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Car Loan for 491/489 visa

Desert_CowboyDesert_Cowboy Port MacquariePosts: 186Member

Hello. Pwede bang makapag car loan agad ang 491 visa holder sa Australia? May contract na ako pero wala pang pay slips. Need ko kasi ng sasakyan kasi malayo ung work ko sa titirhan ko. Di rin kasi reliable ang public transport kasi regional area. I'm looking for used car (7-12 yrs old). Thanks


491 FS : 90 pts
Age: 30
Experience: 10
Degree: 15
English : 20
Sponsor: 15
Assessing Authority: AIMS

25 June 2016 ----------- IELTS exam (L: 7.5 R: 8.5 W: 6.5 S: 6.5) 7.5 overall
25 February 2019 -----------Documents for First stage Assessment sent to AIMS through Philpost
4 March 2019 -----------Documents for First stage Assessment received by AIMS
3 May 2019 -----------First stage Assessment result received
5 September 2019 -----------Second Stage Assessment (Examination) in Riyadh
12 November 2019 -----------AIMS examination result received (Passed)
11 October 2020 -----------PTE exam (Superior R:90 S:90 L: 90 W:90) I can't believe this
12 October 2020 -----------EOI submitted (491, 190, 189)
14 November 2020 -----------EOI updated (+5 points due to additional experience)
29 October 2021 ------------EOI for visa 491 Family Sponsored invited. I was aiming for 189 but I can't let this pass. Its
now or never. Passport used for EOI expired.
6 December 2021 -----------Passport renewed
8 December 2021 -----------491 Visa lodged
5 January 2022 -----------Medicals
15 February 2022 ------------ VISA GRANTED! Family of 6 - Direct grant.
A long journey, but a longer journey ahead. Keep the faith!

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