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Visa Consort - Year End Offer 2021

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Australia is slowly easing its border restrictions and this means your migration plans will hopefully be back on track.

Are you prepared?

Opportunities may come sooner than we anticipate it so best to be document ready.

End the year right to set up your new year right.

Get the proper migration guidance from start to finish.

Begin your Australian journey from just £1,450 (approx. Php 100,000), payment plan available.

Complete our free eligibility test NOW on

or enquire at [email protected]

Offer ends 31 October 2021.

2010-06 : Lurker at (previously the #1 Pinoy Australian Forum)
2010-06 : Started researching on Visa 175 - Target 120pts
2011-08 : Started prev employer document gathering for ACS skill assessment (0/4)
2010-12 : went offline and created
2011-03 : 1st child born - AU dream halted
2014-03 : ACS document - 1/5 emp ref completed
2015-01: Promoted at work - AU dream halted
2015-11: ACS document - 1/6 emp ref completed
2016-09: 2nd child born - AU dream halted
2018-09: ACS document - 6/8 emp ref completed
2018-09: Revised all employment references and affidavit from scratch
2019-03: Completed Revised 8/8 emp ref
2019-03: PTE Exam - L59,R75,S62,W64 (no preparation)
2019-07: Favorable Skills Assessment result for Software Eng
2019-11: PTE Exam - L70,R68,S79,W68 (competent only)
2020-02: PTE Exam - L79,R79,S86,W76 (grr lack 3pts on Writing)
2020-03: PTE Exam - L85,R75,S87,W86 (Mar 4 - grr nag increase L, S and W but bumaba 4pts si R!!!!!)
2020-03 PTE Exam - L81 R79 S90 W81 (Mar 9 - Salamat Lord!!!!)



  • mathilde9mathilde9 Posts: 53Member
    Joined: Nov 15, 2021

    Hi. Anyone who was able to pay visa consort via wise? Which LOCAL (ph) credit/debit card worked? Thanks!

    Occupation - Software Engineer (261313) Offshore

    Sept. 2021 - PTE (Proficient) will retake hoping to get Superior
    Nov. 2021 - Positive ACS Skills Assessment received
    Dec. 2021 - EOI Lodged for 189/190/491(FS/SS) == 75/80/90 pts
    Jan. 2022 - Work Experience points increased by 5pts : 189/190/491(FS) == 80/85/95 pts
    Jan. 2022 - ROI submitted (NSW) -- not invited
    Aug. 2022 - ROI submitted (VIC)
    Aug. 2022 - ROI submitted (SA)

    DIY all the way!
    "But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently."
    Romans 8:25

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