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Remittance Company

Anyone who can give me advises on what remittance company is good here in Australia?

I've tried Ausphil Forex, but they don't have a good service! They delayed my remittance until now and keep telling it will be sent tomorrow etc. What a poor service. Are they scam?

Please anyone can share what remittance company is good at least providing honest date to remit the money?


  • danyan2001usdanyan2001us Melbourne
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    @Adied....if you are in Melbourne then I can refer you to another company @ 6$ per transaction wherever you are in pinas then your recipient there can receive your remittance on that same day ( if sent before 12 noon)...

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    arrived melbourne- July 28, 2010

  • adiedadied Perth
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    Joined: Sep 02, 2014
    @danyan2001us thanks po. I'll visit your blog.
  • mtenchavezmtenchavez Sydney
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    Joined: Jan 26, 2014
    @danyan2001us - Sir, PM mo sa akin yung name ng remiitance company Melbourne-based ako and currently looking for a remiitance company to send money in Phils. Thanks in advance!

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  • MilkanMilkan Perth
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    Anyone who can give me advises on what remittance company is good here in Australia?

    I've tried Ausphil Forex, but they don't have a good service! They delayed my remittance until now and keep telling it will be sent tomorrow etc. What a poor service. Are they scam?

    Please anyone can share what remittance company is good at least providing honest date to remit the money?

    RIA, Iremit at YES. minsan magkakaiba ang exchange rate nila.
    Their email address can be found on google. Pwede mo din sila tawagan sa numbers nila para ma compare mo ang mga exchange rates at fee nila.

    On the upper right hand corner of this webpage naka post ang Iremit. :)

  • billy_kw75billy_kw75 Melbourne
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    Joined: Jan 15, 2012
    Hi KaForums,

    Try to visit www.philexpress.com.au or email [email protected], exchange rate is very competitive and if your bank is BDO in the Phil it will just take 3 hours to credit to your bank or to pick up from SM or BDO branch. If other major bank before noon then same day.
  • mhejmhej Sydney
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    Joined: May 29, 2013
    I use forexworld. Higher ang remittance fee nila at around 8-10 dollars pero they provide good service. Madaling tawagan to follow up on anything (rarely have to except that one time nagtransfer ako ng 200k). I've done around 8 transactions with them in the past 4 months. so far so good. competitive rates din. hindi bumababa ng 40.

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  • danyan2001usdanyan2001us Melbourne
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    ang sa pinapadalhan namin ay 6$ per padala kahit saan sa pinas..at makuha mo the same day basta before 12 noon ipapadala.

    primary applicant- wife
    arrived melbourne- July 28, 2010

  • holacocacolaholacocacola Melbourne
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    Is it normal na pag nagremit through iremit pag nagtransfer ka ng money is under a personal name ng iremit staff?

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  • AdminAdmin Singapore
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    Hi holacocacola, may i know if it is iremit.com.au?

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  • Captain_ACaptain_A AUSTRALIA
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    Hi All,

    if mag trasfer kayo money to ph, you can use this link & sign up.. eto ang gamit ko, fixed fee and good rate.

    (FREE transfer fee on your first transaction)

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  • jhoannajhoanna Posts: 15Member
    Joined: Sep 10, 2019

    Na try po namin ung remitly ok naman po ..dun na agad pera free po ung 1st transaction

  • rainybrainyrainybrainy Sydney, Australia
    Posts: 61Member
    Joined: Sep 24, 2016

    I've used both OrbitRemit (https://orbitremit.com/r/U9VQIK) and Transferwise (transferwise.com/u/83e3f2). I usually compare the rates from both and then whichever is higher wins. =) If you use the link I included, you get to enjoy a free transfer for your first transaction.

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