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Graduate visa (485) - do I need an OEC?

Going back home sana to Manila for a short trip and while filling out the form for etravel, there's a question about OFWs. I'm unclear if 485 visa is considered OFW, and sorry if this has been asked before but the search function wasn't really showing any useful results. Wala rin akong ma-Google. Is there anyone who knows about this?

Thank you very much!


  • giel_estrelladogiel_estrellado Posts: 1Member
    Joined: Aug 13, 2022

    Hello, nasa same na situation ako. Did you get OEC po nung nag travel ka?

  • lekimumulekimumu Makati
    Posts: 5Member
    Joined: Aug 09, 2018

    @giel_estrellado said:
    Hello, nasa same na situation ako. Did you get OEC po nung nag travel ka?

    I didn't get an OEC but decided to postpone my travel cos I read this thread in reddit na someone who had a 485 called the Canberra office and was told na yes she needed it. Pero ang dami ding nagkwento na umuwi sila on a 485 and 485 dependent visa, and they were fine naman without an OEC.

  • Cerberus13Cerberus13 Dublin Ireland
    Posts: 350Member
    Joined: Mar 23, 2020

    Sa EU, kapag naka post grad visa, most pinoys just say they are "interns" and ok naman, di hinahanapan ng oec. Baka applicable din sa AU

    ANZSCO 312111 - Architectural Draftsperson
    Location at the time of application: Offshore (Tokyo Japan) / DIY

    2020-Mar : Vetassess submission - Priority processing
    2020-Apr : Vetassess positive assessment - 5+ years employment
    2020-Jun 25 : First take PTE-A Tokyo - Superior
    2020-Jun : SkillSelect EOI lodge - 190/491 : 90/100 points

    2020 : Covid happened...

    2020-Aug : Job Offer - Ireland, Critical Skills Employment Permit path
    2020-Oct : Ireland Work permit granted
    2020-Oct : EOI auto updated due to age score dedcution - 190/491 : 85/95
    2020-Nov 18 : Ireland Employment Visa application
    2020-Nov 25 : Ireland work visa approved
    2020-Dec 26 : Moved to Dublin from Tokyo

    2022-Jun : EOI expired. New EOI lodged with no change in score
    2022-Aug : VIC opened for offshore. Lodged ROI for VIC
    2022-Sep : NSW opened for offshore. Created new EOI for NSW only
    2022-Sep : Removed 491 in my EOI. Only considering 190 for now
    2022-Nov 10 : Irish Stamp 4 status approved
    2022-Nov 29 : Received pre-ITA from NSW. Yay!
    2022-Nov 30 : Received nomination from NSW
    2023-Jan 13 : Visa 190 lodged
    2023-Feb 21 : Medicals
    2023-Feb 29 : Medicals cleared
    2023-Mar 15 : Japan PCC uploaded. Officially waiting for grant : )
    2023-Nov 23 : NSW 190 granted!

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