a try, and also don't forget to clear your browser cache.

Next In line is the push notification message on Mobile and Web without the need of installing a mobile app! (well except for iOS) . This way you wont miss any truly miss anymore messages! How? I'll let you know soon once it's completed.

If you have any issues or facing any issues in the forum, you may always reach me too at [email protected]

Thanks Everyone!

PS. Apology for breaking the comment textbox earlier as it was affected during the launch of the RealTime Chat feature. It is now restored.


  • jaceejoefjaceejoef Mandaluyong
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    this is nice. :)

    Software Engineer (261313) | Age = 30 | Education = 15 | Experience = 5 | English = 10

    28.10.2016 PTE-A Exam
    02.11.2016 PTE-A Results (L69 R66 S48 W77) - saklap!
    19.11.2016 PTE-A Mock Exam A (L72 R56 S62 W69)
    26.11.2016 PTE-A Mock Exam B (L69 R61 S56 W69)
    28.11.2016 PTE-A Exam
    28.11.2016 PTE-A Results (L64 R73 S64 W68)
    10.02.2017 ACS Skill Assessment - Stage 1 - submit documents
    13.02.2017 ACS Skill Assessment - Stage 2
    14.02.2017 ACS Skill Assessment - Stage 3
    22.02.2017 ACS Skill Assessment - Submit updated document
    22.02.2017 ACS Skill Assessment - Stage 4
    03.03.2017 ACS Skill Assessment - Stage 5 - positive result!
    29.05.2017 PTE-A Exam
    29.05.2017 PTE-A Results (L78 R76 S66 W78)
    01.06.2017 Lodge EOI - Visa 189 (60 points)
    01.06.2017 Lodge EOI - Visa 190 (65 points) - NSW
    28.06.2017 Lodge EOI - Visa 190 (65 points) - Victoria
    19.07.2017 Lodge EOI - Visa 489 (70 points) - SA - on hold. high points required
    27.07.2017 Lodge EOI - Visa 489 (70 points) - Tasmania
    30.08.2017 Lodge Tasmania Application
    12.10.2017 Tasmania Application - CO assigned
    17.10.2017 Tasmania Application - denied

    Web Developer (261212) | Age = 30 | Education = 15 | Experience = 10 | English = 10 | State = 10

    20.02.2018 ACS Skill Assessment Submit
    12.04.2018 ACS Skill Assessment Result - positive!
    01.08.2018 additional 5 points for experience
    15.08.2018 Lodge EOI - Visa 489 (75 points)
    16.08.2018 Lodge SA Application
    31.10.2018 ITA received for SA visa 489
    27.11.2018 Medical Exam at St. Luke's BGC
    29.11.2018 Medical Clearance Provided - no action required
    18.12.2018 Lodge Visa
    26.09.2019 Visa Grant

    Medical Exam at St. Luke's Experience

  • batmanbatman Darwin Australia
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    Follow me on my social media as i share my Australian Journey.
    FB page: My Australian Journey (English lang tayo doon)
    You can reach me on my WhatsApp pm lang.

    221213 External Auditor|489 - 70pts - SS NT
    21|07|16 - Applied CPAA membership assessment
    31|07|16 - PTE-A L|S|W|R (73|79|78|77)
    01|08|16 - Submitted CPAA migration assessment
    20|09|17 - EOI 190 - NT (delayed due to show money req.)
    - collating requirements for NT SS application
    18|10|17 - Submitted NT SS application (praying for + result)
    24|04|18 - 190 not successful,
    - was offered 489 instead and accepted offer
    - engaged with visa consort agency for visa application submission.
    26|04|18 - Invited to apply for SS visa 489 - Northern Territory
    02|05|18 - PCC processing
    20|05|18 - Medical
    06|06|18 - Visa payment
    15|09|18 - happy na birthday pa, visa grant pa.. TYL
    09|02|19 - Big move
    11|02|19 - First job interview
    12|02|19 - Received job offer
    13|02|19 - Accepted job offer
    13|08|19 - Accepted a new job offer - new employer

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    edited October 5

    Attaching image is now working for both web and mobile Group / Private Chat.

