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Hello everyone

Gumagawa kasi ako ngayun ng SOP,

merun ba dito bachelor degree sa pinas tapos bachelor degree din kinuha sa australia.

BSIT graudate ako sa pinas wala specilization tapos ang kukunin ko nmn sa asutralia ay bachelor of Information Technology (network and securit).

Medyo kulang pa kais explanation ko.

Ito sinulat ko reason.

"The reason I want to study bachelor again even if I already finish my bachelor degree in the Philippines. Because the course I will be taking at Griffith University focuses on the specialization, Network and Security. The Bachelor degree in the Philippines I finish do not have any specialization at all. The course discussed a general subject that covers what you need to know about IT and what you will get. Since I want to become a Network Engineer, I need a school and course to help me achieve those in which Griffith University offers." baka merun kayu dagdag inputs. Salamat

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