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Hi Everyone, I managed to get in touch with Yahoo staff and resolve the issue with the emails and notifications should be back. If you feel like disabling email notifications, you can do it via your Preference settings. Click the upper right Gear icon > Edit Profile > Right side Menu > Notification Preferences.


tostrayaIItostrayaII SydneyPosts: 51Member
edited February 2020 in Visitor - Tourist Visa

Hello is there a higher chance in getting a visa grant by applying via VFS global? Or they will just forward it to the Case Officers based in the Philippines. Ive read too many visa refusals in one other forums about australian visas with the same reason "lack of economic ties" with the same case officers even if they have submitted complete documents wether they are employed, unemployed, with/without properties and with/without children.


  • rainbowpierainbowpie Posts: 11Member
    Joined: Jan 10, 2020

    I hear it takes a lot longer when applying in VFS global. Also from what I read it's the same, they actually outsource most of the online applications to VFS global too :(

  • jhonpeterjhonpeter Posts: 1Member
    Joined: Oct 28, 2020

    Thanks for sharing.
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