    Kindly use this icon to attach an image

    Next to fix is the document or file attachment. (document attachment is still in progress)

    I will work on the notification after the attachments are settled.

  • AdminAdmin Singapore
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    Some people informed me they cant attach image. ive increased the pic size to 10MB which is enough to cater for pic taken form you phone. please give it another try.

  • AdminAdmin Singapore
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    edited October 7

    Realtime Chat attachments (pdf, doc, word, etc) is now available and working!

    Just note that attachments and images are limited to 10MB for now. It should be enough to send large size photos taken from your phone and as well documents .

    I will be working on "Mobile and Web Push notification" next. How does it work?

    No more extra app needed (except for iOS). With just a google chrome, you will be able to receive a normal notification from your phone and clicking it will automatically open the Chat Group discussion in Chrome and you can conversate with your group in real time just like any other chat platform (web or mobile).

    We understand your need for a quick response therefore we are really working hard to cope up with the fast emerging trend. We also seek your understanding to please refrain from inviting people out of, as this has a very drastic impact to the site.

    We have started pinoyau on 2009 established the site at 2010. We have a very good historic trend on Australia Migration and how things evolved from the past to now, wanted to keep this platform alive and continue to help other future applicants to come.

    We would also like to hear your advice, perhaps any other service you wish to have like in our platform.

    We are thinking of having a section of Trusted Pinoy Accommodation offering to prevent new migrants from being scammed, as they are still outside of Australia and planning to make their big Move. Still in planning stage but hopefully we can come up and implement it.

    Thanks Pinoy AU pips! :)

  • superluckycloversuperluckyclover Melbourne, Australia
    Posts: 644Member

    I like the new chat interface!!! Pinoyau rocks! :smile:

    261311 - Analyst Programmer | Age: 30 | Education: 15 | Australian Education: 5 | English Proficiency: 20 | NAATI CCL: 5 | Professional Year: 5 | Total: 80

    26 Oct 2015 - Visa 573 Granted
    01 Nov 2015 - The Eagle has landed
    02 Nov 2015 - First Day High
    15 Feb 2017 - Hubby and Bubba joined me in Melbourne
    01 Dec 2017 - Graduated Masters!
    21 Mar 2018 - Visa 485 Granted
    20 Feb 2019 - Sat NAATI CCL Exam in Adelaide
    21 Mar 2019 - ACS Skills Assessment Positive, Qualification has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Master Degree with a Major in computing.
    23 Apr 2019 - Medicals Cleared - No actions required
    29 Apr 2019 - Submitted EOI for 189
    11 Jul 2019 - ITA received
    23 Jul 2019 - Lodged Visa 189! Speaking life over our PR application ♡
    xx -- 2019 - Golden Visa Grant!

    Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

  • AdminAdmin Singapore
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    Salamat @superluckyclover ! Lalo na sa pag balik.

  • AdminAdmin Singapore
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    Group Chat can now be from the Floating Action button found at the lower right corner of you screen. (after login). If after login and you cant see the pencil icon button, try doing a refresh

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    Good news! Web / Android Mobile Chrome Push Notification is now available in Beta mode!

    Available sa Real time chat for now, so if anyone replies to your message. You will get then push notification.

    I will apply later sa mga replies from discussion. Leave a message here kung may problem kayo na na-encounter

    To enable the Push Notification here are the steps:
    1) Go to Inbox and when the prompt launches, Click Allow button

    2) Please help to allow/accept the push notification consent.
    Don't worry you can turn this off anytime from your Site Settings

    3) When you are not browsing the forum, you will receive a push notification when someone, replies to you just like a normal messenger, but take note, without the need to install an app. (except for iOS, they have no support for Safari mobile push notification) clicking the notification will redirect you to the chat page and you can continue to reply to your group or friends!

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    You are now able to see the status of your group or chatmate whether they are currently viewing or not the group / invidual chat conversation!

  • AdminAdmin Singapore
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    edited October 16

    Group Page added! with the ability to upload the logo of your group.

    You can now start creating your Support group to help you out on your application.

    Here is how to create a Group page.

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