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vxinicevxinice MELBOURNEPosts: 3Member

Dear Kababayan,

Anyone who experience remittance issues? Just want to share my recent bad experience with PERAMAX ONLINE. I have been using them to send money to PH for probably 5 years now. I was using Iremit before. PERAMAX ONLINE always give competitive rates and so far they are quick on sending my remittances. Downside, they kept changing bank account details. Fast forward, I recently remove account details in my bank account which I'm not using and I didn't realised that I deleted their new account instead the old one. I transferred the money to their old account which they say, it was closed. I didn't received the money back. It didn't bounce back to me. I filed a dispute to my bank was transferred to FRAUD DEPARTMENT and was told that ANZ is holding back to reverse the money because their account is not closed. It is currently suspended and under investigation. I am also aware that an automatic reversal will happen if the account is really closed. Anyways, ANZ is only waiting for the owner of the account (PERAMAX) to call them to authorised or instruct them to return the money to me because they're account is still active not closed- they only suspended due to suspicious transaction. PERAMAX is refusing to call ANZ. I went to their Facebook account and the reviews are now been changed from remittances to bitcoins and other crypto currency. I am now in the process of reporting them to PERTH ASIC, CONSUMER COMPLAINT WA and in VICTORIA as I'm from VICTORIA.

I'm now scared to send money to these small business.

I have been looking into REMITLY, orbit but they have bad reviews... Anyone who have a trusted remittance centre that you have been using for a long time?



  • vxinicevxinice MELBOURNE
    Posts: 3Member
    Joined: Dec 14, 2017

    In addition, PERAMAX also blocked me. I can't send them email anymore... I am not even harassing them... I was polite and trying my best to explain to them what was advised to me by both Banks. This made me think that they are really into something. Especially when I read the reviews on Facebook. The bank is right, they are using my money for crypto currency.

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