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Pay It Forward - Melbourne

mac23mac23 MelbournePosts: 5Member

This forum helped us a lot in our journey to Oz almost 10 years ago :smile:!

As a small way of thanking the Community.....Anyone na bagong dating or arriving soon dito Melbourne, We can take you to wander around Melbourne CBD and Inner suburbs on one wintery Sunday (ie Brighton boxes, Lygon cafes, Shrine of Remembrance etc...). Maybe we also can share a few tips & life experiences on Aussie living. Nothing to worry sa pamasahe &/or petrol &/or snacks. Our treat!

Anyways, we plan to do this on 7th Aug & 14th Aug. Our simple condition(s) for this is that you are a Newbie (&/or arriving soon from Pinas) sa Melby. We are a Couple so preference sana namin ay couples or family with 1 kid, so we can easily relate and kakasya sa sasakyan.

Leave us a note or your contact details (and if you can share a bit of yourself, that would be great). We will try to get back to you the soonest.

Daghang salamat!


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