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Furnished 1 bedroom unit available for rent in Melbourne CBD

Great location, very convenient for commutes (free tram access around CBD, Flinders station (main train station) is across the street!)

Everything you need is around or just a free tram ride away. There's even a Daiso (cheap Japan store) nearby!

From Dec 24 to March 31, 2021 (Lease transfer)

1 bedroom - Free gas, free WiFi+
*Furnished with:
-refrigerator+, stove and oven, dishwasher
-queen bed and pillows, shelves, sofa, dining set
-Washer and dryer
-other items provided by the landlady (kitchen, cleaning, laundry items)

*Has nice windows and a very nice view (you won't feel enclosed like in a hospital)
-Wooden floor and nice hallway

+We'll provide free wifi; we can provide larger refrigerator; other items like printer, 2 monitors, and a desk is available, if desired.

We're moving out due to another opportunity.


  • PauleenPauleen Posts: 5Member
    Joined: Jan 07, 2020

    May TV din pala at TV table. I could send pictures. Price is 410 pw but we can include 3 weeks free

  • HimanximHimanxim Posts: 1Member
    Joined: Dec 07, 2020

    good offer but why is it cheap?
    I also prepared appartment for rent but my price/week is higher
    I bought furniture from catalogues, on sales amart - here

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