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489 to 190 Pathway

KMJLD_AuKMJLD_Au SingaporePosts: 4Member

Hi, May question po sana ako, hope someone could share their opinion.

We’re waiting for our 489 SA visa result, we’ve just been contacted by CO. We also have invitation for 190 SA and 190 NSW.

When we lodged for 489 SA visa last May, that was the only pathway available for us (the only type of visa and state that would sponsor our nominated job) so we just grabbed what was available for us.

Now we’re thinking of also submitting our 190 NSW visa. Our plan is to go there using our 489 SA visa then move to Sydney when our 190 NSW gets approved. Reason being, our relatives are in Sydney and based on the jobsites that we’ve checked, there are more available jobs for us there.

We understand that our 489 SA visa will cease as soon as 190 NSW gets approved.

Do you see any problem with the pathway that we’re planning to take. Thank you

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