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Kaps exam for pharmacist

Guys ,how about making a telegram group for kaps exam ?
We will be sending study materials and all the important topics which we think can come in kaps exam . We can keep up with each other journey in kaps exam .


  • shen_nieshen_nie Posts: 1Member
    Joined: Apr 14, 2022

    Hello, i'm interested for the reviewers. My email is [email protected] i do also have telegram. Thank you

  • xinajinjinxinajinjin Posts: 1Member
    Joined: Oct 17, 2022

    Hi! Im new here. I'm planning to take the KAPS exam. Do you have sources for the review po for the exam? :)

  • prograceingprograceing PH
    Posts: 9Member
    Joined: Nov 24, 2022

    Lippincott 7th edition, CPR, and recalls from previous passers. Iyan lang po ginamit ko for review. Sinabay ko na din manood sa Speed Pharmacology sa YT habang tinatapos yung Lippincott, very helpful. Pede kayo sali sa mga fb grps marami nag sshare ng files, also sa telegram & Whatsapp grps.

    251513 Retail Pharmacist [Age: 25 | English: 20 | Education: 15 | Single: 10 | State: 5]
    22 November 2022 : Submitted documents for nomination application
    22 November 2022 : Pre-invite for SC 190 (VIC) at 75 points
    14 November 2022 : Medical cleared
    10 November 2022 : Submitted EOI & ROI (VIC)
    09 November 2022 : Medical
    03 November 2022 : Biometrics
    31 October 2022 : 407 Training visa application lodged
    26 October 2022 : In-principle approval letter from AHPRA
    07 October 2022 : Gathered documents for 407 Training visa application
    03 September 2022 : Conditional offer from employer
    31 August 2022 : Applied for AHPRA provisional registration
    17 August 2022 : PTE
    16 August 2022 : Skills Assessment letter from APC
    16 August 2022 : Passed KAPS
    19 July 2022 : Took KAPS exam

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