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Tourist Visa with Australia employment contract

Hello, May Tanong Po Ako. Pwede Pala mag process Ng Tourist Visa at less bank fund requirement kung meron kang Australia employment contract? Is this true Po ba?


  • _sebodemacho_sebodemacho Melbourne, VIC
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    I think they would just take that as normal evidence that you are employed and are able to support your travel. No bearing on bank funds that you are required to present just like a non-Aussie contract counterpart. :)

    On the other hand, they might find your travel purpose not genuine, though. Because they might think that you will be working for that employer under a tourist visa which is not legal. Unless you are applying for TV Business Stream. Read more:

    Just be sure to present enough evidence that you are to return home after some time. All the best! Read more:

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  • mathilde9mathilde9 Singapore
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    @harrisho said:

    Agreed. Conflicting kung tourist visa (sc600) iaapply mo then you will present an Australian employment contract. Medyo deliks yun.

    Your capacity to support your trip is not gauged whether or not you have an Aus employment.
    Other than funds, work on your home ties and tourism details as mentioned above.

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  • magueromaguero Adelaide
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    When you say you have an AU employment contract, do you mean nag-aantay ka na lang ma-grant ang 482 visa mo o AU company ang employer mo pero sa Pinas ka nagttrabaho?

    Kung sa Pinas ka nagttrabaho then walang bearing sa tourist visa application if your employer is an AU company. Your application will be reviewed based on your ability to fund the trip and the chances of you returning home instead of overstaying here.

    Kung nag-aantay ka naman ng 482 visa at balak mag-apply ng tourist visa para makalipad na, please be very, very careful. If you have 2 visa applications and they are both granted, the first visa that is granted will be overriden by the second visa that is granted.

    Just this week may nabasa ako in a different forum na nag-apply for a tourist visa dahil nainip kakaantay ng 482 visa. The two visas were granted one after the other and sa tuwa ni Ate, di nya inisip kung ano yung implications ng 2 visa grants. Yung employer nya di rin nagcheck ng implications dahil granted ang 482 visa. Lumipad dito and started working for her employer. After 7 months, nagbakasyon overseas. Hinarang sya ng Immigration sa airport nung papalabas sya ng AU dahil nag-overstay sya ng tourist visa. Dun lang nya nalaman na wala na pala syang 482 visa dahil na override ng tourist visa which was granted after the 482 visa was granted. Ang malala, not only did she overstay her visa, she was also working illegally for the past 7 months dahil wala namang work rights ang tourist visa. And her employer is also in breach of the law for employing someone without work rights. Syempre pinayagan sya ng Immigration to fly out of AU pero ang problema, paano sya babalik dito ngayon?

    Napahaba ang sagot ko. Pero in case you already have another visa application lodged, mag-ingat kung nagbabalak mag-apply ng tourist visa.

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