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Waiting for grant but expired medical

Nagrenew na po ba kau ng medical even if wala pang advise ng CO?

Software Engineer | 189/190 (VIC, NSW, QL)| Aug 31, 2022 | 85/90


  • eacdelacruzeacdelacruz Posts: 92Member
    Joined: May 18, 2023

    Unfortunately, based sa mga nababasa ko dito, you will have to wait for the request. Pero may discretion ata ang CO to not ask for repeat medical - it depends on the CO.


    Developer Programmer - ANZSCO 261312
    [Age: 30 I Education: 15 | English: 20 l Work Exp: 10 l Partner: 5 | State: 5 | Total: SC190: (85)]



    26-Apr-2023 - IELTS IDP General Result (Main) -> LRSW 8.5|8.5|7.5|7.5 (Proficient)
    30-Apr-2023 - Started preparing requirements for ACS Skill Assessment
    26-May-2023 - ACS Migration Skill Assessment Submitted (ANZSCO 261312)
    30-May-2023 - ACS Status changed - With Assessor
    14-Jun-2023 - PTE Academic Result (Partner) -> LRSW 76|77|72|76 (Proficient)
    14-Jun-2023 - PTE Academic Result (Main) -> LRSW 90|90|90|90 (Superior)
    28-Aug-2023 - ACS Skill Assessment Results - Suitable
    28-Aug-2023 - Submitted EOI SC190 (NSW)
    28-Aug-2023 - Submitted EOI SC190 (VIC)
    28-Aug-2023 - Submitted EOI SC189
    12-Sep-2023 - VIC 190/491 ROI Opened, Submitted VIC SC190 ROI


    12-Jan-2024 - Pre-Invite NSW SC190
    12-Jan-2024 - Application Submitted for NSW
    02-Feb-2024 - NSW Nomination Approval + ITA
    02-Feb-2024 - SC190 VIC EOI/ROI Withdrawn, SC189 EOI Withdrawn
    02-Feb-2024 - SC190 NSW Visa Application Lodged
    06-Feb-2024 - Medical Tests Done
    12-Feb-2024 - All Medicals Cleared
    XX-XXX-2024 - Visa Grant! (manifesting)

  • JenchanJenchan Posts: 19Member
    Joined: Dec 27, 2020

    I also have an expiring medical but I plan on just waiting for the request kasi medyo pricey siya and I have read na sometimes di na papaulit. More than 1 year waiting na rin.

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