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Our migration agent said that they recommend to take the PTE exam. Ano po ba mas maganda i-take?


  • crankygrinchcrankygrinch Posts: 187Member
    Joined: Jul 12, 2018

    @lojiedinglasan said:
    Our migration agent said that they recommend to take the PTE exam. Ano po ba mas maganda i-take?

    PTE walang human interaction. Lahat sa computer lang, yun lang ang kakausapin mo hehe. Medyo madidisctract ka lang sa katabi mo kasi medyo maririnig mo sila magsalita habang nag eexam ka.

    Pag IELTS, human ang mag-iinterview sayo. May nabasa ako somewhere na some interviewers tend to be subjective (?) at medyo mababa magbigay ng points.

    If you're comfortable naman na makipag-usap sa tao, then go for IELTS. If not, PTE na lang hehe.

    Some people said mas madali makakuha ng mataas na scores in all bands pag PTE. Hindi ko lang macompare ang difficulty since hindi naman namin natry ang IELTS.

  • MumVengMumVeng NSW
    Posts: 211Member
    Joined: Jul 08, 2016

    It's generally easier po to get 'Superior English' in PTE. Ang major disadvantage po nya ay mas madaming types of tasks but once you get familiarised with the format, hindi naman po malaking bagay.


    TOTAL POINTS: 55/60
    (Age:30 | Education: 15 | English: 10 (Preparing for PTE to get 20) | Experience: 0)

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    Joined: Aug 10, 2018

    Saking pananaw, subjective ang checking ng IELTS lalo sa writing and speaking kasi tao nagche-check. Sa PTE naman, feeling ko ay madali ma-satisfy ang checking dahil computer ito. Perfect ko ang PTE kahit hindi ako native english speaker at hindi rin ako Aussie or Western accent. Ito pala link ng aking experience sa pag-take ng PTE. Sana makatulong. Marami din migration content dito.

    ANZSCO 233513 | Mechanical Engineer | Age: 25, Education: 15, Employment: 15, PTE: 20 | Total points = 75

    04.20.2018 | Initial consultation with registered migration agent
    07.06.2018 | Lodged EA Assessment
    07.31.2018 | Received favorable letter from EA
    08.28.2018 | Took PTE
    08.29.2018 | PTE A Test : LRSW|90/90/90/90
    08.30.2018 | Lodged EOI via Skillselect for VISA 189
    09.11.2018 | Received ITA
    09.20.2018 | Lodged VISA 189 application
    10.04.2018 | Medical exam at St. Luke's-BGC (with wife and 1-year old son)
    10.10.2018 | Medical is finalized (no action required)
    12.05.2018 | VISA 189 PR GRANT (Husband, Wife and 1-yr old son)
    21.02.2019 | ETA: Sydney, Australia. Lived w/ relatives for 5 months
    25.02.2019 | First Interview on HVAC job through head hunter
    07.03.2019 | Final Interview (morning), reference check and medical (afternoon)
    08.03.2019 | Job offer
    11.03.2019 | 1st day @ Work in HVAC job
    27.07.2019 | Moved to rent own place near work

  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Posts: 2,032Member, Administrator, Moderator
    Joined: Mar 10, 2016

    @lojiedinglasan said:
    Our migration agent said that they recommend to take the PTE exam. Ano po ba mas maganda i-take?

    To be honest, as an agent myself, I never recommend anything. I leave it with the client to decide. The exam type is dependent on the preference of an individual. Some score higher in IELTS although the trend I notice amongst my clients is that more score higher in PTE. Regardless, I still advice to read more about exam delivery for both because they do differ. One may be comfortable in a classroom set up with IELTS provide (though I know they also now do tests similar to PTE) whilst PTE is computer based which may suit those who are comfortable in that set up. Do note that PTE recently change the core requirement for superior level.

    Hope that helps.

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